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  1. 🎼 Mr. Jones and me, tell each other fairy tales...
  2. Why was Maria mad that it wasn't Max who saved her from the fall? I wondered about this too. One alien is as good as another and Max's ticker couldn't handle it. Her argument that it had to be him made no sense. It wasn't even a proper dilemma because if she didn't want Michael to help her (emotional reasons?) she could have just asked Isobel.
  3. Will reminds me way too much of my sister's cheating ex-husband. I'm glad Cinco is gone.
  4. Literally, Javonny was almost everything she claimed that she wants in a man, except I guess he wasn't tall/beefy enough so she friend zoned him... I've noticed that the new guys don't seem very interested in her. The girls that they were interested in? Shannon, Kyra, Cashay.
  5. Remember when Isaiah said the same thing to four girls? --Not sorry he's gone. 😏 My mom called Jeremy a Hologram.🤣
  6. It saddens me that we can't get away from politics while watching a scripted show (which for many of us is a form of escapism). I find that all conversations regarding politics are a minefield these days, and are very stressful to have... Even sometimes with people who share your views. I liked Lea this episode (shocking, I know).
  7. The correct legal term is medical negligence, but my point was that they couldn't just ignore the bleed which would also be negligent. I'm glad that they were able to fix her while still doing the natural birth she wanted but I understand why the lady doc reacted the way she did when the main character overrode her decision. Did she rupture other vessels during her powerful contractions? Did they somehow find the source of the bleed and do sutures to close it up during the birth? I'm annoyed that the episode ended before explaining how it was possible to do surgery on a woman g
  8. Dumb. Sooooo dumb. When your pregnant patient starts bleeding profusely you put her under the knife. Neither age nor race has anything to do with it. Common sense does. Imagine if she or the baby had died. The hospital would have gotten sued, rightfully.
  9. Killer Frost committed actual crimes including ones that the cops don't know about and that cop lady used more sound evidence (albeit largely circumstantial) to bring KF in than on most cop shows. It's good that KF turned herself in. It's bad that everyone else bent backwards to excuse her bad behavior, but then it's not surprising from a group of 'heroes' who used to keep people locked up indefinitely in an illegal prison or kill them. Should we start up a thread for the messed up and immoral stuff that people have been forgiven for on this show?
  10. Also, I think that if you are an introvert and tend to keep your thoughts to yourself (like Max) you're more likely to be weirded out by Zoey's powers. Mo is extremely extroverted. Simon is an interesting example because he's kept his feelings to himself in the past and has been working to be more open about things.
  11. I'm curious as to the limitations of Zoey's powers. I think that one of the things going on in this episode was Zoe admitting that her real super power is making quirky vague comments and annoying (sorry, prompting) people into singing a heart song. Though that doesn't mean she's always going to prompt the right emotion/song. On that note, it would be funny if in a future episode she tried to deliberately prompt a heart song only for someone to see through it and for her to get "Leave me alone" by Helen Reddy as a heart song.
  12. When Cisco quit his powers he said something about wanting to be known for his brains (as well as being normal). Now he's got the mecha equivalent of his powers. So he's fine with superheroing now? I guess it was just being a meta that he was biased against? It doesn't send a good message. And as for the girlfriend, (whom I dislike because she talked Cisco into giving up his powers) this is the one episode that she should have been in since she was like the second or third person that the mirror monarch took. She should have been in that survivors' group.
  13. So Shawn is going to become a father after all. Interesting fact: In autistics vasopressin is below average. First time fatherhood leads to an increase in estrogen and vasopressin. What will that mean for Shawn?
  14. The emotionless genius stereotype needs to be retired. One of the sweetest people I've ever met also happens to be someone with a scary high IQ.
  15. From logic class: "correlation does not imply causation." Just because two variables have a statistical relationship with each other does not mean that one is responsible for the other. The patient informing the audience of certain facts does not mean that is what's going on even though she had something in common with the facts she stated. Claire could just have easily been biased because she was a pot dealer. Having said that, Claire was being a shitty doctor and deserved to get reprimanded.
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