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  1. Sorry if this is too off topic. In 2006 I had the unexpected pleasure of having lunch with Tony, Paulie, Bobby, Silvio, Meadow and Carmela (plus everyone else in episode 1). We were shooting a commercial on another set at Silvercup Studios. The things I remember. More profanity than I have ever heard in my life, the largest men I have ever seen in track jackets, and the best Italian food imaginable through craft services. They stayed in character throughout lunch and it was an experience of a lifetime--I felt like I was having lunch with a bunch of mafia men!
  2. Does anyone else hate Brittany? She is many of the things we complain about when we discuss Sergio. She has an inflated ego, she is dismissive of others' talent, and she has the personality of a pancake. I am ready for both Brittany and Victoria to clean up their work spaces and leave.
  3. Okay COL here. I don't wear a bra at all at least 3 days a week. I don't put it on for shopping, for company, or for the doctor. I do wear it for work. I'll be retiring this year. Then I will only wear it when I exercise. I think it is entirely a personal decision. If you are bothered by nipples, look away. That said, why the hell is she pointing it out in her post? If she wants to pass the pencil test, go ahead. Just don't tell me about it.
  4. I hate to admit it, but Kam is my favorite. She is smart enough to be funny. She is naive enough to be funny. She is quirky enough to be funny. Kam is rich enough to offer great house/clothes/handbag porn. And she shows enough of her relationships to be relatable. Stephanie used to be my favorite. Now I have moved to the camp that she would be better off if she wasn't on the show. She seems fragile. Kary, LeAnne, D'Andra and Brandy can all leave and I'd be happy. I'd love a recast keeping only Kam. And I hate admitting all of this because I think none of it will happen and I'll stop watching.
  5. This was a trend in my small Cape Cod high school in 1982-83. And some of it continued in my college experience. We used to wear shirts and sweaters backwards with strands of pearls running down our backs. 1983, such a good year! Oh, and not a soul would wear Tyler's look on Cape Cod.
  6. Agreed! If you are from Massachusetts you call a little bottle of alcohol on airplanes or in hotel rooms a 'nip.' You also 'nip out' to run a quick errand and you nip off a piece off food to give a taste. And dogs nip.
  7. I have to admit that Sara has grown on me. Now she reminds me of my sister in law--seemingly abrasive when you first meet, but a kind hearted person who has worked hard for everything. I like her! Count me among those who were surprised Sara didn't know about seltzer. Best way I ever had Matzah balls was in a gumbo file. Yum! I like them all and will be happy whoever wins. My slight preference is: Sara, Eric then Kelsey
  8. Yes, and I loved her. She had the best wardrobe. My mother sewed every outfit. My sisters had Mia and Velvet. This was not a good hair episode for Kody.
  9. I think this is probably it for me. As RHoBH moves further from the women that have money to women that want money, the show loses it's magic. It becomes less about the house and closet porn and more about manufactured drama. If I want to see wannabes that are willing to fight for money, I can watch other franchises.
  10. The love triangle is both painful and boring. Kissing Sean twice, 400 texts and emails in 2 days, Megan is clearly leading him on. And Sean isn't socially advanced enough to understand. I can only take so much of it. Elena & John road trip, Cristina's new apartment, these are stories I enjoy. Next week looks like a train wreck with Megan meeting the new girlfriend. Coupled with more Rocco, it might be my first pass on the show.
  11. David Kenworthy is 65, Lola is 61....Radzi is 53. Definitely contemporaries they are all retired boomers.
  12. Late to the game, but isn't John in Long Island City, Queens? The home of Citibank and Silvercup Studio? I will admit that in all the time I lived on the UWS I only made it to Queens once. It just seemed so far away. And true about the 212 and 917. I moved to the West coast 8 years ago and I still haven't given up my 917 number just in case I move back.
  13. Casey's cheese puff chicken tenders put her through. I thought none of these looked particularly good but I was holding out hope that Sylva would make it through.
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