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  1. I’m watching the season 3 dinner party at Mapperton, and Juliet’s huffing and puffing in her Holly Hobby getup is reminding me of someone, but it takes her spinning out of the dining room with her flat hair to click. She’s Sue Heck from The Middle.
  2. A year and a half later, I still cried when I saw this again. RIP, Anthony.
  3. I will need proof that the Lord has ever considered His work done in any state’s DMV. Personally, I believe that the DMV is under the purview of Satan. 🔥🔥🔥
  4. I just rewatched that season, and it makes me so sad to know she died only five or six years later, iirc. But that speech in Kelly’s Office was MAGNIFICENT!
  5. There’s a series on Allure magazine’s YouTube with “A Day in the Life” of various young women, and a Rockette was one of them. A Miami Dolphins cheerleader was also profiled. I was exhausted just watching!
  6. Plus, she said, “FUCK THIS!” off mike as she was leaving the field after a chat with J&K.* *I may be off on the location and the causation, but I just couldn’t resist recounting one of the best off-the-cuff moments of the entire series. Helen Keller could have read those lips! 😂👄
  7. I was so grossed out by that “photo shoot”. I’d rather see Captain Lee’s scrunched up tighty-whiteys than that. I also thought Ashton was cute last year. Being dragged behind the boat. 😉🤭😂
  8. I’m just reminded that both Kevin and Brian have daughters. How would they like to see them treated if they worked on a yacht? Or how would they feel for their daughters see how their fathers treated other women? I think he was saying a different word for “little person”.
  9. That shattered my heart into a million horrified little pieces! I’m so angry about him weaponizing his fucking tongue and shoving it down Kate’s throat TWICE! He can’t stand her, and his version of “Marry, Fuck, Kill” stars Kate, and leaves the “Marry” part out entirely. He is such a fucking hypocrite! He drinks to blackout level, then basically sexually assaults Kate. She could have told Captain Lee everything, and she didn’t. He expects everyone to keep his confidences, yet talks massive shit himself. He is the epitome of toxic masculinity. I feel worked up to the level
  10. I just saw something online that said they interviewed Mike McCarthy from the Packers, and the former HC of the Bengals today. Also, that they didn’t expect to formally fire Garrett until Monday. I think Kitty Carter would be a great pick! 😂
  11. Me, too! After John Fox, I thought I’d never love a coach again, but Riverboat Ron is a class act.
  12. I wasn’t going to say it, but since you went first... A little background. My hometown team fired the coach, Ron Rivera. I had some feels about it, but he got picked up by the Redskins. I marathoned seasons 4-6 this week, and also heard about Jason Garrett. Last night I dreamt that Ron Rivera went to Dallas, Jason Garrett came to Charlotte, and Kelli and Judy straight up got fired. The cheerleaders got split up to different franchises. Some from this season, lots from previous seasons. I woke up so discombobulated this morning, I’m almost afraid to go to sleep tonight. They a
  13. I’ve watched every season several times, and I don’t even remember this minor kefluffle. I’ve also been here or TWOP, reading mostly, for years. TK just isn’t important enough to “hate” based on ONE instance of jackassery. If she’d stopped at only one, she wouldn’t still be a topic here.
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