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  1. ocelot

    S24.E01: Week 1

    Thanks for the videos guys
  2. ocelot

    S24.E01: Week 1

    Ok I just hadn't seen this but there's a lot I haven't seen. Somebody else mentioned they can tumble. Can you guys link me to a dance where they show off any gymnastics 'competency' because I'd be really interested to see it! :)
  3. ocelot

    S24.E01: Week 1

    And Derek and Mark do? I'm confused by this statement. None of the three can do any gymnastics. It's not like it's difficult to choreograph an aerial or a leap?
  4. Heather tried out for sytycd a long time ago! This is crazy but again, she probably has zero ballroom experience. This season is going to be intense with Simone, Heather, Normani, etc. So much potential.
  5. ocelot

    S23: Derek Hough

    The only dance style he has expertise in is ballroom. Some other styles he can do at an amateur level. That theater thing is just a bad excuse, shows are closing constantly. And if a show is coming to broadway, another show (that was struggling) will even close to make way for it sometimes. So I assume Singing in the Rain is just falling through.
  6. ocelot

    S23.E15: The Finale

    I honestly don't think that gymnasts have as much of an advantage on this show as it seems. At least not that much more than any other athlete. Gymnasts lack the things that are most important for a dancer: they have horrendous feet and lines, and they don't have anything to do with musicality. If they were inviting rhythmic gymnasts on--that would be different. The only gymnast on this show who had nice lines was Nastia. The rest of them do really sloppy, visually unappealing leaps and again the feet. It's not like this show does a lot of tumbling and acro tricks in dances? I agree for base physicality, body awareness, etc it's very helpful, but I think people equate gymnastics too much with dancing when really they require polar opposite strengths.
  7. ocelot

    S23.E15: The Finale

    This was an amazing final 3, definitely the best final 3 since I've been watching the show.
  8. ocelot

    S23.E12: Week 9

    Hamilton isn't 'colorblind' it casts people of color on purpose. King George is always played by a white person, the rest of the main cast is never white (there are a few in the ensemble). Not saying anything else because we're not supposed to get in political arguments here but your facts are wrong.
  9. ocelot

    S23.E12: Week 9

    Watching it over a bunch of times, I've come to appreciate it a bit for what it is. I won't discredit them for their work. It's not contemporary though lol
  10. ocelot

    S23.E12: Week 9

    I'm surprised by the praise for the Jana Laurie contemporary. I didn't spot like any dancing? Much movement at all? The choreography was horrible, I'm sure that both could have been capable of more, but in the hands of Gleb and Val that's what they were gonna get I guess. The performance Sia did for that song on Ellen is such a stark difference in quality of dancing, maybe because I'd seen that one before this one just felt so extremely static to me. like whether you like it or not you have to agree that there is like 500 percent more actual movement here that's something I don't get about dwts contemporary they really seem to think that you don't move in contemporary I don't get it
  11. ocelot

    S23.E11: Week 8

    I really get the sense that he's mad he didn't get a better partner, and he isn't treating her very well (and I understand she might be annoying, but I feel bad for her in this situation).
  12. ocelot

    S23.E06: Week 4

    I always defend Alison but that routine with the lighting really pissed me off. It made it really clear that she views DWTS as an opportunity to showcase herself and her choreography, and was doing that to the detriment of her contestant. It made me so mad how she was acting afterward, I felt so bad for him. I don't want her on the show either, because I just don't think the show works when they try to meld genres like this. I think if they want other dance styles represented, they should invite guests who do those styles professionally, because it's a disservice to everyone (pros, contestants, people who enjoy the style that's being butchered, people who don't want to see that style period). I think going over the top with elaborate routines every week has turned it into a show about the pros being genius choreographers when they're not? Most of them (current ones) aren't even choreographers? It's all about egos, of the pros (and it's not just Derek) and of the show itself--it is trying to make itself into something it's just not going to be, and it's so cringeworthy watching them try to act it out every week. All of that being said, I understand much of it is to do with ratings as well, and they have to do what they have to do to stay on air. Also, it's true that doing the same old thing would get boring quickly. So I don't really know what the solution is. Just complaining lol. I miss Mark a lot. I'm not a fan of his choreography (in general, loved what he did with the kids on sytycd jr this season though!), but he seemed so genuine in his wacky themes and dances that it didn't seem ego driven to me. Like that was really just what his mind came up with. But Derek for instance, it just seems like he's really going for a specific effect and a specific reaction (so the opposite of genuine), and it's always given to him which is just doubly irritating because he never creates anything actually good(edit: imo)? There's something colorful about Mark's work that even though I don't really like the choreo, I still enjoy watching it if that makes sense. It's endearing. Anyway not sure how I got onto this rant.
  13. ocelot

    S23.E07: Week 4: The Results

    Omg this is terrible. I'm so upset because I know he filmed another one of these with Chantel Aguirre I hope it's not this bad because I love her.
  14. ocelot

    In The Media: DWTS

    Why is Derek only complaining about this now. There have been so many horrendous female pro numbers, including that recent one.
  15. ocelot

    S22.E11: Finale - Night 2

    Yay so happy for Nyle and Peta.