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  1. I love Heidi... I really do stan her. Despite the fact that she can't 'eloguently elocute' what the hell she was yelling about in untucked, it's that need to stand up for the underdog... that show of empathy that really cements her in my mind's Miss Congeniality. Also, stolen from Paul over at the Vulture recaps... can you imagine if Sh***y Pie had been chosen to help cast the main challenge? -insert record scratch - But instead we got what you saw... Nicky Doll and Gigi Goode are put in charge of casting (Allison Mossey was not available). I think that Heidi's runway could
  2. !!!Conspiracy theory alert!!! (no actual spoilers, just tinfoil hat theorizing) <begin transmission> The fix is in squirrel-friends. Aiden Zahne has been identified as the queen that inexplicably makes it to the top despite being way out of her depth. Sources cite "Mamma" Ru's penchant for the underdog will keep Aiden out of the bottom for the majority of the season.
  3. in before the show again with first impression on the name... "They have the balls to do a ball this early?"
  4. So ... I know it's an unpopular view, but I think that maybe WOW needs to not re-edit the show to delete Sh***y Pie. (please read those asterisks as the letters -itt-, as intended) if only because it would keep the wins from looking like total arbitrary choices from out in left field. When she won this epi, all of us on my virtual watch party were in a state of total "WTF??" - virtual watch party... everyone watching at their own home and reacting in a group text... it was fun, not the real thing, but fun nonetheless.
  5. impresssion before the show: So. World's Worst. Starring Sh***y Pie. How appropriate.
  6. last tattoo comment... because this isn't RuPaul's Best Tattoo Race .... with the right makeup, you can cover up even the darkest, blackest tattoos with amazing results.
  7. SO... I mean... Most untattooed women don't have chest tattoos. But literally every single heavily tattooed woman I know has their chest tattooed and it's usually a massive piece. I realize that i maybe have different access as I hang around with tattoo artists.... but yeah. Biological Females, Feminine women who have tattoos also have large chest tattoos.
  8. Jan's full name is JanSport ... she had to lose the last bit because of trademark infrigement. Same For Brita Filter. While we're at it, they also shortened Detox iCunt ... and Trinity Kardashian Bonet became Trinitiy K Bonet
  9. Also, shout out to Mayhem Miller and Kimora Blac as the Kim and Kanye look-a-likes in the fashion show.
  10. Y'all I'm so happy this is back. The entrance looks were all really well done, I really appreciated that the producers split this into two groups as intros, so that we actually got time to know the girls and put a face to a name. Of note: Leprosy Print. Civil Rights Hair "oh you mean hum-mussss' /basic white girl accent/ Freddy Kreuger drag!!!! Everything about Jackie And Gigi Goode (the e is silent) surprised the heck out of me, and I loved it all. Everything. Every look, every bon mot, and her performance on the main stage. While I agree that Widow's main stage p
  11. Congratulations to our newly crowned queen [Placeholder for edit]YVIE or BROOKE[/placeholder]!
  12. That was at Roscoe's in Chicago... same place that Soju had her drunken breakdown in... last week?
  13. There was so much riggamorris happening last night... like the good basic white girl I am, I. JUST. COULDN'T. EVEN.... How the hell are they going to give you professionally done pads at this stage in the game, coincidentally right after reading some bish for her crappy padding? How the hell are you not going to declare Evyie the clear winner of that challenge? How the hell are you going to pull out the "Suprise, we wanted you to be messier, you perfect queen you." as a move to get Brooke to lipsync against her burgeoning love interest? ugh.. i just cant. #teamYvie
  14. Auuuuugh. That's really all I can say. RuPaul has done pulled the Lucy to my heart's Charlie Brown. I thought for sure that we were going to get that Silky / evyie Showdown that they've been telegraphing since day one, but no. Instead we got that mess. Silky even slipped on her damn costume that was falling apart, couldn't find a beat IN THAT SONG to appropriately cooter slam to, and wore that highly suspicious threadbare long pony, you know, the one that even TS Madison called suspicious, yet again, for a wig reveal that wasn't timed for shit. it should have been a double eli
  15. I realize I may be spoiled by the last couple of seasons of highly polished queens. I realize these queens are rougher around the edges and not quite ready for prime time, so to speak.... but good heavens, how do you not get what the reading challenge is? How are you supposed to host an event if you can't read a bitch and get some damn laughs... this is the drag version of Toastmasters, and these poor unfortunate souls bombed so bad even Ursula would be "I can't help you... although you might be better off without that voice.. " The maxi-challenge was challenging to watch... thank goodn
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