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  1. Karen885

    The Bold Type

    Remember when Sutton and Richard we're secretly dating and they went to the times square Olive Garden because no one in their social circle would ever go there?
  2. Karen885

    S01.E17: Surrender

    Maybe based on the town of Hillsdale Michigan and Hillsdale College? Maybe based in Hillsdale College and Hillsdale, MI?
  3. Karen885

    S01.E17: Surrender

    Are they supposed to live in Michigan? Lmao. I live in Michigan. This show is nothing like the Michigan I live in. In an earlier episode they mentioned being 2 hours from Chicago.
  4. I'm burned out on hallmark movies. There has been at least one new movie on the main channel since the fall festival movies in September. Are we getting a movie every week for all eternity now? I have like 10 movies stacked and will probably erase all of them except the ones mentioned here as being good. I think the old schedule was winterfest in January, Valentine's in February, a break in March, spring fling in April, a break in May, June weddings, a break in July, hot August nights, fall festival, then Christmas extravaganza.
  5. Karen885

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    Catherine Avery is wearing a close to $800 nightgown/robe set. I love her. https://wornontv.net/125142/
  6. Karen885

    Will & Grace

    No, I agree with the other user. The new setup is horrible. Will and Grace isn't even listed in the index of all tv shows and the search turned up nothing, then when I finally found it I clicked the subscribe button and it didn't show up on my homepage like the other shows I subscribed to did.
  7. Watched Christmas at Graceland. I didn't think it was as bad as some posters here do. The actress wasn't great but I liked the music. Wouldn't watch again though. I did laugh at the end though when her new boss was offering her a job "we leave at 5 everyday and never work weekends", let me finish that sentence for you, "but we do work on Christmas".
  8. I've been catching up on movies the past few nights. Apologies if any of these are Lifetime, I can't keep the channels straight. Entertaining Christmas. The Jodie Sweetin movie. I really liked this. It didn't have much of a romance to it. More of a mother/daughter story. Mom runs this Martha Stewart like empire, wants to retire and make her daughter the face of the company only daughter doesn't know how to cook. A Godwink Christmas. Boring. Watched the entire thing because I like the lead actress. Christmas Pen Pals. Average movie. I liked the Christmas pen pal idea. I like the actress from Grey's Anatomy but didn't like her character in this movie. A twist of Christmas. The Vanessa Lachey movie. I really liked this movie. It was kind of absurd that everything that happened in this movie took place in one day but I liked the plot of uptight single mom learns to chill out a little bit. mingle all the way. Another winner for me. It had the standard plot of fake relationship develops into something real but this one worked for me. santa's boots. Average movie. The plot was kinda nonsensical but it was also cute. Probably wouldn't watch again. Christmas Harmony. I liked this movie. I have a weakness for movies about jerk celebrities so this was basically made for me. Women gets dumped by singer boyfriend, goes home to small town and gets roped into directing the Christmas pageant with the cute single man.
  9. I'm really behind on Christmas movies. I watched Christmas at the Palace recently. What a strange movie. A weird royal/figure skating hybrid. Lol at the woman convincing the King to make his staff homemade Christmas gifts instead of giving them a holiday bonus. No one wants that!
  10. I just watched My Christmas Inn on lifetime and really liked it. One part that made me laugh was when the main character said "I just did an ad campaign for a company called Balsam Hill. Have you ever heard of it". It was real subtle.
  11. I watched A Very Nutty Christmas on lifetime and it was fantastic. Such a ridiculous premise but so fun to watch. I was laughing out loud at some parts. A nutcracker doll comes to life in the form of Barry Watson to help Melissa Joan Hart out. I wish there were more comedic movies like this. It was cheesy but in the good way. From the costumes to the mustache twirling villians it was pure entertainment. Will definitely watch again. 10/10 stars.
  12. Karen885

    The Clinton Affair (A&E)

    I just heard about this show yesterday and really want to watch it. I thought bit would be replaying but nope. And it is only on demand until 11/23. I don't understand A&E. They will play storage wars on loop forever but won't replay a good show more than once?
  13. Karen885

    Young And Hungry

    Gabby has always been a little ditzy and self centered but I never thought she was a complete moron until the Mexico episode. Thinking it would be no big deal to smuggle a person across the border is just too dumb.
  14. Karen885

    Life Sentence

    I'm still learning who all the characters are. Is Lauren the married girl her brother got pregnant and Dad slept with last night? If so wouldn't she have been to where the brother lives before?