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  1. I don't know either. If he has pending court cases, then he is very likely out on bond, and most bail bondsmen frown on international travel among their clientele.
  2. Actually you can make a decent living as a fast food manager. It's hard work but people can make a living.
  3. Bingo. I see a plain Jane type who has worked every part of her face to maximize her looks, she looks injected and botoxed within an inch of her life. Then add the filter/ring lights element, and Lana is a raving beauty. I bet David doesn't even see her actual face, she isn't a person to him, she's the human embodiment of a sex doll. He's one of the most disgusting 90 Day Americans ever, along with Geoffrey.
  4. I am cheering every time she expertly blocks his "smooth moves", he wants to believe, desperately, that he has a trembling, delicate flower here-but our Lana is the proverbial steel magnolia! She will eat him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I am here for it.
  5. In my town they "honor them" by getting drunk at the beach. Yesterday I saw with my own eyes: an SUV driving down the strip with 3 12-14 year old boys sitting on the roof. With their feet dangling through the moon roof. Then about an hour later, a family of two parents and three kids, driving a golf cart while rocking it back and forth, heavily, on a busy main road. On topic: I can't believe this dumbass Rachel would even hint about more kids. I guess she wants to go to full time crying. I really enjoy Annie's observations of American culture. She is also someone who has candidly stated that living in the U.S. is no golden ticket, I find her refreshingly honest.
  6. If his lips are moving, he's obfuscating. Did he ever give a straight answer to anything? A simple yes or no, without qualifications?
  7. I don't know why David can't pay to get laid here in the U.S.; you can't tell me there are no sex workers with accents in the legal brothels right in his own state. I guess this way he gets to keep this ridiculous fantasy of a hot young woman, madly in love with him. That coat looks like a flasher coat to me.
  8. I think you're right about Lisa giving Usman some money, I can't think of any other possible reason she feels so free to be awful. Geoffrey would love being on Jerry Springer.
  9. I don't think we can say here except to repeat what's been said on the show: a vague reference to drug charges. Look in their couples thread, it's all there.
  10. Could not agree more, I hope she gets all his money, and never even gets close to his hotel room, ugh!
  11. I never say this about anything, I swear, but I was triggered by that scene too. My nephew died at 27, a couple of years ago, and this scene was just exploitative and painful. Not related to the story line at all.
  12. With all the shenanigans last night I almost forgot David. Did anyone else see the flash of anger when she refused to go to his hotel room?? Asking for the "affection he needs" or some such bs; what he's saying is that she's bought and paid for, and she better put out. I believe in my bones that the man could be dangerous if rejected. Just like Geoffrey.
  13. She would undoubtedly have to wait for one of them to be released from prison. So Rose turns out to be the real hero this season. Avery, Avery........I am disappointed you let Ash back into your bed after the way he behaved. Evidently that's all it took to excuse multiple serious lies and his emotional gaslighting. Wow. Then we have Varya and Mary, two paragons of female strength. Smh, even Darcy is actually a strong woman compared to these two. This is exactly what a pos like Geoffrey dreams of; I can only hope he gets a visit asap from karma, that slaps the smug right off his face. Lisa is so vile; she is always angry and bitter. She does zero to improve herself, even she could look better with some effort! How about a hijab that fits, in a local style? Ugh, this season almost everyone sucks. Next!!
  14. He is so gross, I saw the flash of anger when she refused too.
  15. Another one I'm disappointed in, what did Ash do to redeem his frightening, childish behavior? And the lying? Avery, Avery......
  16. Oh ugh! Come and get it, he can SEE she doesn't want to kiss him!
  17. He still had to go through the website to speak to her?!
  18. I can't believe she still wants a relationship with this guy.
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