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  1. I think Marci Miller is giving the best leading performance on this show since Alison Sweeney left the first time.
  2. This is a minor point, but didn't they miss a beat with Ciara and Justin? Wouldn't she either not know, or have just learned, that Adrienne died? I was waiting for her to offer condolences when she asked about his kids.
  3. Well I'm sorry she was let go. And I'm sorry this is the exit Ron wrote WITH advance warning.
  4. I thought Linsey was stepping away voluntarily. I think it surprised them and they wrote this quick exit. But I don't think she was let go. I hope I'm right.
  5. The only godparent that makes sense, going by the traditional definition of what that means, is Theo. By actor ages, Paulina is 64, Julie is 77, and Doug is 95. If I ever have amnesia, just fucking tell me it's 202x and that's my husband. Get on with it. Spit it out.
  6. You're right. I wasn't sure Hope was needed on the canvas right now, but if Ron is going to write scenes and stories that demand Hope be involved, then we need to see her. Bring in sometime age appropriate with a soap pedigree, like they did with Cady, who can jump right in and play the part when it's required.
  7. Ok set designer. I see the Stefano portrait and the chess set. Show me an entrance to the tunnels and you'll get an A+. I like also Lani and Eli's new living room furniture a lot. I'm going to fanwank that they bought the place next door and added on two bedrooms so the twins didn't need to sleep with them in the kitchen. The new Kiriakis set is awful. The others are upgrades but this one is darker and smaller.
  8. If I were brought in as a consultant tomorrow, these would be my recommendations: Write out Ben & Ciara. Happy ending. Write out Nicole. Happy ending with Eric, off screen. Recast Claire. Think neurotic and electric. Bring back Jennifer. I'd prefer Cady. Keep Theo. Bring back JJ. Write out Kristen. Maximum security this time. Write a real grownup Brady Chloe Philip triangle. I want to see Maggie in the Horton living room visiting with Julie and Jennifer. Roman and Kate reunite. Bring back Will, without Sonny. I'm open to a reca
  9. I thought Alison Sweeney had signed a yearlong contact. It's curious that she's being billed as recurring.
  10. I'm going to double down and pitch to Ron a story that leans into this Sarah weirdness: why has Sarah been avoiding her father's family?
  11. Hearing Xander tell Julie that today is his wedding day really drive home how weirdly separated Ron keeps Sarah away from the rest of the Hortons. Sarah is Uncle Mickey's beloved daughter and Julie doesn't even know that she's getting married today? I don't remember any on-canvas Horton being so removed from the rest of the family, especially given there's no in-story estrangement. Has Sarah ever even shared scenes with Julie? Abigail? Eli? Shawn, Claire, Lucas? It's very strange.
  12. Do we know how old the daughter is? I was maybe thinking she was for a Tripp Allie triangle? They need more young men on this show.
  13. Head canon. I've had the same two thoughts about the same two pictures. The nod to Maggie's historic importance to that family doesn't bother me. Since Maggie is stuck on Kiriakis Island, this is the only way we're ever going to see her on that set. The picture of what also looked to me like Diedre and her sister took me out of the scene for a moment I was so confused. I've decided Makena took an old picture of her and Samantha and had someone digitally age them to her current age.
  14. I'm sure the only thing holding them back from ignoring the age thing is that he's the twin of an iconic onscreen character. Having Sami and Eric be 10 years apart would approach the ridiculousness of AW's Vicky/Marley endgame. I still can't believe that fire stretched Marley six inches!
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