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  1. While Rose did have a sprained ankle, that shouldn’t have affected her lackluster, and rather flat looking, bodysuit reveal.
  2. A great ending can save a meh season!
  3. Rose is the Panto Dame of season 13.
  4. Those 69 Question bits were awful, all around... overproduced, staged and sort of smug. It managed to turn me off to all the finalists.
  5. He likes it? That should be explanation enough.
  6. Booo! The fifth episode with no elimination. Sixth if you count the COVID special.
  7. I retattle the retittle of your rebuttal : if Rose cannot win the war against her beard, how can she win the wars that we might have to fight for America? Thank you. And not only is her hair line awful, but so is her contour line.
  8. There are rumblings that this is the new worst season of Drag Race, and I don't know if I'd go that far... but it certainly ranking up there. The sheer number of episodes are not helping. We had four episodes this year with no eliminations and a week off for a COVID/filming special, and it is just too much. I feel as though we have been over-exposed to these queens. Even those like Symone, who at the beginning seemed so poise, regal, and naturally funny... is now coming off insecure, unfunny, and repetitive. Likewise, she is my favorite to win the season. So what does that say about th
  9. I agree that Utica was wildly inappropriate, and mean spirited... but that read of RuPaul, asking her to stand up to show off her dress. GURL, that was next level roasting that I am surprised they left in the episode. Ru's response may have made it all the better.
  10. I am more annoyed that they re-used Shackles by Mary, Mary as a lip sync? First they did it with Stronger for Season 9's finale. Then When I Grow Up for the first episode this year. I don't wanna see any fuckin' repeated lip syncs! Anymore!!
  11. I find it distracting how terrible of a walker Gottmik is. She makes Kim Chi look graceful.
  12. Well that was a shocker. Also surprised RuPaul acted so nonchalant about it, she was clearly not in the mood.
  13. LOL I think the same thing whenever he is on screen. I am convinced his boy hair is a toupee and we are getting set up for a big reveal later this season.
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about this new format. It's sort of like Season 6 and 12... and may have been part of COVID filming precautions (number of people on set, contestants, producers, camera crews, running all around... adds up to a crowded workspace the first few episodes.) I wonder if the queens meet up again after next week. It would be interesting if Ru had the two teams against each other for 3 weeks each with no eliminations... then cut them both in half, with the top 3 performing queens from each group progressing into a new top 6. Has drag fully moved from female illusion in
  15. I think there is some revisionist history going on here. Going into the finale of Season 9, Shea and Trinity were pretty much seen on equal footing, with Sasha at the same level or only slightly behind. Shea had won four challenges, but two of those wins were co-wins with Sasha. Trinity won 3 challenges all by herself. While Sasha "only" had her two co-wins with Shea, Sasha also never appeared in the bottom 2 all season. If anything, it was a three-woman race to the finish line with Peppermint seemingly in fourth... but I don't think Shea was necessarily the legit break away front winner
  16. That was some shady editing, after Roxxxy wins the lip sync, Cracker turns to leave the stage and the camera lingers on her obviously padded, panty hosed, and thong covered “butt.” Roxxxy didn’t do much, but knows how to serve body realness. On a shallow(er) note, I don’t care for Roxxxy’s new teeth, they do something to her face making her look... different.
  17. Shea, in her talking heads, seems really full of herself. I don’t mind confidence, but she is acting like she’s owed the crown, and it’s not cute.
  18. I don't think Alexis is saying she struggles with the language, she is saying her thought process is primarily in Spanish. Hence, she has to translate it as she thinks. English is also my first language, so perhaps I am mistaken. I found it riotous that Juju and India laughed about the struggle with English. They also have, presumably, known Alexis for years and seem friendly... so they know when a Queen is being Grand. The fight, also, was clearly self-produced. Much like the Trinity vs Gia 'battle' over playing Caitlyn Jenner. imo
  19. I was highly offended by the Golden Gals inspired room. If Shea is such a fan of the GG, then she absolutely should have known about The Golden Palace, the spin off after Bea Arthur left the show, which took place in a Miami Hotel. The colors and mood of the room already existed for an entire hotel run by Sophia, Blanche, and Rose (with the help Don Cheadle and Cheech) nearly 30 years ago. Calling the room the Golden Gals Palace was especially redundant.
  20. "Carne!" chef Dario Cecchini had such a terrible meal on Top Chef Kentucky, I am glad to see him enjoy what this show can be at it's best.
  21. It was probably the first finale I would be happy with anybody winning. At the end, I really thought Bryan might take it, but Stephanie laid in on the self confidence story-line and thought.... ohh she learned from Malarkey and might pull this through (and I also love an underdog)! But Melissa was a favorite all season and showed herself to be a thoughtful and worthy Top Chef. That black bean dish was beautiful. As someone unabashedly hoping for a Stephanie shock win, I thought about this: If Gregory was available, and Stephanie picked him, Bryan still selects Kevin, and Mel
  22. I am a Drag Race super geek and have been watching since Season 1 when I had to stream it the day after airing because parents wouldn't pay for premium gay channels like Logo. I love seeing how the newer fans react to the show. Ironically, Logo has very little gay programing on anymore... well, accept Mama's Family marathons, as Bubba had more than a hand in my gay youth... But I digress. I like that JuJu and Alexis are both featured this season as they each have hold a rare title. They are both undefeated at lip syncs. Each placed 3rd in their seasons, in an era when the 3
  23. This Milwaukeeian is so happy for Jaida!!
  24. Off topic... but I desperately wish Good Work would come back!!
  25. Exactly. It was slumber party themed (if I recall?!) ... if there is ever an appropriate time to have a thick facial/mud mask on... this would be the time!
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