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  1. Am I the only one who sees a lot of Alyson Hannigan in the young lady who plays Sabrina? Her delivery reminds me of Buffy area Alyson, the shape of her face is kind of..Alyson had a baby with Emma Watson.
  2. They didn't mention Lynette Fromme either, I was a bit distracted that whole time like 'What about Squeaky, she is like...the biggest zealot of the lot of them.'
  3. Am I the only one, I can't remember if it was this ep or the last when the camera focused on LAG as tears cinematically fell down her cheeks....that felt she was side eyeing the camera the whole time? I mean I am sure no matter what it was all for the camera anyway but did she have to be so obvious?
  4. K-pop. Just...K-pop. Between their accents, and plenty of Korean lyrics sounding kind of like English, there is SO MANY mistaken lyrics. One of my favourites is Hard Carry by Got7, with 'Hard Carry' sounding like 'Had her period!'
  5. Oh that was a cringey one too, I agree there! This show is rapidly becoming a dumpster fire for me, but I keeeeeep watching. I guess because I didn't get into teen dramas as an actual teen it had to come out somewhere at some point. :P
  6. So I seem to be in the minority in thinking this was the most cringe inducing shit ever? I see a lot of Best Episode Ever...and here I was thinking it was the worst. That's okay, I can wave my banner in my corner LOL!
  7. This latest episode was FULL of one liners. I think Ben won it for me with the 'I have to go stand at the window and cry while I masturbate', followed by Behold calling him the Tearjerker. Honestly Behold and Madison have a great snarky back and forth. 'The counsel obviously sent me because they think I am expendable' 'and I had to put on khakis it's been a bad day for all of us.'
  8. I mean, Barnes actually pisses me off to the point it hampers my enjoyment of the show. I would have really liked this one, it was a bit of a throwback because we didn't follow the UnSub around but her constantly getting in the way was pissing me off. And yes she was supposed to but it actively brought my enjoyment down. I was not loving to hate the character. I just hated her. The amount of times I said 'Oh f**k off already!!' was pretty high. Only Barnes I support is Bucky.
  9. Anyone else think Fern could easily play the vampire Lestat? Just me? I'll go home.
  10. Was anyone else....kinda bored? I didn't really look up from my laptop screen much this episode. I called Hannalei as the winner but I was pretty 'meh' overall on the top four anyway so maybe that apathy spilled over into the show overall.
  11. I mean, Jake did call Emma Girl Interrupted, and the note called Jake BOY interrupted so it had to be someone at the party right? Unless their tech has been hacked AGAIN, I swear I would go Amish in these kids situation.
  12. Got bored, watching this on Netflix. When the sheriff was all 'I am confident we got our man' any other Sherlock fans waiting for all the cell phones to light up saying 'Wrong!'? 'The blood trail keeps going.' 'He's been here.' STOP. STATING. THE OBVIOUS. PLEASE. I was all set to be irritable about the hospital still having any power until a friend of mine reminded me they would have their own power supply that may not have totally degraded. As he said, 'Yeah it'd have electricity, they have their own and like a thousand generators. Because you know, it'd be a shame if life support went
  13. Wait what? No. Nope. Nada. I love this show, it is crack but it did not, does not compare to Buffy, ESPECIALLY a classic like The Body. That episode will forever make me feel a bit sick to my stomach. It's briliiant but a HARD watch.
  14. Watching the end of this, I have to wonder if I missed something. I turned to my watching mates and asked 'So why should Reid move the drugs now? They KNOW they can't touch Reid, so the only bargaining chip they HAD was Luis, if he is dead what do they have? What you do is you cut off an ear or a finger, and hey if things don't go properly he has plenty of other stuff to slice off. Am I a better bad guy than the bad guys?'
  15. Sheriff Keller: 'Isn't there some nice gay boy at your school?' Kevin: 'Yeah. ME.'
  16. Any fans of the online show RWBY would know why I found Mycrofts cane/sword/gun so amusing. Roman Torchwick help you design that, Mycroft?
  17. I admit, I kinda had trouble following what was going on with the whole situation with Corakinus and the heart, with the woman who was..doing something to him while he...did something with the heart? I was lost. Did love the cuddling line though. I am interested if Quill does get the thing out of her head, how she will fit into the story, because the kids have given her zero reason to change her mind and 'be a hero' or anything.
  18. When Tulip was talking to Jesse in the car, and had that baseball cap on, my brain went "wow, Ruth Negga could play an adult Clementine( Telltales the walking dead games)" anyone else see it?
  19. Yeah, I am with everyone who is astounded at the dumb. When Blondie McEveryPower stopped Heat Hand Guy from offing Dark Shadows and Spineless, I was like 'No. No No NONONO bullet in the brainpan SQUISH.' I got called bloodthirsty by someone watching with me, but it is just logical. At some point, that shunt will come out of her nose, and she will eff your day up. Again. Just end her now. Followed by Afro Mc MurderLady. And Parkman. And Evil Boss Lady, all of which could and should have been dead by now. At least Clone Man died by liberal application of Idiot Ball.
  20. Am I the only one still shaky on what exactly Malinas gift IS? We have seen her grow plants, bring a hoard of butterflies to life, telekinetically raise Luke out of the water (Or was that some kind of wind control?) and whatever the balls she was doing with the Aurora Borealis. Is she some kind of 'grab bag?'
  21. I was pretty young, like 5, when TNG came out. But my papa ( Dads dad) and I had a Saturday tradition before then. We could curl up on the couch and watch TOS together. I liked it well enough, but the time spent with him was the big deal. When TNG came out, papa was a trucker and on the road during the week, so grandma and I would tape the show, and he and I would watch it together on the weekends. Even though I usually watched it when it aired, again, sitting down with him was our bonding experience, so I have a warm feeling for the show, even the less then stellar episodes, because of i
  22. I think Asaf was trying to elude back to what he said at his audition about traditional moves having become boring to him, and was maybe a bit insulted at the idea his moves would not be considered entertaining, and since Burim had JUST gone, he got stuck on 'headspins' making it sound a lot ( to me and the folks I watched with) like he was ragging on Burims style.
  23. NO Idea what you are talking about. *COUGHCOUGH KHERRINGTONCOUGHCOUGH*
  24. Wentworth Miller is gonna be on it? But isn't Captain Cold a bad guy? Or is he supposed to play someone else, which has potential to be confusing.
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