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  1. I think Ronald's temper is very scary. I lived that life for far too long. It's always the other person's fault that they are angry. He would have thrown that laptop if the camera crew wasn't there. And he said she knows not to make him mad and to know her place. I don't care if she nags or smiles at a camera man. There is never any excuse for verbal or emotional abuse! And it's never the victim's fault for the other person being angry. My breaking point was when giving an opinion about a TV show that was different than his ending up with me being pinned against the wall with a forearm under m
  2. In the scene we saw he wouldn't even watch her because he was too busy putting groceries away or making a sandwich. Stuff other parents do all the time with their kids around. And he gave her a plastic bag to play with. I think Ronald is only involved when other people or cameras are around.
  3. I don't think it should matter what the gifts were. It was still rude to turn around the next day and give them to other people. If my husband did that I would be pissed, it wouldn't matter if it was a $20 present or a $200 one. Rude is rude. Mike gets a lot of hate on this forum, but personally I think more should go to Natalie. Everyone says Mike just shrugs his shoulders and refuses to talk, but Natalie does the same thing. She just stares ahead with her creepy stare and doesn't talk. They BOTH go running to their mothers about their problems. They are not good for each other, but Mike
  4. I think if my son had a wife that treated him like Natalie treats Mike and acted the way she did in my house I would be saying some of the same things. Mike is not perfect by any means, but Natalie is crazy.
  5. It shouldn't matter how expensive the gifts were. It was rude to turn around the next day and give them away. Mike may not be a prize, but Natalie is way worse. She is crazy. If my husband gave away all the gifts I got him the next morning I would be raging mad. Mike does provide her with more than just food. A place to live, utilities, a truck, clothes, medical insurance, surgeries, etc. Yes, he signed up for that. But for her to make the comment he just buys her food until she gets her work permit isn't exactly true.
  6. Sorry, but I feel the exact opposite about Mike and Natalie. Natalie is the one who would not let the hooker comment go. So I am glad he finally got tired of her and had her call his mother. Notice that was not the question she asked his mom, She asked what was her impression of her and why she felt that way. I don't believe she ever called her a hooker. And if someone treated my son that way, I would tell her the same things. Natalie is an ungrateful little snot. Why does she have a room at her best friends house ( though her friend looked like she wanted to me more than friends). Why did Nat
  7. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I am on Tiffany's side on this one. She told Ronald she was tired and wanted to sleep, but he couldn't help because he had to put the groceries away and then mop the floor. How about do both at the same time, like millions of other parents do? When you have children you sign up to multitask and change poop diapers. Sorry Ronald, but it's the truth. He seems very controlling and has a lot of anger in him. And I could see her point in the grocery store too. Was he buying things the kids would actually eat? Libby, parents are allowed to pe
  8. I had a mother in law a lot like Mike's. She raised her 4 son's to believe she was in charge and she would let them know when they could stop doing what she said. Add in the fact that my husband was the peacemaker in the family and hated confrontation. Every time we were on the way over to her house (thankfully only 2-3 times a year) he would beg me to keep my mouth shut. Until the day I was having my first miscarriage at age 32. She called my husband on the day we found out and said on speaker phone I would never be able to carry a baby at my age and we should just give up. I took that phone
  9. I agree. I just don't think either one communicates well with the other one. Or Mike could have taken her shopping for what she needed.
  10. Can someone please explain how you are going to have a baby together when you can't even communicate? Are they going to use the translator app in the delivery room? It makes no sense!
  11. My Sicilian grandma and her 2 brothers and 7 sisters would fight worse than Libby and her sisters. Every card game there would be accusations of cheating and stealing from the pot. At least one would storm off claiming they would never speak to the others again. It was loud and tempers were high. An hour later they were all calling each other to make sure they got home safely. They would do anything for their siblings if they needed it. So Libby's and her sister's fight wasn't that big a deal for me. I hate to help Mike's mom in any way, but around my area if you wait until 1 or 2 days be
  12. I feel like we have seen Natalie eat meat before though. Maybe last season? When Mike grilled out the night before the wedding he cancelled I thought she ate a hot dog. And at the restaurant where she insisted root beer was alcohol I thought she ate meat there too. Or I could have her confused with someone else
  13. Dear Bert, I. HATE. YOU. You are nothing but a non-bombshell homewrecker. Dear Garrick, I hate you also. All I want to do is punch you in your girls tank top wearing face. These two make me so angry!
  14. I am probably alone on this, but I thought Natalie as really rude at Mike's moms house. She had a snotty answer for everything. She can't do translating because she deserves to be happy. She wouldn't eat the cake. She didn't want to inherit the house because she likes classy things. I don't know, her attitude just came off as rude to me. I agree Mike and his mom have a weird relationship but Natalie is also a bit weird.
  15. I want to punch Garrick in the face every time I see him on the screen. Yes, dipshit, you can just end it now. Tell non-bombshell Bert you guys changed your mind and she can find another sucker. He couldn't give Danielle a hug when she was sitting there crying? What a jerk. If I were Danielle I would be making some phone calls. First, to a really good divorce lawyer. Second to the court to say Garrick lied on the divorce papers and in court. And third, to immigration to say that everything on the K-1 visa was a lie and to withdraw it. I hate Garrick but I hate Bert just as much. She is a
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