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  1. Dallas has Leeanne who has basically always been a cloud over the show. From the very beginning she has been threatening people, breaking glasses and having weird breaks from reality. I think it was the first season that they had the sleepover iphone footage that was crazy, but I might be mixing up my shows.
  2. Chris Samuels did not come off well this season at all for me. In the past he's seemed like a protective husband who loves his wife, but this season he's come off super controlling. I didn't so much mind him insisting that Monique apologize to someone at the beginning of the season, because I could see having a conversation with a spouse where you talk things through and say listen this is an important thing and I really think you should apologize. And I could see, in my own marriage, either my husband or I agreeing to apologize to someone because the other person felt it was important more so than we really wanted to. But the constant repeating that they would have more kids when Monique would say that she thought this one would be the last because the pregnancy was difficult? Nope. Followed with him complaining because he wasn't getting enough sex? Yeah, not feeling him. I don't think it was Andy who dropped the ball on this. I mean, I doubt he edits the show. I do think it was edited poorly, but now that Andy isn't an exec at Bravo I don't know how much say he has over the show itself. I wish they'd make that clear, honestly, because it's difficult to know where the lines are sometimes. I see where the wives were coming from with wanting Michael to apologize to Ashley. Not so much for doing anything wrong, but just for having to deal with the whole situation. It's kind of like when I had a family crisis that my husband and I had to go clean up, it wasn't anything that I did and it wasn't anything that could be avoided, but I ended up apologizing that he was stuck in the situation. I felt horrible that he had to deal with it because he was married to me. So I could see Michael apologizing to Ashley in that way, because she's got this fallout, and it not being an admission of guilt. (Although I do think he is guilty) I think Juan had comments to make but knew that if he made the comments he would be making them to a gay man and it wouldn't be a wise thing to do. So he kept quiet. Why can't it be both?
  3. Candiace better be damn sure that her mother has all of the assets she feels entitled to set up in the trust she thinks she has. Otherwise, since she's remarried, they'll pass on to her husband, Candiace's stepfather, should her mother die first. Then he can do whatever he wants with things, including leaving her with nothing.
  4. To be fair to Kelly, she had just said that the water had various vitamins and some sort of dose of calcium in it and then followed that up with saying that it's non-dairy. I think the calcium is why she was stressing the non-dairy part, but when I first heard it I was like WTF? so I backed it up because why wouldn't water be dairy free? I am horribly old-fashioned, though, and prefer just plain water. No bubbles, no flavor, just water. I'm not really sure why Shannon gets to judge anyone else's intentions, or what they decide they want to let go of. I do think Kelly's behavior was atrocious with the gong and hitting her while she wore the bowl, but if each person is supposed to decide what they want to let go of and then what they want to bring in, then each person gets to decide that. Shannon spent all of last season pimping her meals, we've heard all of her relationship woes, but somehow she has an issue with someone else positioning their thing? Nope, sorry. They don't have to adjust their feelings to align with hers. Not only did she not have a reaction, she knew something weird had happened because the guy said "That was so not cool" when Kelly did it. So then Shannon was all "oh, one tap was harder" and that's when she found out that it was Kelly. Suddenly she was in pain and her vision was blurry, yet there wasn't any sort of reaction or ouch when it happened. We watched her amp herself up into having the headache, then Tamra take her over the top.
  5. smores


    Ok, how the fuck hard is it for them to figure out how to serve her in this case? And seriously, it's not really that hard to come up with a strategy to get the payment. All they have to do is do a minor amount of research and figure out how Farrah's "fans" (read: Johns), contact her and do that. Book her for a big "gig." Then, when she shows up, serve her with the paperwork. Also, show her all of the evidence of arranging said gig, her arriving, ready to perform said work, and that if she doesn't honor her obligations well, it could become public. Then, I imagine Farrah will pay up pretty quickly because she really likes to stick to the story of "jet set teen mom showing her kid the world while being a super fantastic business woman who absolutely DOES NOT hook for a living!!!!!!" I think you might have forgotten the backdoor portion of that phrase.
  6. I think if someone who is really good with it does it, they can use it that way. There is the potential to manipulate some muscles but not others.
  7. I think this is probably the photo that you are thinking of. Dorit has definitely had her nose done and she's had lip filler done. You can see it best in the times when she is shown without lipstick on, it's way more noticeable then. And, obviously her boobs are fake.
  8. Then she should talk to her about it, separately. Not scream at her about it in the lobby of a hotel. The day they went to the salt room? That would have been an ideal time to do it. When they were somewhere, just the two of them and not drunk. In the middle of a group, after doing a bunch of shots and in a hotel lobby, to try to pull her to one side and whisper some shit like it wouldn't be noticed or be a thing is NOT the way to do it if you didn't want it to be a big thing. Gizelle had a talk with her, one on one, at a restaurant. It was calm, they talked, it was fine.
  9. I can't believe that they are bringing her on basically to show that her husband is a dick and her mom is going to die. This is not entertaining at all. You already don't have music, MTV, WTF with this shit now? I snipped for length. The Bentley thing doesn't bother me that much. It wasn't a super invasive conversation, though I do wish Maci had left out the part about his grades. I think it's not the worst thing in the world to talk about counseling and I think it's something kids do more these days. She said something about having someone other than the counselors at school, so it sounds like he is talking to them. I know when I was in school (forever ago), you pretty much only saw the guidance counselor if you were in trouble or once in high school for an awkward conversation to see if you were "on track" in what your future plans were (ie, were you thinking you could go to Harvard when you were basically Tyler and weren't going to cut it at the local community college?) Friends of ours, though, have kids who have had very different experiences. The guidance counselors are way more involved with the students and have a good feel for what is going on, etc. Both Mack and Ryan should have to get shots that prevent them from being able to have any more children. It's just not fair to the kids involved. Also to Jen and Larry, really. I sometimes feel for Amber a bit. I mean, she's totally wrong for abusing people, don't get me wrong. I just think that there probably was some shit that went on in her childhood that didn't get addressed properly, and then before she had any time to address it as an adult, she was a parent and unable to figure out how to handle things. Add in the mental illness and she kind of never stood a chance. I'm glad that Gary is a stable parent for Leah and I hope that Andrew is able to be one for James. Of course you can, this is totally them. It's not like they didn't talk about planning some super special gift for her 10th birthday a while ago. What I really want to know is what the hell is in this? Is it a scrapbook of all the stuff she missed out on because they gave her up for adoption? As in, this is how your life would have sucked if you had been here? Mom and Dad would have sat around and done drugs, you would have been with your crazy ass grandmother and the pig that mommy gave away? Or is it all the stuff that they think she's doing not with them? Or is it Tyler's weird poetry and photos of the giant Carly blanket so they know that she hasn't been forgotten? What is it? I'd be 3 blocks ahead of them, because I wouldn't be avoiding stepping on all of the cracks in the sidewalk. Nah. That's why she has poop in her room, they don't even get her legos to play with.
  10. I think this is very true. I am a fan of LVP, not in a team way, but I have always enjoyed LVP on the show. I have not particularly enjoyed Kyle. I do not care for Teddi or Rinna. This past season was particularly challenging to watch partly because of the situation with LVP, but also because I didn't like the way Kyle, Teddi, Rinna and Erika were behaving. They could have been acting this way towards anyone, it had nothing to do with the fact that it was towards LVP, and had LVP been part of the behavior, it would have changed my opinion of her. It certainly changed my view of Erika. I'm on the fence with watching BH next season at this point. I'm leaning towards no. I've already given up NJ, am close to dropping OC and ATL. NJ was easy because Tre was not fired. I'm likely to drop ATL because Nene and Kenya will be back. OC is just . . . ugh. And with BH I feel like there's nothing really there for me at this point, LVP was some of the fluffy lifestyle porn I wanted to see, but now she's gone and the others all behave in ways I very much don't like. The dark outweighs the fluff and if I'm in that position, then I'll watch something that actually has substance. They need to stop ruining my FLUFF!
  11. I agree. Michael Darby needs to keep his hands to himself. He clearly does have an issue with touching people in a way that they don't like. I don't know whether he's intending to be friendly or he's doing out of a desire to feel someone up, but it doesn't matter. If someone doesn't want the contact, it is wrong. So there's that and he needs to stop that shit, period. But Karen isn't owed some sort of special consideration in this situation and I'm not sure why she feels like she is. I totally understand, based on her past, her having strong feelings about the situation, but it's as resolved as it is going to get. All she can do at this point is adjust her interactions with him to accommodate her comfort levels. She can't just demand that he prove that he is innocent to her in a way that the legal system doesn't require. It's not like she was the victim, or a relative of hers was, she's kind of trying to shoehorn herself into that role here and it's not her place to do that.
  12. What was funny to me is that when they did the season in Italy they all hated it. At the Shore they're all rah-rah! We're Italian! Then they hit Italy and they're like, this isn't Italian! These people don't know how to be Italian! Italy sucks! Yes, yes she did. But to be fair to Jen, Ronnie went to a "wellness center" for his depression. Not rehab for a substance problem. Which he totally needs, of course.
  13. It's also not like Joe would be confined to Italy. He could feasibly live in any number of other countries which are even closer. I don't think Canada is an option, due to his record, but it's possible he could live in Mexico, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, etc. It would be super easy for the girls to visit.
  14. It's totally absurd that this hasn't been fixed at this point. The food is a major thing when it comes to their level of service and their tip, so having a stove that isn't working is just crap. Yes it is an expense to have it fixed, but if you are someone who owns a yacht that you rent out for charters, you want to make sure you have the best possible reviews so that you have repeat guests and referrals, so that's the type of thing you'd take the hit on and pay whatever to have it fixed as soon as it broke. It would be like owning a vacation home in Florida that you rent out and having the air conditioning go out, yet not fixing it. You'd definitely have problems with the tenants if that occurred. Astronaut, President, CEO, sure. These women are going for the lowest possible bar. In fairness to Ben, he had walked on the boat just a couple of hours before the guests did. Ana had been on the boat and had been helping Mila out before she took over, so she was familiar with the layout and where things were in the kitchen. She didn't have to turn out the meal while also trying to figure out where the salt was or if they had a food processor, etc. Ben had none of that knowledge. I've never quite understood why people went with this name for this dish. I mean, I get it, I know why it's named that way, but if it's a higher level of restaurant, I feel like you'd want to change it up a bit so it didn't conjure up something you'd be eating while stuck in a middle seat for 8 hours. This was also the one where the piece of the stateroom was damaged, wasn't it? Fencing? She really does have a nasty attitude. When she was the chef, she kept telling the others that she was doing "real work that required a brain" and yet she required pretty much fulltime support from another crew member in order to do it. Now she's being nasty to someone who is coming in to take over for her, knowing he just showed up and was thrown into the job without having an idea of the layout or where things are. This is one of those things that I have never quite understood with some of the chefs. Ben does tend to have pre-emptive food out. Other chefs seem to be at a loss when guests want food NOW, and it's kind of strange to me. It seems like you'd have some stuff on hand to offer snacks mid-morning, mid-afternoon and perhaps late-night, just so that you ward off any possible issues. It wouldn't be difficult to have the preparations for a veggie/fruit platter, cheese/charcuterie board on hand. Having some cookie dough already portioned that could be thrown into the oven, stuff for nachos, and maybe a few other options that would be quick and easy but could buy time if needed, or hold over a guest who got up earlier than the others, etc. And it would help with the guests who came to the table early for dinner and are starving but are still waiting on a few more to arrive. Throw out a quick charcuterie board for them to munch on while in the salon. It appeared to be the olive mixture that he wanted her to taste (tapenade?). He was tossing things into the food processor (or having her do it, I forget which), olives, the parsley, garlic, etc, and then he asked her to taste it and she told him she didn't have to. Unless he'd thrown something in there that wasn't mentioned, there was nothing that she couldn't eat, and she could have just said "I'm vegan" if there was, not "I don't have to"
  15. smores


    She gets weird injections and likely doesn't go to a great plastic surgeon for them. Butt procedures don't turn out well, generally, there are a lot of issues with them to begin with and Farrah isn't exactly super picky with who she lets near her or subtle with the work she has done. (I have a fascination with plastic surgery shows) I'm not so sure that's enough of an explanation for her. I think Deb as a parent probably has a bigger hand in the situation. I think the current polite term is "yachtie" but yep, she's a sex worker. Also, there's this: https://people.com/style/farrah-abraham-has-wardrobe-malfunction-at-venice-film-festival/?cid=425234&did=425234-20190830&mid=24066337274&utm_campaign=people-news_newsletter&utm_content=083019&utm_medium=email&utm_source=people.com Didn't she have this exact same malfunction just a year or so ago? It was a whole big "oopsie" until someone posted the video of her getting up and staging it? My favorite part though is that at the bottom of the article it mentions she's now a book critic. That bitch thinks she's fit to trash Joan Didion. Seriously. That happened.
  16. Andy is currently on vacation, so I don't know if his silence is indicative of anything. He has posted some pics/videos with his son on instagram, but I think he's more unplugged than he was in the past due to being a dad.
  17. Chanel's logo is two Cs that face away from each other. Gucci is two Gs that face each other. Well first, we have to have the psychic, then we get to the PI. This is why I think when many people (not really anyone here, but the random definitions online), define trains and gang bangs it's more of an "in the eye of the beholder" thing. I can't imagine that most of the guys who participated in that event felt they were raping someone, they likely felt they were participating in a train or a gang bang. But it's not. There's no reason she couldn't go get a photo id. It's really irresponsible for her to not go do so, since there will likely be a bunch of things she will need to show id for. Stores, drs offices, etc, I have people ask to see my license fairly often. We have seen people on Bravo shows do a party bus to Vegas multiple times. There's no reason they couldn't have done that so that the women could all get there, it would have been super easy. No id needed for Gina.
  18. Why would you not have the costumes fitted properly? Or at least get a corset one? If you're going to spend all the money on them, then do it right. So basically a free au pair? Well, we could start with Brooks and apparently some toothless Greek guy. But really I'm not sure if these people actually exist. They might all live in her head. I have heard both a gang bang and a train to be used as consensual terms and also as terms when someone is passed out. I've basically decided that it comes down to your perspective. If someone is a consenting participant, then it's called whatever they want, a gang bang, a train, it's all good. If they are not consenting or capable of consent, then it's a rape, but, some of the participants are more likely than others to term it as a gang bang or a train. Vicki fundamentally started things by pulling her whole "Kelly knows that I know worse things that I haven't said" with the whole YET hanging out there. Tamra did question if she meant the train, but I have no doubt at all that if she hadn't, Vicki would have. I also 100% believe that Shannon told Jeff that about Emily and Gina. Jeff and Shannon have been very open about their friendship and Jeff sucks at boundaries. Shannon may not have wanted Jeff to repeat it, but I don't doubt at all that she said it to him and he put it out there. Especially with the way they didn't get along at all last season, Jeff would come out in defense of Shannon. I totally agree. If Kelly participated (willingly), that's fine. It's not my business. If she wasn't a willing participant, then I feel horrible for her and even worse that this shit is out there for everyone to know about. Jolie doesn't need to deal with any of this. I remember being 13 and it was difficult enough without people talking about my mother participating in a train. Hell, I was embarrassed by my mother wearing a jacket that she had had for like 15 years and was obviously waaaaay out of style when I was that age, I can't begin to imagine what Jolie is going through. Shannon can never go an hour without drama. I mean, her bitching about Emily having drama is Shannon actually creating drama. Not to mention the fact that she was all pissy because Emily had tweeted mean things about her. And they were the things Shannon was PROUD OF! The TWO THINGS! SHANNON WAS PROUD GUYS! Emily was mean about the things Shannon was proud of! And then Emily apologizes, and Shannon interrupts her. To tell her she was mean and should have apologized. Which Emily is actually currently trying to do. So Emily continues to apologize and Shannon tells her that it was mean and Shannon was sad. And Emily says she is sorry and she would like to move forward. And then Shannon, who has been complaining because Emily has not apologized sits there and gives an interview because now Emily just EXPECTS Shannon to accept her apology. JUST LIKE THAT! I mean, the nerve of Emily. Right? Why are we talking shit about Kelly and not all the horrible men who were lined up in the hall? Again, if people are doing something consensual, I don't give a shit. But if we're going to start throwing shame around, then lets start with the 8 guys who thought this would be a good way to pass the night. I don't think it was Michael. He came to Kelly's defense with the cocaine rumors and it's not like he and Kelly are fighting over custody or anything like that. Him spreading something like this would only hurt Jolie, especially after the drug rumors and he wouldn't really have anything to gain from it. Shannon says in one of her confessionals that she and Vicki were told together. Then she also says that she and Vicki both talked to Tamra about it and that they agreed to not discuss it again. Which is why we only saw the outside of Cartier. And they showed up wearing Gucci logo items, but we didn't see them go into any major label stores.
  19. But you need to start soon! It's going to be little owl meal time soon and you don't want to miss out on that! It is for SOME. Not all believe that, but there are some who do. There are people who have weird beliefs in pretty much any grouping of people that you pick, whether a religion, a political party, a family, or a yoga class.
  20. I kind of feel like Karen gives as good as she gets when it comes to Gizelle. Sometimes Gizelle goes over the top, but Karen glosses over a lot of what she does to other people and never EVER owns her part of things. Gizelle can be hard to pin down, but she will eventually own it. I do also get her feelings about Karen's business, since she had a whole thing about it last season, and then there was no product. She also won't talk about it at all with Gizelle, but she has no problem trying to jump in and connect with people Gizelle knows from her own beauty line. If I'm giving you a contact, I should at least have a bit of info about the product, because otherwise you potentially could be wasting the contact's time and that could burn the contact for me down the road. As for Monique, she has a comfortable life with Chris, but I think she's earning it.
  21. Bill doesn't like boycotts because they are essentially what led to him being booted from ABC and also what wounded his special little snowflake soul when he was dis invited from speaking at Berkeley. So since it affected HIM, boycotts are BAD. But, it is the free market deciding what stays and what goes. It is also people just turning the channel if they don't like something. It is also a form of protest, which a fundamentally American principle, one that you would think Bill would be behind.
  22. The last thing she needs is another kid, I couldn't believe her answers when she said she wasn't on any birth control at all. If I were her mother, I'd be hauling her in to an appointment for an IUD or a shot or something long term. She needs help stabilizing her life as it is, adding a kid is NOT going to fix it. I don't understand the wig with Ashley, but at least I can tell myself that she's trying out a different look because she was heavily pregnant when they were shooting those interviews so it was probably easier. Candiace's pink eye shadow, I just can't come up with a reason for. It's awful and I can't fathom why anyone thought it was a good look. I didn't see the commercial for Dallas (I record the show and then skip them all), but is it possible that they were doing something for cheer or dance? It wouldn't surprise me at all of Brandi had her girls in one of the activities and the makeup for those can be . . . intense, to say the least.
  23. I have mixed feelings about this episode. Katie's situation is uncomfortable to watch and I watch housewife shows because I want to see frothy fun and escape from more serious things going on. It's not that I want them to avoid something if it's going on in the life of a ho, but, Katie hasn't been a ho for years now, so why bring her back on just to see this go down? I totally get that Ashley has spent years gossiping about other people and I don't think she has a leg to stand on if she's upset with other people talking about Michael's situation. I do think she has a bit of a point though when it comes to Katie. Giselle said some shit about the Michael situation, but she also sat Ashley down and talked to her about it. And despite Katie saying that everyone was saying Michael was gay behind Ashley's back, that wasn't actually true. What most of the other women said (though not all), was basically what Giselle said (I can remember her quote mostly word for word), "If he wants to suck a penis, that's fine, go suck a penis, nothing wrong with it" That isn't saying "Michael is gay" Then you have Katie calling Ashley dumb, denying it and turning around and calling her stupid. It wasn't a great look for Katie at all. Giselle tried to help her out of it, by at least getting her to apologize for calling her dumb, but Katie wasn't having it. I don't think Ashley should have gone where she did with Katie, because of the issues she has, but, at the same time, I don't really know what you do, either. Katie is coming for her, she's doubling down on it when Ashley is trying to just say, don't say these things and Giselle is asking her to just apologize for saying she's dumb. And in the end, Katie turned it all around into Ashley apologizing to Katie for even saying anything, when the reality is that Katie HAD said shit about Ashley. That's kind of messed up, even if Katie does have issues. It's not really worth Ashley fighting over (and, again, Ashley has certainly started a bunch of shit over the years), but, Katie definitely blew off anything she actually said by pushing the blame onto other people for saying worse things and having her own issues.
  24. That's such a weird looking house. It has like 18 roof lines and then teeny tiny little windows. It doesn't make any sense at all.
  25. I don't necessarily blame Tamra for making the jokes about her mother moving. I can say that I have made similar jokes to a relative of mine, it was something that was amusing to both of us. If a camera followed me around 24/7, there are a lot of things that I'm sure I say that would horrify most people, but the people I'm talking to don't bat an eye over. Tamra's eyebrows most likely look wonky because she has them microbladed. Last season we watched both her and Vicki get them done, and it's a semi-permanent procedure, so if someone does them a bit heavier or whatever, you have to wait for it to fade out. I also think Shannon keeps messing with her face and she doesn't look the same now as she did on the show. She needs to stop with the procedures. For someone who started on the show going on and on about how she was free from toxins and had to have a hospital grade air purification system in her house, she's totally happy to shoot anything and everything she can get her hands on into her face and body. It is weird to me. Heather and Meghan both had IVF and have talked about it. Meghan did it because Jimmy had previous had a vasectomy. I don't know about the others, but it's entirely possible that they had IVF, or used some other procedure.
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