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  1. Scootman

    The Masked Singer

    Caught up to the latest episode, and I think I have The Monster pegged. His latest clue about having your "Head In The Game" happens to be the name of one of the bigger songs in High School Musical. It's Corbin Bleu.
  2. Scootman

    S08.E16: Wrath

    I'm not sure I agree with the assessment that Maggie's final remarks mean she wants to harm Rick & Michonne or pull a "coup." She may intend to grab Negan and kill him. Maggie doesn't need to pull a coup, she's as much a community leader as Rick. Rick may see himself as the first among equals, but not sure Ezekiel and Maggie would agree. She has as much right to deal with Negan her way as Rick does. She and Rick clearly have a different idea of what "justice" is in this case. The fair compromise might be some kind trial and hang the bastard, nice and legal-like.
  3. Scootman

    S08.E13: Do Not Send Us Astray

    I'll be the first to call it. Dwight shot Tara with a "clean" arrow. She will not die. And personally, I like her and hope I'm right.
  4. Scootman

    S08.E14: Heaven Knows

    Clearly, Kyle doesn't want Erika Jayne's gaping maw anywhere near The Agency (And, why yes, I believe Mauricio has "The Agency" tattooed on his penis)
  5. Scootman

    S06.E04: Absinthe-minded

    It does seem like it's suddenly going to be a fair fight. Katie, Stassi and Kristen against the newly-minted trio of Scheana, Ariana and Lala. The Witches always attack like wolves, would be interesting if they receive the same treatment.
  6. Scootman

    S06.E04: Absinthe-minded

    I think this is why LVP likes her so much. LVP's jump from bikini-wearing actress on Silk Stalkings to high-class restaurant owner did include marrying a rich, older man.
  7. Scootman

    Season 1 Discussion

    "Happy Birthday Jesus!" EG is just owning the role of Fallon. Always good to see Bill Smitrovich, even as the mean, racist Grandpa. It's clear where Fallon gets her smart assery from. And he partied with Steve Nicks!! Anders has clearly cleaned up messes for years, but he hasn't seen anything like the Family Cristal. Steven is a boring whiner. Jeff Colby is officially as far from Original Jeff as humanly possible. So can we assume that: Cecil and Alexis have an affair, Alexis is banished, Cecil is set up for prison. Lloyd Bochner's Cecil never would have let Blake get the drop on him like that. Of course, this Cecil actually lived through intercourse with Alexis, so I guess that's a win.
  8. Scootman

    Season 1 Discussion

    Well, Blake 2.0 handled Cristal secretly being on birth control better than Original Recipe Blake, who got drunk and committed spousal rape (never to be mentioned after Season 1). I like how B 2.0 seemed forgiving, but clearly he is having doubts. I like Secret Agent Anders. He's the best Anders ever. What a mind F*ck for Steven. And he goes right over the edge. Elizabeth Gillies has perfectly captured the spirit of early-season Fallon. She's messed up, but oh so entertaining. Interested in seeing what Jeff's game is. This was a good episode.
  9. Scootman

    S07.E02: Pressing the Flesh

    Why didn't Liv just offer to go out and buy Mellie a damned vibrator? That's all I've got.
  10. Scootman

    S25: The Wish List

    I'll get this out of the way: I like Nikki Bella. Do wonder whether all those surgeries (neck, knee) will make it tough to seriously compete.
  11. Scootman

    S05.E05: Telling

    When Lena & Tess were in the kitchen, all I could think was, "Stef definitely has a type." And after Tess' "alternative lifestyle" line, I think that Stef pulled away when they were teens because she had a crush knew it wouldn't go anywhere.
  12. Scootman

    S05.E24: Reunion Part 3

    Scheana's makeup and hair thing was obviously nervous energy. I felt bad for her, both of them to a point.
  13. Scootman

    S01.E14: Commander-In-Chief

    Good to see Geoff Pierson. On the security clearance question, all former presidents are offered continued high-level briefings, George HW Bush reportedly has always received them, I guess so he can offer advice. So Moss likely was cleared and up to date on these matters. Since Kirkman was having a hard time getting cabinet members, I think getting a former POTUS to agree to serve as SOS is a big deal. He's obviously qualified, respected by world leaders and others may join now that Kirkman swayed a big name to come on board. I hope Moss is just a guy who loves his country and wants to help out. He could be very helpful.
  14. Scootman

    S05.E16: Man Tears and Braziers

    Thank you. LVP's ego is getting out of control, it's hitting Kris Jenner levels. I know she's an executive producer, but there really wasn't a good reason to be in this episode except to remind us how hot she is for her age and what an amazing business woman she is. Blech. It's already bad enough that the other cast members never get to fire back at her. She can insult anyone, but if one of them ever said "Jeez, Lisa is being an a-hole," it would never make the final cut.
  15. I do know who Chael is, and I'm not a fan. This episode made me even happier that he got his ass kicked by Tito Ortiz last weekend. My question is why the contest continued. A team member cheated to get them more time, they should have been disqualified. I guess for TV purposes and the fact they knew Matt won, they let it go. I love how Arnold always get complimented on making the right call, when tonight he didn't really fire anyone, except Chael. Vince basically quit, and Porscha was warned to answer the question and just kept going. So she basically gave herself up too.