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  1. Since Lilah is 20 months she should start growing her kid hair soon so those bows should go away.
  2. Loved seeing the eliminated queens. Valentina in a beard was fun! In the lip sync to U wear it well I ordered them Killer/Sagittarius then Carmen. On the runway, Sagittarius, Killer and then Carmen (because she almost slipped and your drag needs to be wearable). And in LSFYL I had Killer Queen, Sagittarius and then Carmen. I believe Carmen won because she was the best over the season, but I don't think she had the best day. Overall, I was disappointed.
  3. I agree that Pandora was fun, Ginger too. I am also really liking Trinity. The judges seem to have preordained Kylie as a finalist. But RuPaul having favorites is an every season thing. I don't mind the lack of drama and a focus on the challenges. I love that on Paramount I can watch the episode any time on Thursdays.
  4. These painted rocks are everywhere in Portland. I have neighbors with urban chickens and people leave them as offerings outside the coop. At one point there were about 20 rocks with chickens painted on them. It was interesting to check them out and I wouldn't take a rock home from a wedding. I'd like to know what Chris would get.
  5. Portland has beautiful dry summers with low humidity. We typically average less than 5 inches over the summer months. Our rainy season is mid-October to mid-May. But March to May this year we only had about 2.5 inches of rain when we usually get 9-10 inches. We are in the middle of a severe drought. Before I moved here a dozen years ago I thought living in a temperate rainforest meant it rained everyday. When we don't have a drought it means rain 7 months of the year. I missed the rain this spring. I don't think it will rain on the wedding.
  6. After this episode it seems like Jan and Pandora are just filler queens. Based on judges comment the final four will be Ginger, Eureka, Kylie and Trinity. I wouldn't be bothered if this is the case. Not a spoiler as I don't know. That said, the game within the game could bring us back Silky. Does anyone know when we'll be getting more details on the game soon?
  7. I'm not sure if it was testing or just genetics modeling, but before Jackson was born Zach and Tori shared on the show that they were told by her doctor that there is a 50-50 chance that each child could be an achondroplasia dwarf.
  8. In Tuesday's episode Amber says she is doing the yard work photos for Liz's new house so that Jonah and Anna have a lightbulb moment that they don't want to do it anymore and move out. Later Trent says the only one they want to move out is Jonah so he can get himself together and squared away. Amber then says they are not making Anna and Elizabeth move out or pushing them to move out, they willing want to move out. I feel like Trent is fine with the kids staying and Amber is pushing for them to leave.
  9. I am not an Amy fan or a Matt fan, but I believe Amy and Chris will get married. People marry (and divorce) for many different reasons. Matt and Caryn, I'm not so sure. I think Matt likes his freedom and control over the farm and money. And I wouldn't be surprised if they just cohabitate. And that's okay by me but probably not Caryn lol. Wedding and relationships aside, it has been interesting to watch them change over the last 15 years. We we've seen the triumphs and disappointments. We watch them dream big and sometimes fail. They get to make money for sharing their lives w
  10. 100% agree. We lost my FIL to dementia a few years ago. From diagnosis to death was just 2 years. He was also in his 70s at diagnosis. What loving wife would divorce a spouse for (possibly) dementia? Perhaps the one that knew the house of cards was coming down.
  11. This is my favorite too, but I don't care for Dillon and Shaan. And Brian, not sharing his job loss with Mon 2.0. Not. Good. They have been dating for a while and that sort of lie is enough to end a relationship. Love the underwear business. The boy shorts were cute.
  12. I would love the older kids to share a house or apartment. I would watch that show. I'd even be okay with them stopping by Trent and Amber's house to prank them.
  13. She is still listed in their online directory as an assistant professor: https://education.jhu.edu/directory/wendy-osefo-phd/
  14. Did Karen say Gizelle went to Sing Sing?
  15. This is why I like Killer Queen. I think Killer Queen has higher emotional intelligence because they are a doctor out of drag.
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