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  1. I can get shouty when I get passionate about something- with alot of hand waving in person with friends. <shrug> I had a boss that used to say "tell me how you really feel Betty". Otherwise I'm pretty low key. Glad your husband's Polish family is of a more peaceful nature. I haven't been able to uncover anything that tells me Adam comes from a very traditional family. I just read in an online article where he said his parents told him he was "doing it backwards" - just out of college, broke and starting a non-profit. His bio on chefak.com didn't tell me anything about his u
  2. Wow - tough crowd....not everyone is born to wear a suit and work in a cubicle.
  3. Well as a TWIN GIRL with an 18 month older SISTER to boot, I can tell you growing up there was NO HIGH ROAD! No was there any parental refereeing now that I think of it. LOL. We survived, and know how to fight (and pick) our battles. If someone's being a dick, they're going to be told they're being a dick. Walk away? Fuck that - I'm Polish, you're going to hear from me what I think about you.
  4. I copied the following from the website ChefAk.com - as in Adam Kenworthy: His interest in endurance sports began shortly after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University. To help raise money for the Big City Mountaineers organization, Adam set out with his bicycle and a small bike trailer on a journey that would take him nearly 4,000 miles - from the state of Washington to the coast of Maine. Since then, he has traveled the world competing in some of the most prestigious and challenging races known to man. This includes: “Cascade Crest 100” 100-mile trail run throug
  5. A thousand thumbs up for your post Lucelu 1) how has Carole behaved publicly that is offensive? 2) What would be indictive? Do you mean indicative? and what? Is Carole somehow showing you how she would react if she and Adam broke up? Who would she be vindictive to? 3) Scratching my head at the "twins" thing but ok - what even though Lu brought this shit up, Carole's the skunk because she won't back down? 4) as the mother of a 25 year old...hmmm good question. I will say that at 25 he's much more mature than he was at 23 and at 29 I bet he'll be even more mature.
  6. you must be watching an edited version - LOL - because my blood boils more watch RHOBH episodes and reunion more than NY every season
  7. Oh you and me both. I CANNOT STAND HER! Oh no -- was Nicole the niece that a few seasons ago Luann and niece went to some bar or nightclub or something. I remember the "niece's" outfit was really dumb looking and couldn't get past it. Would it be less possessive/needy if they were closer in age? If he/she were dying of cancer? My husband or I don't leave the house without giving each other a kiss and saying goodbye. Why would anyone find that wrong? All this talk about Carole and whether she "chose" not to have children...or circumstances dictated....etc. and so on make
  8. "Not exactly the same" ? That's putting it mildly! A visit to a designer for a dress leads to borrowing dresses....because you're a greedy bitch. A visit to someone's house leads to a romance....because you are two humans attracted to each other. But I think all the old rich wrinkly men are beating them to it! All fair in love and war! I think there's a time limit isn't there that after a certain period of time you don't have to ASK permission of anyone to date anyone else? What is this - middle school? And yeah! What someone else said about Harry! Obviously LuAnn doesn't fo
  9. I can't even see a connection between the two to make it remotely hypocritical.....One is a designer family friend being used as a personal closet and the other is someone dating someone's nieces ex? What the heck am I missing here?
  10. I can understand Carole not wanting JFK Jr.'s name to be associated with Sonja in any way! My mind is officially blown for the day. I cannot comprehend that Sonja is younger that what JFK Jr would be only because I will forever see him as a young man. And I see her as an old hag (she's younger than me! No way!) I have a newspaper and the People magazine from when they died. Broke my heart. I give Carole permission to guard whatever memories she has of him and Carolyn in any way she wants to.
  11. I'm not fond of either look. Kristen's because I become focused on her boobs waiting for a Nip slip (yeah I'm a 12 year old boy) and Heather's outfit just looks messy.
  12. hahaha then you don't want to be in the same room when I have to repeat something to my husband for the 3rd time because he just.doesn't.get.it.fast.enough.! On the other hand, I thought it was a fabulous parting shot if she is prepared to leave. I love it!
  13. Hahaha! Where do you find this shit? No - my teeth are not that big. I am a mini-Heather. But I can speak in a slow controlled manner she does that oh might come across as condescending to some people. Must be all those elementary school kids I had to deal with through the years (library aide, lunch room aide).
  14. hahahaha! Everytime someone points out some flaw in Heather I realize - I do that too!! Haha. I am such a finger pointer! Not for accusation purposes but for emphasis. Sometimes I catch myself and pull it back in. I'm also a conversation butt-inner! OMG - from the next room in my house I will insert myself into a conversation! I would so pop into that Bethenny/Ramona convo with my 2 cents. Because I am ALSO an armchair psychologist! Add me to the Holla Honey list! I adore Heather.
  15. And that's a shame because although I have variety of department stores near me, I think nothing of picking clothes up at Wal-Mart because I'm there every week grocery shopping and it's the closest of stores to me.
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