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  1. Did anyone notice that Kelli is not wearing any rings on her left hand but for auditions she was. Hmmm
  2. I find I love Holly for her spunk and dancing. She seems very genuine. I think Madeline would benefit from another year of maturing and dance technique. Yes they loved Loni and kept her but you can see her rush off the field so she didn't ever get to do the shows like the other girls. I think they don't want another Loni in Taylor.
  3. This is much like freshman find at a rigorous college. I used to teach for one and most were valedictorians etc and now they were in with others at their same level. I am not sure why they bring someone in with terribly low kicks nor why someone tries out without the kicks being what they need to be, Perhaps this board needs to mentor people who are considering auditioning. We could have episodes as homework etc! LOL
  4. OK so we probably have deviated from the topic but I see GFM for people who want to adopt. If you can't afford the adoption, how can you afford the baby? Please it is not the entire community's responsibility to fund what you want. Ok, putting away my soap box!!
  5. Just remembered what I forgot to say was about Jacie. She was sitting in the front row and everytime the camera showed her, she looked worried and upset. What was up with that??
  6. It seems to be that often the calling of the last 5 TC candidates, particularly the last one is about putting out specific point such as you were DEAD LAST in the group such as Natalie, the one pageant sisters, etc. I think they carefully consider who to put first (from being very talented to being a favorite) and who to b put last. It is like the person who is the first to perform a solo. It is not the first person in line who is usually just a candidate but a specific veteran who can delivery a strong and memorable solo. My favorite was Nicole Hamilton.
  7. Mine is pretty straightforward as it does not encompass my hobbies, work, life, family, or even my pets!! It is a family name encompassing many generations but it is not part of my real name. Was tired of using my cat's name!!
  8. I was surprised at the lack of vets clustered around the 3 eliminated like we have seen previously. Breelan appeared ditzy when she had to think about what being a DCC meant to her. Come on!! That was a softball question and she couldn't even answer it. Jasmine's solo was embrassing and she and Ashley both were not good on the field. Didn't Breelan wear almost the identical unflattering costume last year also? Actually I thought it was the same one.
  9. sleepyjean, yes Kelli did say a number of countries but I wasn't paying attention as clearly I was bowled over by the over 500 applicants!
  10. I remember someone or at least 2 people singing for the audition. Perhaps it was in the 2 hr pilot
  11. Now Kelli says over 500 girls tried out from 37 different states!!
  12. Yes I observed it especially the right armpit
  13. Mrs. EVH, the horse was like a saddle on a barrel and then I think another had a small children's toy horse to ride.
  14. I think it is hand props only, no chairs, trees, dressers, carts, horses!!!
  15. Is that Christina in the first photo? Really don't like this article
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