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  1. Should I start shipping Gregory/Izzy then? Eta: This season finale was tepid. Guess what nineties song was running through my head by the end of this episode? Hint: A Cranberries song that starts with "D".
  2. Wasn't Alex stabbed with an icepick in this episode? He shouldn't have been having a threesome, he should have either been A) in a hospital, or B) in a bed actually sleeping and doped to the gills on pain meds Kyle gave him.
  3. What's worse is that this happened after he admitted that the one time that he felt 'loved' (but he did not say attracted to) by a woman was in the seven minutes of heaven with Maria.
  4. Walt was referred to as a neighbor, but I bet his last name was Long.
  5. Izzy blowing up identical crystal bowls with her brain was a bit funny to me. I saw it! I saw the peanut! ( It was really far off to the side.) So the aliens are part cyborg? What is up with their biology? ETA: One moment that I loved was Rosa ramming her car into Flint's. Apparently he was the Manes in her grade and did not leave a good impression. And she got the body so win/win.
  6. I agree that Carly's view of things wasn't entirely accurate--she believed that Leah was in love with Shawn, when really she's that fun, flirty, free spirit type around most men. Anyway, I hope that the saga of Leah and Shawn is over, Shawn gets some therapy, and no one on this show ever picks up a baseball bat again l... Unless they are playing baseball.
  7. I always thought that Leah moving in with Shawn was a huge mistake because she is a natural flirt and it gave him, an autistic who sees things in black and white, hope. When she finally interacted with Leah for more than 5 minutes, Carlie saw it too. But there was no call for Shawn's assholish behavior towards absolutely everyone in this episode.
  8. Where did the boys burn a funeral pyre for their father? I can't find it anywhere...
  9. Victoria does the same thing every week, so how can her design be superior? That outfit was one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen on the runway, yet the judges coddled her this week like they do every week. I'm sick of it. She'll be top 3 for sure.
  10. We can commission fics? Ok, how about: A Stanford Era fic where Dean decides to visit Sam (for the first time since he left for school) for his birthday and finds Sam already celebrating someone else's birthday; Jess. Lol
  11. You listen to Bob Sieger's "Old Time rock and roll" and remember that yesterday was Dean's 41st birthday!
  12. Well, I went from being a casual viewer who had seen one or two episodes in the TNT reruns to watching it every Thursday night as it aired. And the reason was catching an episode with the hot, badass, nerd angel. Once I started watching the show regularly I realized how cool it was and quickly grew to like the rest of the characters, especially Dean and Sam.
  13. Castiel is the reason I started watching the show and IMO Castiel was pretty badass in the last episode. I know my opinion is very very unpopular which is why I'm posting it here.
  14. I like stripes but Team Stripes was too stripey even for me. Where was the tulle? The only one that I remember was Sergio's mess of an outfit.
  15. IMO Tyler's outfit was boring and dated, but at least better constructed than the other two. Given that fact it seems obvious to me that he was booted, not for having the worst outfit, but for his bad attitude and snide comments.
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