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  1. Eobard needed to die. We all know--given his genius level IQ and the fact that the writers just aren't creative enough not to do the obvious thing--that next season Eo will regain his speed again, break out of Argus, kill a few people and make Flash's life hell again proving Despero right. *Headdesk*
  2. The only love story I liked in this episode was Dahrk's paternal love for his daughter. Also, who were half of the people in the episode? I found myself fast forwarding through half of the episode... this is not a good sign.
  3. They could have used a distance weapon with smoke to blind her, or had him sneak up from behind or something, literally anything would have been better than announcing his presence and then charging.
  4. This. Are the writers even trying anymore?😡 I had to stop watching a third of the way into the episode because Barry (who used to be smart) literally got told that something would make him go crazy, finds out that there is a crazy inducing meta on the loose, and then just decides to just run up to her and hope for the best. *Headdesk*
  5. Yeah but they're sleeping in there and the ceiling is probably a LOT cleaner.
  6. I imagine the crash took place in a different spot from where the plane exploded, but I agree that the excavation team should have found it.
  7. DoubleUTeeEff A test flight would have been a good idea.
  8. I already didn't like the cop lady, but Eve just took another level in stupid.
  9. A softball game, really? These people have no survival instincts to speak of. Maybe the lady with the plane will find room for one more and find a survival instructor (with skills comparable to Les Stroud) willing to go on the adventure of a lifetime...
  10. They should have taken the snake with them, that was a LOT of protein they threw away (that's really easy to skin, it comes off like a sock) and their large party needs the food.
  11. I think that the village is made up from the pilots they sent out in the first mission (in the Mojave... Perhaps they were instructed to go south west?) That means that they have been there for at least two years, but with time travel it could easily be more. Maybe they've mixed in with the locals, who knows (local tribe would be about 70 miles North on the Coastline)
  12. When will they find the souvenir shop that undoubtedly exists (with all the tourists that go to visit the tar pits)?
  13. Why does everyone assume that RockerJoe's son was adopted into a loving family? Unfortunately, my experience with the adoption system is that the kids least likely to get adopted are the ones with special needs. I don't think that it's wrong that he wants to find out about his kids home life situation. I do think he should tell his wife though.
  14. I hope so. This is one of those episodes where I found myself wishing I'd quit watching 5 minutes before the end.
  15. Lol Early Edition! I did wonder if NurseJoe's Jenny was on a date with that coworker. I also wondered if he knew or not that she had a kid with special needs, giving that he is pushing her to move to Atlanta.
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