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  1. I honestly believe the cure for Ancient Eric's ED would be watching Shauna and Quinn make out. If they truly care, they will make the sacrifice.
  2. In the least surprising soap opera development ever, Eric's dirty old d*ck finally gave out. Also, does anyone know why Jack dresses like one of the hoodlums who gets arrested by Eliot Ness at the end of a Untouchables episode?
  3. If Theo helps a woman, any woman, stay away from a Serial Killer, then he's had a good day.
  4. A few observations about the latest episode: 1. That stilted, awkward running made me wonder if it was HumanHope or MannequinHope lumbering toward the van. Cleared up when I realized MannequinHope would have delivered more passion during the embrace. 2. Am I the only one upset that Chief Baker never got to finish his lunch? 3. Not sure hope this Thomas-Hope-Liam thing plays out, other than at some point Steffie will get pregnant again and think it's Liam's . That always happens. 4. With nothing left to lose, Quinn should have just reared back and socked Brooke right in her
  5. Oh yeah. Leaving the scene of an incident, hit & run, failing to report to police, there's lots to charge them with. Under the circumstances they would likely plead to misdemeanors and not get jail time, but they would be charged.
  6. We all knew. This is why Thomas and Liam are so into her.
  7. I just wanted to say that "Oh How the Days Blend" is a better name for this show than Days of Our Lives.
  8. Now that the Quinn cheating story is coming to a head, I guess it's time to dust off the Logan sisters. If I'm the actress who plays Paris, I'd be pissed that I get all the scenes setting this up and they have Brooke wheeled in for the big reveal of the affair. And Eric-Donna again? Eric-Shauna is fresh and would cause more shite.
  9. So, we're going with the old "bickering brothers try to run the company together" storyline, which has been worn bare since JR and Bobby tried it on Dallas. I'm sure this will work.
  10. Caught up to the latest episode, and I think I have The Monster pegged. His latest clue about having your "Head In The Game" happens to be the name of one of the bigger songs in High School Musical. It's Corbin Bleu.
  11. I'm not sure I agree with the assessment that Maggie's final remarks mean she wants to harm Rick & Michonne or pull a "coup." She may intend to grab Negan and kill him. Maggie doesn't need to pull a coup, she's as much a community leader as Rick. Rick may see himself as the first among equals, but not sure Ezekiel and Maggie would agree. She has as much right to deal with Negan her way as Rick does. She and Rick clearly have a different idea of what "justice" is in this case. The fair compromise might be some kind trial and hang the bastard, nice and legal-like.
  12. I'll be the first to call it. Dwight shot Tara with a "clean" arrow. She will not die. And personally, I like her and hope I'm right.
  13. Clearly, Kyle doesn't want Erika Jayne's gaping maw anywhere near The Agency (And, why yes, I believe Mauricio has "The Agency" tattooed on his penis)
  14. It does seem like it's suddenly going to be a fair fight. Katie, Stassi and Kristen against the newly-minted trio of Scheana, Ariana and Lala. The Witches always attack like wolves, would be interesting if they receive the same treatment.
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