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  1. Never heard that definition before. Confronting Sarah made sense. Ostracizing her and telling her she’d have no friends in the house was classic bullying. She stole time; she didn’t kill someone or even spread lies about them. The bullying was way over the top.
  2. This explains why the coffee on Voyager tasted like shit.
  3. Yeah, there's no payoff or explanation for the Tilly promotion that would make sense. The answer is, she's a lead actress and they need someone to fill the chair until they introduce a new character like they did with Pike last season. But that's super lazy and disrespectful of viewers. It's like Picard picking Wesley Crusher as number 1 because the show runners are waiting for another actor's contract to start the next week. If you want to do that, you need to create an emergency, not make it look like a well-considered decision. The writers could've given it to Stametz for the week
  4. The writers of this episode are clearly TNG fans, so they should know that the first officer runs the whole damn ship! Someone with no management experience can't do that job, no matter how much you like them personally. And choosing someone who's still meek and uncertain is just bananas. And no, showing that Tilly wants the job someday is not the same as setting it up narratively. TNG knew how to do this -- Deanna Troi got stuck as the highest ranked officer on the bridge, made tough command decisions, THEN decided to take command training. We didn't wake up one day to First Officer Troi
  5. She’s appears to be a fragile/vulnerable “covert” narcissist. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt, but this is painful to watch.
  6. So many judgy comments about fertility that aren’t even true. The average age of last baby (in a world without birth control) is 39-42. That means half of women’s youngest babies were born even later than that. Anyway. Clare is much too unstable and immature to be the lead of a show. It was painful to watch her mistreating all of those guys. With the exception of Yosef, she seems to have the best group of guys I’ve seen on this show, and she’s so insecure and narcissistic that she can’t even be kind or polite.
  7. I know Bachelor-land grammar is terrible, but the top definition of "whenever" is "every time that." Seems to make sense to me.
  8. Uh, wow to that ring. Neil Lane doesn't do work anywhere near that classy (especially with such a large stone). That's definitely my favorite bachelor nation engagement ring.
  9. I think you're exactly right - the original show took forever to tape. Ina used to (mildly) complain about how disruptive it was, so I'm not surprised by the format change. The old episodes are definitely the best, but Ina does seem back to her cheery self this season at least.
  10. Thinking about it next day, one of the details I really liked was the final ending to the original kingsguard. Jamie, the Hound, the Mountain - they were the last. You can really feel it when Cersei says her own soldiers will defend the city, but Jon and Grey Worm face down a sea of scared no-names who drop their swords. Where are the legendary protectors of regimes past who could cut down anyone who crossed their path? All gone, starting in season 1, many due to Cersei's/the Lannisters increasing ruthlessness. When the Hound goes to face his brother, the point is driven home: he nod
  11. I've always considered Jaime and Cersei the epic tragic romance of the series. This was a fitting ending for them.
  12. I'd call it character assassination, but that would make more sense than what actually happened.
  13. Tyrion is so bad at his job, I'm actually questioning whether he's a mole at this point. At the very least, he should've told Varys to beat it for turning on Dany. Now he's left a potential assassin as her trusted advisor. How much worse can you do?
  14. The Lannister house definitely hasn't died out. Both Jamie and Tyrion carry the name and are alive to sire children.
  15. Oh, I could complain about the revival for hours. None of it would be nitpicking though.
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