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  1. Am I insane, or does Donna/Tori actually look really pretty in that first gif at the Peach Pit? Her updon't is still probably ridiculous, but you can't see that much of it from this angle, and the more natural make-up look is SO much better on her.
  2. Oh, the sundress/slip dress with the baby tee underneath is 100% back. I have seen my younger co-workers wearing it. I'm less offended by those than by the return of Laura Ashley florals, to be honest.
  3. Man, what is going on with the make-up they're putting on Val lately?? It's SO much, it ages her like crazy and her under-eye makeup is too light for her skin tone or something.
  4. I genuinely expected Dave to start singing the opening number of "Streetcar!" at the end there.
  5. Lalochezia

    S07.E21 Again With This: I Don't Want To Die!

    I love that the last mini was Clone High-related, because Steve's final speech is basically the drug version of "You guys, pick up your trash! You guys, Ponce died from trash, you guys!!"
  6. Lalochezia

    S07.E06: Housewarming

    Yes! I was trying to place him from "Friends" and kept thinking, "What have I watched him in where he is a total choad who is somehow still convinced that he is great?"
  7. Lalochezia

    S07.E04: Disappearing Act

    I thought of that immediately when Steve made HIS stupid comment - I thought he became all educated after hearing about that woman and her boyfriend. Who died. OF AIDS.
  8. Lalochezia

    S06.E30: Ray Of Hope

    I actually think that the bangs are a big part of what is making her look so different, especially because they hide her eyebrows. She maybe did something to her cheekbones? But it could also just be that her face is a lot thinner now .
  9. Lalochezia

    S06.E28: The Big Hurt

    I just came here to point that out! Although I also totally see Tara's point - even though it is actually the name of several actual royals, it doesn't SEEM like it should be.
  10. Lalochezia

    S06.E27: Strike The Match

    I Googled The Rockpile (Powerman 5000's Toronto gig venue), and the first result that comes up describes it as "Etobicoke's best live venue". As I'm sure Dave and Tara will know, that explains a lot about where PM5K's career is currently.
  11. Lalochezia

    S06.E06: Speechless

    I agree - I think it makes a lot of sense for her to have known that something was going on, and to know/suspect deep down that they slept together, but if she never actually had the details she could still kind of lie to herself that maybe they hadn't. To have it confirmed that they did bone, and more than once, would be upsetting in that context. Of course, the writers forgo making any of that clear in favour of her diabetes-inducing prayers, because they suuuuuuuck.
  12. To further compound the stupidity of the Jesse/Andrea/Hannah storyline, I am positive that a Catholic church would have a creche, i.e. a daycare run by the church for babies that are too young for Sunday school. They want the parents to be able to attend the service without worrying about their baby disrupting the whole thing. I mean, maybe they wouldn't have one for midnight mass, because most people would have enough common damn sense to leave the baby at home?? BUT STILL, the whole thing makes no sense at all.
  13. Lalochezia

    S05.E08: Things That Go Bang In The Night

    Crokinole!! Dave is right, it is MURDER on your fingers, but it's fun. I feel like maybe it's more of a Canadian thing?
  14. Lalochezia

    S05.E04: Life After Death

    Weirdly, I actually buy that other people on the student government would be trying to challenge Brandon's legitimacy - it's like that line about how university politics are vicious BECAUSE the stakes are so small. If you'd be interested in running for student government in the first place (because you wanted to, not because you were pressured into it because THE WORLD NEEDS YOU or whatever, shut up forever Brandon), you'd probably be sufficiently invested in it to care that some cock-knocker got to be president by default. It would never go to an ACTUAL court though - MAYBE some kind of in-school committee or arbitration at the most. Also, I am writing this from beyond the grave, having barfed myself to death after hearing that tongue-bath letter from Josh.
  15. Has Chad's beard always gone so far up his face?! He looks like The Wolfman.