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  1. Fouts

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Ever discover a sliver on your arm or leg where the surrounding skin is all red and inflamed in the body's attempt to push the sliver out? Meri's catfish situation reminds me of that. Until Meri comes clean about what "Sam" truly meant to her romantically, the sliver will never dislodge and no healing can occur. I laughed at Meri's suggestion that the family was "stuffing" their feelings about the catfish. They've moved on, Honey. Nobody cares but you. That tribe's got a multitude of semi-functional other arms and legs that don't have untreated infected slivers poking out of them. In the meantime Meri deflects, and does so horribly, alternating between: A. Pay attention to me about getting catfished! I'm the true victim! B. Don't you dare ask me any more questions about my catfish! (And yes, why-oh-why has Meri apparently never really discussed these details with Cody? Unbelievable!) I love how Mariah has Meri's number, completely. Wasn't there some short scene (a preview, maybe?) with Mariah commenting how Meri was pushing still another catfish meet-and-greet upon Mariah-- not for Mariah's own benefit, but to try to whitewash Meri's own culpability. And yes, Christine is clearly Cody's flavor of the month. (That sounds a lot more disgusting now that I see it in print.)
  2. Fouts

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Six thoughts: 1. Meri sure came off horrible tonight. It's almost as if the producers either had it with her personally, or they were setting up for her eventual departure. Meri's not going to be pleased with how she was portrayed. Girl appears not just selfish, but demented. 2. Did you catch the side-eye looks of contempt by Robin at Cody sitting next to her in Meri's living room? That bloom's long left the rose. 3. Meri loves to spring family meetings with secret and mysterious agendas on everyone but gets pissy when anyone else wants to host a meeting at all. 4. An earlier poster commented how they felt bad for Meri that the rest of the "adults" would meet without her. (I put "adults" in quotes not only because many of their children are of age, but Kody and his wives can be so infantile.) At first I had the same small moment of compassion for Meri about getting left out of the discussion. Then I re-wound the episode and saw where Meri instructs them all to "meet amongst yourselves" to talk over the B & B/financial issue. 5. Loved Janelle reluctantly explaining that they would all stay married together in the next life, according to their religion. They rarely like to spell such things out for us. Poor Janelle--getting stuck with Meri for eternity. I probably wouldn't have it in me to worry about my diet either if I knew what hell of eternity awaited me. 6. The wives seem to have made some off-camera pact to show a ton of support to Meri, no matter what. Are they worried Meri's one stroke of orange bronzer away from sanity, or are they scared she'll run away to her B & B alone and jeopardize their brand?
  3. Fouts

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    I had to laugh at Michelle's comment about her green/yellow assignment being the worst ever. After Dimitri gave those colors to Michelle, she asked if he hated her. Michelle comes from my state, Oregon, home of the overly-Nike-promoted University of Oregon Ducks with their ubiquitous green/yellow school colors. Nike owner and Oregon alum, Phil Knight, gives obscene amounts of money to the Ducks each year so he gets to be a de-facto coach--and fashion director for the Ducks. When the Duck's football team sat at the top not long ago, Nike made a big deal of the unveiling of their uniforms each week; we're talking entirely new and original pieces every game. It grew weirder and weirder over time. Eventually Nike got too carried away one week with a Lewis and Clark theme using colors of an entirely different Pac-12 team. (Perhaps even Nike was putting a finger up to the horrible green/yellow combination?) Very confusing to watch that game on TV. After that--and a precipitous drop in Duck football success--the football fashion nonsense thankfully ended for the most part. Last week's Michelle explained that her international ancestry is "Portland--Pacific Northwest." Perhaps she is like me, an alum of the Duck's rivals, Oregon State. Our orange/black colors isn't as exciting or controversial, but it does inspire excellent wear come Halloween.
  4. Fouts

    S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    I, too, loved Fernanda's letter, but grew suspicious of it as producer-driven when I saw Larissa use the same word "perspective" in her nail salon apology time with Debbie. Makes me go hmmm. I still find Coltee disturbing, but agree that after all the hysteria amongst these couples, there's something oddly reassuring about his monotone voice. The most enthusiasm we've ever heard from him was in his response to Debbie's idea of homemade pizza. Good for Eric's daughters for not caving into his manipulations. Their hair may need some help, but their mom seems to have instilled some good sense into those girls. I hope they don't attend his wedding. Somebody should respond to Eric that when--not if--his "last chance at love" leaves him in the dust, he'll be more alone than ever with his daughters alienated from him, perhaps permanently if he continues with his treatment of them. I'm curious about something regarding Jay. Why did he fret so much in front of the camera about getting married so young if he knew it was all part of a grander scheme to stay in the country and screw around-- with his poor bride on the financial hook for him? I find this story particularly upsetting, but maybe it's just too close to home. (Our daughter found evidence of cheating husband on his phone, and he broke her phone in response. When he was supposedly back to faithfulness, he used MY computer--without my knowledge--where he saved his password on his Facebook page. Later I happened upon it and saw all the women he'd been trolling on his messaging there. When we pointed this out, he threatened to call the police on me for invasion of privacy. So happy they're divorced now.)
  5. Last night they hinted that perhaps Shelly's dangerous knowledge of David relates to something only Shelly would know as his wife. I could be wrong, but I took that as something connected to David's sexuality. My gaydar's never been that great, but even David does ping for me a little. We know that the CO$ holds a strong stance against homosexuality. We never seem to hear anything about other women in David's life, but we have heard and seen plenty about how close David is with Tom Cruise--who some people have their own theories about. Who knows?
  6. Fouts

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    Telling a close family member you're hurting may or may not be the same thing as "poisoning" them.
  7. Fouts

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    Serious question--did I miss a past episode where Debbie verbally "poisoned" Cousin Coltie about Larissa? Mea Culpa if that's the case, because... I am having difficulty with some of the talk about Debbie, because I do see a lot of it as supposition, i.e. "she must have been violent before to inspire Larissa to threaten to call the police so easily." Keep in mind, in the same scene, we witnessed Larissa's irrationality of Debbie's (non) slamming of the door. The door didn't get unhinged, but Larissa certainly did. And as far as Debbie having a smirk on her face during the rage-fest between Larissa and Cousin Coltie, I thought she acted as the only adult in the room, engaging and distracting the young children. Regarding their financial issues, Larissa apparently has never heard of the concept of budgets. She reminds me of Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka who just would just stomp her feet and demand, "I don't care, I want it NOW!" Coltie is at fault for putting Debbie in the position of credit card gatekeeper with Larissa. Instead of Larissa blaming Coltie and his budget, she takes her frustrations out at Debbie. Larissa can't risk blaming her green-card giver, so she pivots to Debbie with everything, to the extent where she has to manufacture faults. And by the way, I am getting uncomfortable with the remarks about Debbie's appearance which are simply age-related. But I do agree she actually would probably be happier in a retirement community of some sorts. Bottom line, I mainly hold Coltie at fault here. Boy's in no position to take on a wife. He was plenty happy living with his mama, his living room slot machine and his sparkling cat wardrobe. Sadly he just had some certain needs (shudder) that were going unmet, and in trying to fix that, he's screwing up other lives.
  8. Fouts

    Long Lost Family

    Excellent point, Jadzia, about the birth-daddies guilt-dumping the birth-mommies. If the bio dads actually had their acts together, they almost certainly could have claimed parental rights in a court of law at the time of birth, should they so desired. But of course they didn't, so no such attempts were ever made. A pox on anyone who criticizes these women and their sacrifices, which I consider the ultimate act of selflessness, truly. On the other hand, I do applaud the show for bringing in more of the baby-daddy storylines. Too often the male DNA contribution is just a big mystery, or an after-thought, barely mentioned. I'm enjoying these longer episodes where they are able to dig deeper into these questions, as well as the twists and turns of solving the puzzle itself. Normally I'm not such an emotional person, but both of last night's reunions turned me into a watery mess.
  9. Fouts

    S32.E05: Breaking Brad

    Veronica also stole her roommate's cute shirt on her "Semesters and Sea" Road Rules season. I'll never forget the look on Veronica's face when spotted her roommate wearing the stolen shirt, which roomie had found stuffed deep in Veronica's closet. Veronica had previously denied knowing anything about the missing shirt, and suddenly, she was oh-so-busted, and knew it. Veronica begged roomie off-camera to go along with a made-up story about the shirt, but no-go. Veronica used to be a hot little number, and probably got away with a lot of crap like her habitual lying, thieving and sense of entitlement. Those days are gone. Veronica's beauty is greatly diminished, but her poor character lives on.
  10. I'm not sure if this observation goes here or someplace else, but the episode at the end did sort of attach itself to the tell-all... Can we talk about Elizabeth and Andreiiii's encounters with Father Elizabeth? First of all, Elizabeth, why would you ever think it wise to provide your angry father with ammunition ** against your Andreiiii, especially anything financially-related? Whenever someone says, "I hate to tell you so, but..." and then TELLS YOU SO, using THOSE VERY WORDS, they're a complete jerk. Obviously Father Elizabeth couldn't wait to say it--it's what he's been living for. And oddly enough, that didn't even make sense. Elizabeth and Andreiii have used most of Andeiii's savings during this transition time until he can legally work. So what? It was part of their plan, and for Pete's sake, they're following the law and acting responsibly! They've got a very practical plan in place for Andreiii to make a decent living in the near future. Instead we get Father Elizabeth saying, "Pretty soon you'll be asking me for rent money..." He only wishes that were the case. Once again Andreiii proved himself quite poised and control. I absolutely love that Andreiiii declined Father Elizabeth's offer to pay his trucking school tuition. Father E looked so pissed by that. Clearly Andreiii had it correct that Father E wanted nothing more than to have something financial to hold over Andreiiii. Andreiiii may be the wisest man involved with this entire show, not to mention the one with the most self-control. How ironic to keep hearing Father Elizabeth bleat on and on about financial responsibility when he himself has been arrested for failure to pay child support. His mug shot gives me life. **Learn from Chantel what happens when you gift material to the clan.
  11. Fouts

    S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    Funny that Anfisa says "Jorge's and my relationship..." While Chantel says "Pedro and I's relationship..." I guess you learn better grammar growing up in Moscow than in Clan Family Chantel.
  12. Fouts

    Naked and Afraid XL

    Gary with his teeth? Wrong. Calcium doesn't just get sucked out of the teeth like that from malnutrition and cause your teeth to fall out. Either he had some decay already quietly brewing and severely compromising his teeth, or he bit on something hard like nuts or fruit pits and cracked the teeth. (Dental hygienist and dentist speaking here.)
  13. Fouts

    S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    I, too, was distracted by Sister Poor David's lower teeth. (I'm a dental hygienist so this comes with the territory.) But I almost felt bad about noticing because she's like the conduit of all our rational observations and common sense as observers. How refreshing she--speaking the truth and not caving into his manipulation, but instead realizing doing so would simply further enable the pathetic fellow. Clearly Sister Poor David doesn't have enough funds for her dental care, much less subsiding Poor David and his stupid ways. I imagine (hope) that TLC paid for her house rental in Louisville to visit him. How hurt I would be to not see my brother in four years, then have one of his first utterances be a hit-up for cash. As far as the teeth, I hope she gets the treatment she needs. We need more people out there like her with good healthy mouths, speaking the truth with the very best of motivations.
  14. Fouts

    S03.E08: Not Off the Hook

    Azan's family does seem lovely. I actually dread them seeing Nicole's dress. They will be horrified. The only good part will be Nicole having to see their reaction about it. Anfisa has made such a huge change how she's portrayed on the show. I remember when she first arrived, she wanted to be a reality star "like the Kardashians." I wonder if she thought her obsession over stuff like designer purses and jewelry and her overall bratty behavior (changing Jorge's phone passwords, etc.) made her seem cute and entertaining to the viewer. When she got called out on it at a Tell-All, she looked utterly crestfallen. Like she had no idea how disgusted people were by her. Since then she's stopped with all of that, gone. I can't really tell if Anfisa has any actual feelings for Jorge or not, yet. Certainly she's bright--her English is near perfect--and good on her continuing her education. I've done a nearly 180 on my perception of her. Jorge gets zero of my sympathy after that counseling session last night. The lack of awareness on his part is scary. I felt bad for Ross last night when Pao sat next to him in the cab whining about how leaving Columbia (and indirectly, marrying him) was a terrible mistake. He's way too good for her. I've dealt with the exact same RH blood issues as Pao. No big deal, as the doctor said. The girl definitely did look disappointed that she'd lost her hook at sympathy, drama and excuse not to have a baby and ruin her already-too-old-for-modeling body. She's delusional. Girl is not gonna take aging and sagging breasts well AT ALL. Her looks are all she has.
  15. Fouts

    S06.E10: START

    Some things I liked: 1. Stan having his first and last big encounters about Philip the Spy both in garages in the first and last episodes. The first time he pushed his suspicions away, the second one he desperately wished he could push them away. 2. Elizabeth getting not-so-subtly shot down as a loving human being-- as a mom by Paige (how will Henry survive without DAD?), and as a spouse by Phillip (my entire life has been one big miserable and friendless hell-fest except for Stan!) At first I was a little disappointed by all the loose strings, but then realized nothing in this story could or should get tied up too neatly. It was an inspired mess of story-telling, and a definitive ending wouldn't have rung true with the series. Instead, we're trusted to live with the hints, just like I absolutely know that Martha's adopted daughter brought her enough joy to continue and give her life meaning in Russia. And Phillip will eventually connect with his Russian son, helping fill the hole in his heart that was Henry. As someone else said earlier, my only real unfulfilled wish is not getting to see Elizabeth witness the collapse of the Berlin wall. How about we pretend Elizabeth exhibited the same face of distress and horror that she displayed through the train window for Paige? Works for me.