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    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Totally with you. I have a soft spot for Kyle, and think we might be a pretty small club around here. I think she's terrible at communicating, especially when she gets in a fight, but think she mostly means well. But the hats! Enough! As I heard on a podcast she and Teddi seem to be doing a lot of "aggressive hat work." Luann over on RHONY too. I wonder if with Kyle it has to do with covering grays before she gets to next colorist appointment. . .
  2. candle96

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    In the podcast The Dropout, it's explained a bit more. She initially cozied up to the female professor interviewed, Phyllis Gardner, about a different idea, having to do with a slow release patch and antibiotics. Gardner told her it was literally impossible, based on the chemical makeup of antibiotics. (something with potency, don't ask me, a non-science person!) She eventually landed on this other professor, and when he was quoted in the podcast talking about Holmes, he sounded utterly enchanted by her. Honestly, I thought it was going to be revealed that they were having an affair the way he was talking. My guess is that she just kept going around until she found a professor who liked her and until she an idea that seemed somewhat plausible.
  3. Becoming a Duchess, moving to New York City. Watch out, Luann! Oh man, I'd love to see her mix with the NY ladies. (although not really, please don't infect that branch of the Housewives with her poison) They would eat her alive in about 5 seconds.
  4. candle96

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    Teresa to Jackie: "You're not my kind of people. You don't talk to your sister." Oh, Teresa - the woman whose godmother to her daughter is not speaking to her sister. 😂
  5. candle96

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    OMG, you're right! Never could put my finger on it, and that explains it perfectly. I will never un-see it now! And yeah, I'm tired of the way it's infected the other women. I'm fine with a little show and tell when they arrive at dinners and such, but it's gotten to be waaaay too much. It lends to the artificial air that the whole BH franchise has, that nothing is real or spontaneous. Meanwhile, on RHONY, you have Ramona showing up for a manicure looking like she just rolled out of bed and Luann waking up with a hangover. The thing is - I think most of them look equally beautiful without makeup or the crazy clothes. I love LVP in a white tee shirt and jeans. When Erika went back to Georgia a couple of seasons ago to visit her mom, she looked beautiful dressed "down."
  6. Not to mention her fashion - which has not changed one iota. When she was going to dinner with Dorit and PK I thought to myself, "here comes Lisa in another black pencil skirt and button up blouse." Nothing wrong with a classic style or knowing what works for you - but mix it up a LITTLE!
  7. candle96

    S16.E10: Hoop Dreams

    I still remember a time in 8th grade I was on a losing team and everyone booed us. It SUCKED. Now I imagine that on a much larger scale, with a much louder crowd, at your favorite basketball team's stadium, and I can see that being really hard. College and pro basketball payers may be used to that type of noise and booing, chefs not so much. I'm pretty sure I would cry. And I don't even like Sarah. (and as a fellow hardcore basketball fan, I kind of get how much it meant to her to be there) That being said, it was a really silly decision to use the boxed mix. How much time do you really save not having to measure and mix flour, baking soda, and baking powder? (or whatever the ingredients were)
  8. candle96

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    Given this crowd, I'd also be sad to know how much of it went uneaten. Hopefully at least the Bravo crew ate some. I had to chuckle when both Erika and Lisa were saying, "I love a good hot dog at a barbecue," and they're both eating a plain hot dog, sans bun, with a fork and knife. Oh ladies. That barely counts.
  9. candle96

    S09.E12: Mudslinging In Mexico

    With Jennifer, it all came full circle to me this week. She's a spoiled brat raising spoiled brats. And her husband relates to her more as one of his spoiled brat kids than a wife. Plus he seems to hate all of them. I do feel sad for the kids, not so much for Jennifer. Lashing out about the necklace being ugly is seriously the tactics of a 6-year-old. I wonder how old she was when she got married; she doesn't seem to have matured beyond 13 - the bragging about her house, the being straight up rude to the OK hostess, going after Marge's marriage, ugh. She's really the worst. I guess I can call Margaret's retort a low blow, but I thought it was hilarious and it's the kind of thing I tune in for. Plus I'm kind of jealous of people who can think so quickly on their feet. Interesting for all her "loyalty" talk, this is the second season in a row we've seen Teresa be pretty milquetoast when it comes to her friends fighting. Seems like it's some attempt to craft an image that's different than the table-flipping Teresa, but I find it boring and sort of baffling. This loyalty to Danielle is strange.
  10. candle96

    S16.E03: Naughty and Nice

    I actually didn't mind him so much on his season, but the revisionist history of how he should've been Top Chef is annoying. Stephanie Izard has consistently shown herself to be awesome and a (nice and polite) badass in the kitchen, both during and after the show. ETA: I jumped in on this topic before reading all the comments, clearly my point has already been made by others. I would just encourage folks to go to any of Stephanie's restaurants. She has 3 and they're all really fantastic. She does "depth of flavor" better than anyone. It's a term I didn't entirely get until eating her food.
  11. candle96

    S09.E11: Whine Country

    Ah, but I live for this! There is always a fight in the van, across all shows. I don't know what it is about them all being in a moving vehicle together, but it clearly sets them off.
  12. candle96


    Funny that you say that, because initially there were elements of this show that reminded me of Mr. Robot, not the least being that his flat demeanor and occasional resemblance to Rami Malek. Especially when he was walking around with flat hair and a dark hoodie!If you're wondering why I would link Mr. Robot with a BBC political intrigue series, it was his initial weird obsession/hatred of Julia and internal conflict about protecting her, his paranoia, and what appeared to be an element of unreliable narrator. The first half kept me intrigued, the second half of this show turned a bit too "legal procedural" for me. I think it had potential to be a lot more, but then, maybe I've been watching too much Mr. Robot. :)
  13. candle96

    S09.E10: From Turkey With Love

    Opinions differ, but I always thought Shahs was the same shitshow over and over. I missed the past couple of seasons, but I found it vacillates somewhere between boring and then insane fights. But then they're over the fight and back to being friends like 5 minutes later without the issue ever being resolved. It's like a closed circle. I can't put my finger on it, but something about the show depressed me. Several people are hot messes, but not in a fun way. And, surprise surprise, many of them seem to live beyond their means (like many Bravo-ebrities!). I don't know, given how much I like the Housewives, you'd think the Shahs would be right up my alley, but it never quite clicked.
  14. candle96

    S09.E10: From Turkey With Love

    Re: Jennifer and her endless talk of traditions and Turkish culture. I briefly dated a guy from Turkey. He moved to the U.S. for a medical fellowship. A good chunk of this stuff that Jennifer talks of as being a part of her culture he wouldn't recognize. He had had multiple girlfriends, even lived with a woman for several years before moving to the States. We didn't date for too long, so marriage or engagement never came up, but I can't imagine he would've gone through that whole ceremony for a woman he was already living with. We dated like a normal American couple would date. I was also acquaintances with a woman from Turkey, who had married an American man. They met when he was over there for business, and for a couple of years had a very traditionally *American* relationship. When she moved over here they lived together before eventually getting married. I went to their wedding, and it was not traditional in any sense. I'm not saying Jennifer is not accurate in her portrayal of HER family's life, but I don't think it extends to all Turkish culture. (Much like these Ho'Wives do not represent the majority of American culture.) So her continually acting horrified or shocked about how some of the other women's lives and marriages are different than hers strikes me as somewhat disingenuous. My hunch is that she is overcompensating with that to ignore the fact that she has kind of a miserable marriage.
  15. candle96

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    Yes to all of this! My thoughts exactly. I think Peter Walsh's tough love approach was much more translatable to the screen. One of the more crazy suggestions from that book that I forgot about until my friend reminded me last night: when you come home every day, empty out your purse or bag so it can "rest" for the night. And put all the shit in your bag away, out of sight. So then you can load it all again the next morning ??? That would add like 10 minutes to my morning routine, and I'm already usually running late. No thanks. I wonder how many of these folks did that.
  16. candle96

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    I read Marie Kondo's first book a few years ago, and was interested to see how it would translate to tv. I watched the first 2 episodes. Meh. My problems with the book are the same problems I have with the tv show. In the book she swears that if you just follow her steps, everything in your life will be better, and you'll never go back to your old ways. But she doesn't entirely articulate how, and kind of the same thing happened here. Mom went from hating laundry to being okay with doing it now? Besides that lady giving away a ton of her clothes, are we just to assume she wouldn't go out and buy more now? There seemed to be some steps missing along the way. I also think part of the problem is that there doesn't seem to be much resistance on the part of the homeowners. (maybe that changes in future episodes?) I guess I'd like to see more struggle in giving away so much stuff. I realize part of this show is selling the KondoMari method, so perhaps they want it to appear "easy." But if you read her book, it's a lot more extreme than they portray on the show. Things like only keep 1 out of every 10 photos, and leave NOTHING on the counter, including your dish sponge or toothbrush. (I notice folks had lots of things on the counter in the after pictures - ha!) Marie Kondo seems very sweet and well-intentioned. But honestly when I read her book I came away thinking she was kind of strange. I think the show would be a lot more interesting if it played up some of the extreme aspects of her methods.
  17. candle96

    S09.E05: Turkish Delights

    Yeah, late to the party on this, but Jennifer's house and "decor" is horrible. Superman's Fortress of Solitude is warmer. Not a single rug, picture or painting on the walls, not even accessories like candles, knick knacks, or books (not that Jennifer reads) on the tables or shelves. I got cold just watching it. And those cabinets in the kitchen looked cheap.These Jersey ladies should take a page from Lisa Vanderpump, who manages to make her home look lavish/over the top, but still feel warm and homey. Now that I think about it, I'm hard pressed to think of anyone's home I like on these shows besides Lisa's. . . YMMV. ETA: okay, maybe Luann's Sag Harbor home and Bethenny's various homes.
  18. candle96

    S13.E19: Reunion Part 1

    My problem with Gina's look is that she should've done just ONE over the top thing - the hair, the dress, or the eye makeup (which I thought was stunning, and yes, ver on trend.) But she did all three! Wear that makeup with a black dress and straightened hair, and she'd look great. Or the dress with her hair pulled back and simple makeup. But restraint is not in the HoWives lexicon, I know, especially at reunions. :)
  19. candle96

    S13.E14: Blow Up

    Yeah, there's no way she's plus-sized. I'd put her at probably an 8 or 10, at MOST. Maybe that's plus sized in the OC or Beverly Hills, but not the real world. She was rocking those bathing suits. She just looks big standing next to Tamra, who is ridiculously tiny. All the women are pretty short. At 6 feet tall, I'd hate to see what I'd look like standing next to Tamra or Kelly.
  20. candle96

    S13.E14: Blow Up

    I have always been a fan of Shannon, but it's been really hard to watch her this season. Actually it was last season, too. She should not be on reality television right now. I guess perhaps I was naive in thinking we'd see more "Fun Shannon" this season, now that David is gone. I should've realized someone like Shannon will always find the negative, even when moving into a better situation. I can't defend her behavior, even if I don't really like anyone else's behavior either. Tamra remains a snake. Gina is too smug in her interactions with Shannon, seemingly taking pleasure in Shannon's meltdown, and Emily joins in. I'm genuinely worried about Shannon's mental health, and of course the ladies attempted to address this in the WORST way possible, a screaming match on camera, after several rounds of drinks. Not how you do it. But they were not entirely wrong. And God help me if I didn't find Vicki to be the most rational and the voice of reason in all of that. She wasn't hysterical and screaming, and talked about going on antidepressants herself. While the others continued to bash Shannon when she was gone, Vicki seemed hesitant to do so, voicing that they should be worried about her, and not talk about her. Perhaps her experience of being the outcast last year has given her a modicum of empathy? Like I said, God help me. The irony about Shannon not wanting to go on medication because she's "not crazy": to my eyes, she looks a lot more crazy with all her alternative treatments and Dr. Moon than she would going to a psychiatrist for some meds and seeing a qualified therapist on a regular basis. (and not that wacky couples therapist she and David saw, who staged Shannon's "death.")
  21. Can someone clarify for me Emily's child birth situation? Last week she talked about almost dying when gave birth, but then this week she says her sister had all of her babies. I know she's talked about also having a few miscarriages. It just sounded like last week she almost died and I assumed it was for one of the kids, because her mother in law was trying to talk her out of having another one, for fear of her health. Maybe the baby died. That's incredibly sad if the case, and she and Shane having nothing by my sympathy. Anyway, I hope it's not too upsetting to anyone that I'm bringing this up. The pain of both miscarriage and infertility is searing and real.
  22. Also, these women are paid specifically to start shit, sometimes even directed to do so. Kelly wasn't cast because she's a great peace negotiator. :) If Kelly hadn't gone off at the Red Party, that episode would've been a total snooze. I get that they can't break the 4th wall, but I think it's pretty disingenuous for Gina to get all up in arms about Shannon not "stopping" Kelly.
  23. I thought she looked lovely in that blue dress when she met with Kelly for coffee. I love her hair and the way she styles it. Mine is not as thick as hers, but she's given me some ideas with that little flip on one side, while pulled back on the other.
  24. It is a known fact amongst cat owners - they choose you, you don't choose them. :) If a cat shows up on your doorstep or jumps in your lap, you've been chosen. Resistance is futile!
  25. candle96

    S13.E08: Seeing Red

    I assume because it was sponsored and therefore free. But I love me some Aldi, even if the atmosphere often leaves something to be desired. They are related to Trader Joe's, so they often have the same products, just labeled differently.