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  1. A Har Mar Superstar reference? I think I love you.
  2. Rm was a heck of a lot less annoying when she was opposite Boreanaz. Their pairing was a match made in bad-acting heaven.
  3. Any lineup that doesn't include Briscoe is automatically disqualified. As Auntlada said, I would've preferred Branch, but I'm pretty happy with the selection overall.
  4. Mooshki

    Is 'Trophy' The Perfect Episode Of Law & Order?

    It was mentioned a couple of times that Jack sleeps with almost all his assistants. I always thought that Serena's infamous departing non sequitur was meant to imply that he'd slept with all of them previous to her.
  5. Mooshki

    S01.E08: Two

    I'm 50/50 whether Rachel deliberately seduced Adam; there's plenty of evidence for either side. Why is anyone, especially Quinn, surprised that Chet cheated? Hasn't he been doing blow with hookers all season and inviting various Everlasting crew along for the ride? That was the one thing that didn't ring true for me - there's no way Quinn didn't already know exactly how much of a horndog he is.
  6. Mooshki

    S01.E07: Savior

    @cooksdelight He's clueless because he's representing the majority of reality hosts, who are just there to look pretty and read cue cards.