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  1. Watching as a marathon, this isn't what I saw. Yes, he was an absolute jerk in scheduling the BVI trip, but you don't weaponize the kids. Amy pulling Jacob aside with Zach and Molly was an effort to get him not to go to hurt Matt. Saying that you're happy Zach and Molly aren't going isn't good parenting and it doesn't help your marriage. You can see the effect of their fighting on all four kids. Matt and Amy were fighting a lot at this point. We had just watched a three week road trip with Amy and the kids and two weeks on a riverboat cruise with all six of them. We also saw that Matt and Amy have different vacation expectations and that it led to terrible fighting on the riverboat trip, that affected the children. His bad behavior may explain her bad behavior, but it doesn't excuse it. My perspective, you encourage the kids to go with their father and then you go into couples therapy to deal with the poor way you treat each other. Or you get a divorce. You don't ask the children to choose one parent over the other. As I said, I started out leaning team Amy. Now I am team no one.
  2. I had leaned Team Amy until I started a Pandemic marathon. On Season 8 Zach's First Stand and Amy's behavior is reprehensible. The way that she is manipulating the kids to hurt Matt, it is terrible. She made it about the kids choosing between Matt and her. I get that she was angry--hurt, but that is breaking a cardinal rule of parenting. Matt is selfish, and controlling, but Amy is just as bad. Maybe worse. I am ending the marathon. I think I'll switch to something light. Bob's Burgers.
  3. I agree. It has been a very dry summer, the only vacations you can take are camping, and people are idiots. The Almeda fire appears to be arson, but not extremists on the Right or Left. They found a body, so likely related to that crime.
  4. I feel like I live on Mars. BTW, Life on Mars was a great tv show. I loved it.
  5. It has been a tough day. Here in Oregon the wildfires continue to consume the forests, the farms and my conversations with family and work colleagues. It is hard to describe the light. How it feels like twilight all day, and when you look to the sky it is orange. It is a softer orange here in Portland, but as you get closer to the fires it becomes a brilliant orange, almost red. Here is a photo from yesterday, around Salem. I didn't take it--I am working from home, but it gives you a sense of how everything is surreal. They say that the fires are once in a generation--like the pandemic and the recession. We have 35 fires and 500,000 acres burning now.
  6. PDXlulu


    I live in Portland and I agree. 99% of the city is normal. The issues are largely confined to a few blocks near the Federal building downtown. The other protests are peaceful. We have a group of COLs that meet a few blocks from my house and protest 3 times a week. Today the talk is about forest fires. The sky is hazy, the smell of smoke is strong, we have wind gusts up to 50 mph and we lost power about 30 minutes ago.
  7. Wendy Osefo grew up in Nigeria, where she was born. She earned a B.A. in political science from Temple University and a M.A. in government from Johns Hopkins University. In 2012, Osefo completed a M.Sc. in public affairs with a concentration in community development from Rutgers University–Camden. In 2016, she became the first Black woman to earn a Ph.D. in public affairs and community development from Rutgers University-Camden. At least this is what she put on her wikipedia page.
  8. Most American colleges and universities require proof of insurance to attend. And nearly all offer some kind of policies that can be tacked on to your bill--the rates are very reasonable as they are only insuring young adults between 17-24. And they can provide great coverage. I am surprised that the Browns aren't expecting her to wait until next year so that it can be done under Ysabel's own insurance when she goes to school.
  9. Yes, masks are the CDC recommendation. Here are a few articles that discuss shields. From the NYT https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/24/health/coronavirus-face-shields.html Excerpt: “I’m a huge fan of face shields,” said Saskia Popescu, a senior infection-prevention specialist at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. “But I don’t think we can swap them out for face masks just yet.” Dr. Perencevich and his colleagues expect that more research will show shields to be superior to cloth masks, not only because shields provide full face protection but as they are nearly impossible to wear incorrectly. “Remember, effectiveness depends not only on the inherent properties of the facial covering but also how well the facial covering is worn,” he said. And he and his co-authors like to imagine that people who are reluctant to wear masks will find face shields more comfortable: Once a person tries one on, they say, the wearer realizes its many benefits. Here is an article by AARP on masks and shields https://www.aarp.org/health/healthy-living/info-2020/shields-compared-to-masks.html Excerpt: Amesh Adalja, M.D., a pandemic preparedness expert at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, says, “There's a lot of at least biological possibility to suspect that [shields] are definitely better than homemade face masks, and maybe even better than other types of masks as well, because they not only prevent you from spreading it … [and] because it also covers your eyes, it provides more protection to the mucus membranes of your face where you might be getting infected.” James Cherry, M.D., a distinguished research professor and infectious disease expert at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, says that while experts aren't yet sure about how vulnerable our eyes are to infection from this coronavirus, “With many viruses, the eyes are important.” He points to measles and adenoviruses as examples of viruses that are known to infect people through their eyes. So basically, I am hedging my bets and I have both.
  10. Yes, I have some. They are definitely better than masks. I've heard that the masks protect others and the shield protects you. So I am ready to wear both.
  11. INTJs having a partner makes total sense. You want one person. And that person better be able to put up with the nonstop analysis of everything. Except, when the INTJ makes a decision, it is done so please don't make the mistake of revisiting that decision.
  12. I am an INTJ as well. We are a curious group. I remember taking the assessment at work and the summary statement for the personality was "I am sorry that you are going to have to die." (May be why military leaders can skew to INTJ). My team just laughed and said, that is exactly you! And it didn't bother me. I like to be in charge and make the tough decisions. And I really don't want to spend time chatting with you about them. Just leave me alone and trust that I am right. And if you see me in the grocery store please don't talk to me. lol.
  13. Curiously, you don't have to give the requested deposit. I had a HDHP with a really high deductible. When I went to pre-op tests and then to check into the hospital for an expensive surgery I was twice asked for a large sum of money and I said no thank you. Wasn't planning on paying today. The hospital ran the pre-op tests and admitted me and I had the surgery. I paid afterwards.
  14. I have waited a few days to post because the finale left me both satisfied and disappointed. I am satisfied because the episode was so good. I loved watching these chefs and every dish looked amazing. It was the best final ever. I was disappointed because I wanted all three of them to win. I wanted Bryan to win because he seems like such a stand up person who makes perfect food. I want to eat everything he makes. I like his dorky laugh and the way he talks about his family. I wanted Stephanie to win because of her warmth and the way that she grew as a chef and a person this season. I loved her talking heads about champagne Padmas and her connection with Gregory when they discussed her brother's death. I wanted Melissa to win because she cooked the best food. I appreciated her thoughtfulness and artistry. And like Bryan and Stephanie, I think she is someone that it would be great to have as a friend. So I thought I would be happy if anyone won. But I realize now I would be happy if everybody won. But it just doesn't work that way. It is too bad this season is over because it is the best one ever.
  15. I was going to be happy no matter who won, so happy for Ms Jaida Essence Hall. The finale was meh.
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