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  1. I liked this one. It was still Courney learns a valuable lesson but it was nice how he weighted the two options. I am really enjoying the banter between the T.K, Jermaine and Val more.
  2. T.K. to Val: Let's not refer to women as girls, chicks hate that. Val at shooting range: "Guys want to see me shoot him between the eyes?" Shot hits mark, Guys slowly back away.
  3. No one else is reporting that so not totally dead yet.
  4. But without Val you have no grounded person in the office. I like the 3 guys but they are basically all the same character. They need a straight guy to work off of some times..
  5. Not sure why that would cause vomiting but it would be pretty cliche. The producers seem to want to show Courtney in a positive light and good role model so him hoking up with a subordinate would throw that all out the window. At most they will be flirty no real substance.
  6. yeah in the pilot when he fixed up the park he was still mayor elected so I had hoped they would stick with that for a episode or two.
  7. The irrational part to me is when there seems to be little separation between actor and character. That said I think Lea does a decent job with the material has been given and the way they have styled Val is great. Yvette is solid as usual and I like all the guys. I might like the sidekicks more than the mayor tbh.
  8. I think they are stars by being in glee. But my original post said nothing about them being stars anyway, it was how people would act like they would never work again, period. I have much more I could say with the unnecessary comparisons, but I'll leave it at that.
  9. I remember how people said the glee cast would never do anything after glee. Most are still getting work.
  10. I know I just do not see her doing it again on Bway for a year like she singed for the West End. I see 6 months but again would depend on when they do it. I am sure there would be a break between the leaving the West end and starting up on Bway.
  11. I found it boring. She is way to low key for me to be the lead character in a comedy.
  12. I was just pointing out there was NOT confirmation. I think she will be asked and will do it at least for a limited time.
  13. I don't doubt they had their moments on set but that was over 2 years ago. I meant Lea isn't fueling it in public at least she rather not play that game it seems.
  14. A seemingly one sided Feud. Lea has yet to do anything to fuel this so called feud. Not sure how easy it is ever to field a stupid question.
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