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  1. I don't know how I missed Allison's Wheel of Murder the first time around, but I have a lot of reading to do now!
  2. I can't tell you how much I adored that adorable political ad! I have good friends who cancel each other's votes Every. Single. Election. (Well, they used to. The Republican husband has veered more and more left over the years.)
  3. I love Brian's impression of Ryan Trump so much!
  4. Exactly. This show isn't subtle. I'm tired of the oh-so-convenient thunderclaps, as well. That's how it happened with a lot of women: They'd be put to sleep and wake up three days later with a baby. Yikes. If that portrayal is even 50 percent accurate, poor Tony. Lady Rosse is a horror. (Anna Chancellor can do no wrong, however!) "That's how it happened with a lot of women: They'd be put to sleep and wake up three days later with a baby. Yikes." That's how my grandma tells it from when she had my mom and 2 aunts. I thought it was really creepy, but she thought it was fan
  5. Grover. My exuberant typing got ahead of me.
  6. Gorver AND Better off Ted! There's a reason I love you guys.
  7. Yes! I was sitting in my car saying, "Thank you, Tara!" out loud. Super Grover was the best!
  8. I can't help but want them to have a respectful, slightly affectionate meeting.
  9. The mishmashing of clips together to form a sentence on this show is ridiculous! I'm pretty sure there was a sentence from Dr. Pepper where every single word was taken from ten other sentences. It's so noticeable when I'm listening to the podcast. It's as bad as this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEGFaOeUm2A
  10. Cody's vocal fry is KILLING ME. And Danielle is the worst. I yelled "Oh my God!" alone in my car when she said her seven thousandth "manly" in this episode. These "experts" who put them together are just terrible. I have to wonder how much mismatching they do to ensure some drama on the show? Even excluding any other concerns, putting a 25 year-old man with a 30 year-old woman seems like a recipe for disaster. Those two people are at different places mentally and emotionally.
  11. "At the same time, I don't understand the impulse to adapt a beloved story that everybody knows and make it halfway unrecognizable in both tone and detail." This was eventually my problem with Kevin Sullivan's productions of Anne (the CBC/PBS versions we all watched as kids). The 2nd half of the 2nd movie became a mishmash of 2 or 3 Anne books, and the 3rd movie was just a train wreck that put Anne and Gilbert in WWI with some sort of spy story. What? I read and reread all of the Anne books growing up and they still have a place of honor on my bookshelf. Anne was a touchstone for this n
  12. I have to raise my hand as another American who loves Anne of Green Gables I was a bookish little girl in the 80s and Anne spoke to my soul. If I was at home and not at work, I'd take a picture of my shelf of well-loved Lucy Maud Montgomery books, who I found because of the Megan Follows miniseries. I agree, there is NO REASON to remake this.
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