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  1. I suspect the writers set up the fingerprints on the cage/face along with the phone to make Stabler the prime suspect of Sinatra's murder for future episodes. You know..........ooooooh, drama! 😲 ETA: Wasn't up to expectations and I don't know if I want to sit thru any more. And I just can't stand a mopey Saint Olivia popping up at odd moments. Just......eewwww. I'm just NOT "DA DUM" a fan of "shipping", especially when it's as clumsy as this.
  2. They should just cancel the show now and save the money. At first I thought "No Tom, no me!" Now it's just "no way!"
  3. Just venting..... Do these guys ever work anymore? It seems that I'm seeing more and more repeats from all the late night show hosts.
  4. Auditing........ Something I have never seen mentioned but if a famous person is encouraged or forced to reveal his/her deepest and darkest secrets through auditing CO$ has the perfect blackmail tool to keep that celebrity "in line" for ever more. What macho star could survive having it "leaked" that he was a pedophile or some equally shameful info? Look at what being accused of rape ( 4 times, but still only "alleged") has done for DM's career. In this case CO$ didn't leak, but the damage is done.
  5. Surprising how ready we are to give someone else's ALL for our causes (judgements). We have no real idea what happened, but it's just so easy say (type out) what someone we don't even know "should" do.
  6. I've been looking for "how long" spoilers. I'm surprised that I can't find any. Spoilers seem to be an industry all their own on other programs.
  7. We have another game we play. "What the hell is Kelly wearing?????!!!!!!" Woman needs a stylist, or maybe a new stylist, STAT. Also, the time may be coming when the success of a show is judged by the amount of screaming noise it can generate. There'll be a little "scream-o-meter" in the corner of the screen and the highest/loudest program will win the overnight ratings regardless of content. ETA: I'm officially a curmudgeon!
  8. RANT! I wish someone would tell the singers to enunciate! Unless I happen to know the lyrics (rare) I can't understand more than a few words. It's become a joke in our house as we call out the few words we do hear clearly. I agree that the band overplays and contributes to the problem.
  9. After last night's awful singing I'm kind of dreading watching tonight.
  10. Anyone read this week's Enquirer cover story about Shelly Miscavage "being found" after 13 years? I won't spend the $$, but am curious what it says.
  11. And once the celeb had "confessed" his most secret desires and transgressions to the auditor, that info will go into a "blackmail" file, and CO$ owns them forever. Both Cruise and Travolta have been dogged by gay rumors. Both have denied the rumors. But if there was any truth behind them, the auditors would know. Behave yourselves or....... For either of them, or any other image conscious celeb, that would ruin their careers forever.
  12. Plus the cult promises success. Actors are especially vulnerable to such promises in a very tough industry. And if you don't succeed, it's your fault. You're doing it wrong and need to buy another class/package/more books/counciling sessions.
  13. Time to bump the schedule up. Thanks to green and peachmangosteen for the original posts.
  14. I hope you didn't miss understand what I wrote. I was being facetious about "hateful." As I said in my second sentence, it's not (hateful) at all. I edited "hateful" to "racist", although I was trying to avoid using that word. I am so tired of people who have a hair trigger on political correctness. IMO getting bent because a person wearing a head scarf is compared to another person wearing a headscarf is the height of stupidity and usually comes from someone who enjoys being a professional victim. Sound like anyone we know? BTW - I was privilaged to know Roy who was like a brother to
  15. Just like Kato "knew" Tamar wanted to get back to her son?
  16. Making that comparison is about as racist as saying all men who wear cowboy hats remind you of Roy Rogers. In other words, not at all.
  17. I had to Google it..... "A drug house, also known as a trap house, bando, jugg house, or crack house....." Sounds like "do as I say not as I do." Oh, well, as long as it brings in enough money to keep buying those classes, books, and packages, I guess anything goes, right?
  18. After the first week I would be curled up in the fetal position in some corner hugging a "bankie" and sucking my thumb. Maybe it's like..... Those who can, do. Those who can't, snark.
  19. Note: I am NOT posting this as a political comment. My thoughts are only for comparison. I am watching Rachel Maddow, who is doing a piece on the NRA. According to her the NRA seems to be crumbling, with financial troubles, an internal meltdown and being caught in the Russia investigation. I mention this ONLY because the NRA organization has always seemed well-financed, monolithic and very powerful. If what Maddow says is true about the organization having serious problems, it gives me hope that an equally monolithic organization such as CO$ might be vulnerable as well. "The times
  20. But......having gotten this one, she should be ineligible for any others, if the show follows what they've done in the past. Question is.....how many more can they squeeze in this abbreviated season? Best evah! LOLOL AFLAC! AFLAC! 🤣😂😆
  21. This ought to be a tag for a Tamar thread. You could type this at any random time of the day and most of the night and you wouldn't be wrong.
  22. Absolutely true! CO$ is an extreme example of "religion" run amock. Another example would be mega-churches where slick uber-styled celebrity pastors urge little old ladies to send their social security money so said pastors can enjoy mansions and private jets and luxuries like that. They are nowhere near as heinous as what we're hearing about CO$ but still, reprehensible. I love my church and its expression of God's Love. Most true churches, temples, mosques and other places of worship are vital parts of their community and offer great comfort and support to their members.
  23. Unfortunately many religions have an us against them mentality. The only way to God/enlightenment is our way. Everyone else is wrong. They're all heathens and we need to convert them or kill them all and let (OUR) God sort them out. History is full of examples. CO$, because of their infinite resources is more extreme and of course now is more exposed than ever thanks to Leah and Mike.
  24. I can almost grasp the state of mind of someone like Leah who suddenly wakes up and realizes that they wasted a huge portion of their life in this cult. Her CO$ participation was relatively benign. But I cannot begin to fathom somebody like Mike who not only wasted a huge chunk of his life but actually participated in the worst excesses this cult has to offer. I think his remorse is genuine but how in the world can you even begin to make amends for all the grief and damage you caused. How he bears up with that guilt is beyond my imagination but I'm sure this show is a huge part of hi
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