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  1. Most of this has already been said but Aubree looked so freaking cute in her Ramones t-shirt and little glasses. I can't help it but I love Cole and Chelsea together even if Chelsea was done up Kabuki style for her doctor's appointment. Yes, I got a little misty during the heartbeat scene. Anyway, I also think Leah is tweeking. I had a friend that was real bad on meth and she acted just like Leah in tonight's episode. During the Jeremy freak out scenes I think her friend (or sister, whoever that was) was also high as hell. Does anyone really believe Leah was volunteering? That's hilarious!
  2. I thought this episode was boring. I feel like nothing interesting is happening this season and it's the same old shit over and over again. Why was Alison dressed so frumpy in her POV? Both her and Helen looked terrible at the bar. Oh my god those glasses!!
  3. I hate Jenelle so much, now she wants Nathan to prove that he has sippy cups and diapers for Kaiser. I know Nathan is no genius but I think he can figure out how to give his son something to drink and does she really think he's going to let Kaiser shit on the floor? I don't understand why Nathan's mom can't watch the kid while he's with his dad either. She probably just took him to the park for an hour so Nathan could go to the gym and as always Jenelle blows everything out of proportion. I think most of it is because of her psycho boyfriend. I don't think Jenelle really cares who's watching Kaiser as long as it's not her. Anyway, I loved that Pete the pig was hanging out in the background while they were telling Aubree about the baby. Everything about that scene made me happy.
  4. I'm a little late to the party and for some reason I can't quote but I'm a widow with a young child and I just recently went skydiving for the third time. Maybe I'm a bad mom, I blame it on the editing. I never lose my keys though. On a completely different topic, Aubree's cat ear headband was adorable and Adam is still a douche.
  5. Something else really bothered me about Helen in this episode, I thought it was so rude the way she kept putting Noah 's parole officer on hold so she could talk to Whitney. I would have said “bitch I don't have time for your family drama I'm working" and hung up. She has this sense of entitlement that I really can't stand like her time is more important than everyone's else's. Maybe I'm just projecting my own shit here but I really can't stand the character now and I did like her before.
  6. What the hell is going on with this show? I hate the whole tone of this season. I loved the first two seasons even with its flaws but season three is a hot mess. This is obviously a minor nit pick but for some reason it bothered me that Helen poured the tomato sauce right out of the jar on the spaghetti without heating it up. Do people put cold sauce on hot pasta? Maybe I'm doing it all wrong. Anyway, I hate Helen now. How does she not see that Noah hates her? His contempt for her his practically oozing out of him. Desperation is a stinky cologne Helen.
  7. Juliette throwing herself at Noah is almost embarrassing at this point but she sure has terrible timing. I can't imagine anyone wanting to have sex right after a bad car accident. This wasn't a minor fender bender the car was totalled so what the fuck is she thinking? Plus the man is recovering from a stab wound to the neck, I don't understand why she finds him so irresistible. He looked so gross to me in this episode. I also don't understand why Noah 's stab wound wasn't stitched up. I'm not a medical professional but that thing looked like it needed stitches.
  8. This was my least favorite episode of this season so far. I'm just not into this whole Noah's going crazy story line crap. Are we sure Noah is taking Vicodin and not PCP? Vicodin isn't even a super strong pain medication so why is Noah seeing shit and acting like a lunatic? This is the first episode that I actually hated Helen. I hate her for using Max and for cheating on sexy Vic. Mostly I hate her for not getting over Noah. It's been years, get over him already!! Even though Max is a scum bag for cheating on his fiancee I still felt a little bad for him for getting sucked back into Helen's bull shit for a minute. I cheered when he told her to “get the fuck out."
  9. For whatever reason I can't quote but I have a feeling chabelisaywow might be right and Bruce might be Alison's dad. I really hope they're not going there but I wouldn't doubt it.
  10. Fuck you Cole you're dead to me! Anyway, I've always thought most of the acting on this show was pretty good but for some reason I thought Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson were awful in most of their scenes this episode. It was Days of Our Lives bad. Is it just me or does Luisa look really harsh this season? I wonder if it's intentional to make her look more like a bitch. I don't like her hair and her make-up is too dark or something. Yep Alison you're a slut and you should feel like shit for sleeping with Cole. I hate her so much! And the peanut butter thing reminded me of the shampoo incident. Luisa might be a bitch but she has reason to be. She was right after all, Alison will destroy her life. Cole is dumb is fall for her act.
  11. Do you really want Daryl preparing your cheese plate? Gross! So is Sherry into having sex with Negan? Is that what we were supposed to take away from the kiss between them? I guess I can't blame her, he is a huge step up from her nasty husband. Rosita and her plan are stupid but I hate Eugene and the way he talks so I don't mind her taking shit to him. Anyway, will someone please peal Jesus's fake beard off his face because it looks ridiculous!
  12. I didn't mind Juliette's perspective. I'm easy to please I guess. I find her really sad and pathetic. Obviously she loves her old husband but she's lonely and looking for some kind of connection. I think the student (Mike?) and Noah are just an escape from her reality. I could have done without the masturbation and dinner party scenes though. Noah sure does hate Helen. She was annoying as hell in the hospital. The kids are major assholes too! Nothing new there.
  13. I know it's already been addressed but Leah is so damn stupid, does she really think Corey drafted the legal paperwork himself just to screw with her? This is typical shit that happens in court, it's not personal. Her dumb ass lawyer really should know West Virginia law so it's her fault for filing the order incorrectly. Jenelle and Uncle Dave were obviously getting high in the bedroom and that's why they didn't want to come out. I also think Dave is a controlling psychopath and probably threatened Jenelle if she tried to leave the room. There's some weird shit going on in that house.
  14. Based on the evidence that was presented on the show I wouldn't have been able to convict Jason. No one wants to believe that a seemingly normal teenager would kill his mother over a silly argument but sometimes teens do irrational things when they're angry. If Taylor did shoot his mother out of anger it makes sense that he committed suicide because he's not a psycho serial killer and the guilt would be too much for him to handle. Anyway, I didn't find the rag all that suspicious but the color of the blood on the rag was somewhat strange. I'm not a blood expert but I've always thought that old blood turned a darker color. I can't say with absolute certainty that Jason is innocent but I'm definitely leaning towards a murder-suicide scenario.
  15. I also thought it was strange that Charity's fiance didn't speak on camera. I did crack up at him chowing down on an ice cream cone in the waiting room while Charity was having surgery. I definitely got the vibe that he's mentally challenged. Anyway, Angel did seem depressed but she also just might have a bad case of Resting Bitch Face. I suffer from RBF so I understand her plight. I loved Angel and her husband out on a date. Unlike most of the couples on this show I think these two are really in love and it's nice to see a nice supportive partner on this show that doesn't seem like a weirdo.
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