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  1. Uh, wow to that ring. Neil Lane doesn't do work anywhere near that classy (especially with such a large stone). That's definitely my favorite bachelor nation engagement ring.
  2. I think you're exactly right - the original show took forever to tape. Ina used to (mildly) complain about how disruptive it was, so I'm not surprised by the format change. The old episodes are definitely the best, but Ina does seem back to her cheery self this season at least.
  3. Thinking about it next day, one of the details I really liked was the final ending to the original kingsguard. Jamie, the Hound, the Mountain - they were the last. You can really feel it when Cersei says her own soldiers will defend the city, but Jon and Grey Worm face down a sea of scared no-names who drop their swords. Where are the legendary protectors of regimes past who could cut down anyone who crossed their path? All gone, starting in season 1, many due to Cersei's/the Lannisters increasing ruthlessness. When the Hound goes to face his brother, the point is driven home: he nods to Cersei and calls her "Your Grace," making it clear he hasn't forgotten who he is. Then he cuts down the whole pack of her worthless replacement soldiers. With the deaths of Varys and Qyburn as well, the old order really is gone. Who's left to rule the great houses now? Bastards, daughters, dwarves. A lot of people suffered as a result of the destruction, but maybe there is something to a clean slate.* *Assuming GRRM's writing will actually explain Dany's actions better than D&D.
  4. I've always considered Jaime and Cersei the epic tragic romance of the series. This was a fitting ending for them.
  5. I'd call it character assassination, but that would make more sense than what actually happened.
  6. Tyrion is so bad at his job, I'm actually questioning whether he's a mole at this point. At the very least, he should've told Varys to beat it for turning on Dany. Now he's left a potential assassin as her trusted advisor. How much worse can you do?
  7. The Lannister house definitely hasn't died out. Both Jamie and Tyrion carry the name and are alive to sire children.
  8. Oh, I could complain about the revival for hours. None of it would be nitpicking though.
  9. I haven't seen the original episodes in years, but one scene is bugging me out of nowhere. In what universe do the parents of tweenage girls (like April) allow the birthday girl's recently estranged father to host an impromptu sleepover?? And assuming they were ok with that, who isn't relieved that a grown woman was there to chaperone after all? The Anna and April plots made no sense generally, but ASP was not living on the planet for this one. Men are run off the playground for watching their own kids. Ain't nobody giving an unknown dude free reign overnight with a pack of girls.
  10. I think Kit and Emilia did have chemistry when they were cast. Then Kit fell in love with Rose Leslie, and Emilia became close friends with her. Kit goes out of his way to make gagging noises after his kissing scenes with Emilia. Emilia also gives interviews about how awkward it is to kiss her friend. I get why Kit wants to protect his relationship from unfounded gossip, but I do think it hurts the natural chemistry of the story line when you get the sense the actors are freaked out by their scenes.
  11. Amazing how much people are worried about Sansa and Dany being "warm" or "polite." I guess women have to manage unreasonable leadership standards even during the apocalypse.
  12. I enjoyed the episode, but come on, writers. Rebecca's past with Josh and Greg is irrecoverable. Not to mention, Josh's character has barely been developed past "cheerful," and there's nothing satisfying about the understudy (new Greg) getting the girl. Those characters deserved better send-offs than a silly love quadrangle. Nathaniel has been written as the obvious endgame for at least this entire season if not earlier. "I choose myself" is a copout ending, and it's been done plenty of times. But who knows. I'm sure we aren't looking at a Josh or Greg endgame though.
  13. Literally didn't realize Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering were gay until I read this. Also, no to Ben Higgins. I don't want to hear how unlovable he is when he had a sweet, pretty girl trying to marry him and give him babies.
  14. Oh, Ina! I'm making her Father's Day menu (filet mignon with mustard and mushrooms, parmesan roasted asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, frozen hot chocolate, and vodka limoncello), and it calls for SIX DIFFERENT LIQUORS (two just for the filets). Good grief, woman. Update: Ok, fine, it was fantastic. The frozen hot chocolate was the only thing I probably wouldn't make again.
  15. huahaha

    S01.E03: Y Not

    Actually, Chrissy Metz clearly weighed much more at the start of This Is Us. Check out A Fat Rant to see a much younger and lighter Joy Nash at 224.
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