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  1. I wonder why Christie Clark, Austin Peck, and Greg Rikaart aren't listed in the opening credits along with the rest of the cast.
  2. Also the love of a spunky woman. It's medication + spunk that really wards off the serial killing.
  3. Speaking of being alone in a corner... I'm happy with the balance of the show right now, but what's a guy got to do to get a story for Kayla and Steve? Even a b-story would do. But something. They're on contact. Use them. Please?
  4. I'm increasingly convinced that Paulina is Lani's mother, and so Abe isn't Lani's father. I think that in the scene months ago where Paulina whispered a secret to the twins, the secret was that she's their grandmother.
  5. What's interesting to me is that the stars of the previous two digital series (Abigail & Chad, the Last Blast crew) returned to the mother ship shortly after their digital series aired. So if this sets up the possibility of Will & nuSonny and/or Carrie & Austin to return to the main show, I'm all for it. (Especially if Will & nuSonny have actual chemistry.) That said I'm surprised by ED's involvement and I wonder what it means for SH's future as Kristen and Susan.
  6. I agree it's a promising sign. I don't necessarily need Sarah and Xander back together (he's been more fun without her) but i do enjoy Sarah and she's got to get off that island. It defies all logic that no one is concerned about her.
  7. I'm enjoying EJ. I think he's an important character to have on canvas. He immediately becomes the center of the Dimera family, for example. I think the new guy is capturing much of the old guy's manner and tone. I also think Allison Sweeny is selling the hell out of Sami's conflicting emotions. PS: My completely unspoiled speculation is that a year from now EJ will be on canvas and Sami will not. (Which is too bad; I love her.)
  8. I just caught up on about a week of shows and I have to ask: has anyone else noticed the rather bizarre editing choices in the last week or two? First, I believe there was an episode's worth of scenes in the July 4th episode featuring Rafe and Ava at the Brady Pub that were cut. We only saw the last scene of that story, with the two of them randomly showing up outside the Pub watching fireworks. Then this week we got a "flashback” to one of the scenes we didn't actually see, with Nicole joining R&A and Ava questioning their friendship. Why cut that scene? Seems like it was important t
  9. It shows a lack of interest in developing Belle as an individual and not just a Carrie stand in. The sudden "hatred" is weird and out of nowhere.
  10. I think Marci Miller is giving the best leading performance on this show since Alison Sweeney left the first time.
  11. This is a minor point, but didn't they miss a beat with Ciara and Justin? Wouldn't she either not know, or have just learned, that Adrienne died? I was waiting for her to offer condolences when she asked about his kids.
  12. Well I'm sorry she was let go. And I'm sorry this is the exit Ron wrote WITH advance warning.
  13. I thought Linsey was stepping away voluntarily. I think it surprised them and they wrote this quick exit. But I don't think she was let go. I hope I'm right.
  14. The only godparent that makes sense, going by the traditional definition of what that means, is Theo. By actor ages, Paulina is 64, Julie is 77, and Doug is 95. If I ever have amnesia, just fucking tell me it's 202x and that's my husband. Get on with it. Spit it out.
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