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  1. Has there ever been a more delusional and useless houseguest than Big D? I’m thinking No on both counts.
  2. All I kept thinking about was that sister with those lips! She looked like someone had smacked her in the face with a big, heavy book. And then she covered them with thick, shiny gloss. And fake, spiky, overly mascara’d eyelashes. A mirror, maybe? She looked like a very low rent Kardashian. And she made her sister’s appointment all about her. Twice, apparently. She’s not getting married, your sister is. Take a seat. Although with that stank personality, she may not ever.
  3. It actually does snow here, in the higher elevations. It depends how far up Erica's son lives. He's a cop, but I don't know if he's LAPD. Although that wouldn't stop him from living outside of LA. There's a fire captain in the LAFD who's now famous for an anti-vax rant who lives in Texas, but is employed by LA. I'd love to know how he manages that! But, sure, it snows in the foothills. It's not uncommon in some of the cooler months to see the weather people talking about snow at 2,000-4,000 feet when we have rain down here in the flats.
  4. Dorit is the designer of those wedding dresses like I’m the Queen of Romania. If she is the designer, as she claims, then who is the woman whose name was on the invitation and whose initial was part of the logo? Methinks she is the designer. Dorit only has taste in her mouth.
  5. Has there been a more useless, yet still entitled houseguest than Derek F? Here’s a provocative thought. Imagine things were reversed and there was a secret alliance of white people, who systematically eliminated every Black houseguest until they (the white players) were the only ones left. And then, they danced around the house, gloating and happy that they had gotten rid of all the Black houseguests. Not great, right? Racist, right?
  6. DerekF and his BlusterThreats in the Diary Room: who is he kidding? He lost a battle with a bug! He’s no kind of threat to anyone, much less anything. His mouth keeps writing checks his brain can’t cash. On another note, I’m having a hard time understanding why the last white girls standing aren’t looking around and thinking, ‘which of these things are not like the others?’ Has it not dawned on them that The Cookout exists? And what happens when the CO is going to have to come after each other? Interesting.
  7. Correction: Britini wasn't too white to stay. She was too annoying to stay. Followed by, 'They wanted me out because they all knew they couldn't beat me.' What, exactly, did she win? The one thing where she flopped her butt from one seat to the other 6 million times? Anything else? I couldn't take the crying and the bellowing from her. She was no threat, not to anyone. What she was, was the most annoying hamster of all.
  8. It was especially rich, listening to Dorito preaching about financial integrity and citing her grifter husband as an authority on finance, knowing that the two of them are in hock to the IRS and the CA Franchise Tax Board to the tune of millions in back taxes. They’re one step ahead of debtors’ prison. And she consistently dresses like a high-end street walker. What’s with the sheer leggings and thigh high boots? I keep hearing Blair Waldorf’s voice…”Leggings are not pants!”
  9. As the series progressed, I sort of thought it might be Armond in the box. But, then, Armond is Australian (at least by accent) so why is he being shipped back to the mainland, rather than back to Australia? Of course, the expression on Shane’s face in the first episode made it clear that the deceased was going to be someone with whom he had interacted frequently. This leaves out just about everyone else in the cast. So, no Mossbachers, no Tanya, or any of the other staff. It kind of had to be Armond. Fanwanking here, Rachel goes back to Shane long enough to get back to NY, where sh
  10. Will their 'precious' children be homeless when the IRS and the CA Franchise Tax Board come for PK and Dorit over the $1.3M they owe in back taxes? Dorit lecturing Erika over her finances is especially rich. Especially since it's rumored that the house they just moved into in Encino is up for sale--assuming they actually bought it in the first place and aren't renting.
  11. At least Whitney goes to the gym. The last time Derek F saw the inside of a gym was…? And why was he staring so hard at her chest? Isn’t he gay? What’s his concern with her boobs?
  12. I haven’t laughed at a season of BB like this one in a long, long time. The cabal in the workout room of Brent’s team conspiring against him was such a…moment. Whitney in that black hoodie looked like Silas in The Da Vinci Code. They’re all talking in hushed tones about how much they dislike their own teammate. Mr. Rosebud and I laughed out loud at some of the stuff Brent said. He is so completely delusional. ‘I have the Aces. I have the Queens.’ Honey, you got gatz.
  13. Judging from the opening scene at the airport in Ep. 1, I seriously doubt redemption is coming Shane's way any time soon.
  14. Yes, definitely. I turned to Mr. Rosebud and asked him why Julie was wearing a serape. There are only so many live eps and we have to see her dressed in a blanket?
  15. In the final second(s) of the shot, he started swimming away. Makes me wonder if he planted the bomb himself, in an attempt to throw off the serial killer. Although, we've seen him working on that boat across several seasons. Seems like such a waste, if he's the one that blew it up as a decoy.
  16. I thought the writing was just plain sub-par. I usually like this flavor of NCIS and enjoy the interplay between the characters, but everything was just off. And what's with Hetty? And WTH was Nell wearing? Pink, ruffles, polka dots with black tights? They're dressing her like she's a 5 year-old and it's extremely unflattering, in the bargain. And Nell left NCIS, but came back because Hetty asked her to. To do...what? I've been missing the show, but I'd rather it stayed away than come back like this.
  17. Memphis, with his 2 3-way Final 2 deals, is going to wind up stepping on his own dick. He's just not that smart, even though he thinks he is. Dr. Will looks like he's been embalmed. Dear God, I would be having nightmares if I had to look at that every day.
  18. Technically speaking--and don't we all love to be technical when it comes to the HoWives--Brandi isn't the cheater. She made no vows to anyone, so didn't break anything. The only one who stood up in front of God and everyone and pledged to 'forsake all others' is none other than Denise. She's the one who's married. Brandi is a free agent, so she's not the cheater. She IS the Other Woman. But she's no cheater. Spare me, please, the dramatics and the (figurative) pearl clutching.
  19. I thought it was the other way round. Kim was returning things she had borrowed from Kyle. Of course, I could be mistaken. I was totes distracted by...well, just about everything. YMMV, as it just about always does.
  20. All I could think when he was talking--mansplaining--was, who the hell asked for your opinion? IIRC, other than Sutton's mailorder date, he was the only XY at the table and he held forth like he was the Sun King. Aaron, have a seat. In fact, have a whole damn sofa. And shut the hell up.
  21. There's an airport in Van Nuys, which is close to Encino. It's for private aviation, though. There's a much larger, commercial airport in Burbank, which is slightly further from Encino. He could have landed at either of those. Or, she could have been lying. As per usual. Grifters gotta grift.
  22. But, but, but...they're Louis Vuitton pajamas. In case you missed that, she had a matching hair ornament. Makes me wonder. Is LV that hard up for marketing that they need to lend her branded merch? Because I doubt she actually purchased that outfit. I did a bit of research and the outfit is from a prior year's collection and there are 'replicas' available. New, it was around $5000. We know she didn't buy it new.
  23. Buca is currently running a 'Family Meal Deal' where you can order meals for 3 at $10/person or meals for 5 at $9/person. You get choice of salad, bread and a preset entree for that. Even these two grifters should be able to afford that price. ;)
  24. It looks to be the Buca di Beppo close to my house. And she really hasn't invested in it; she's going to 'reimagine' it somehow. Where are they getting this imaginary money? They're a couple of grifters who don't actually own anything. Robert Earl is looking for free publicity to his restaurants. I'd love to see the financials on this one.
  25. Ah, the discussion between Max and Brett about Dayna. I asked you if I could do this with her. I asked you if I could do that with her. I asked you if I could do whatever with her. Like Dayna is nothing more than a piece of meat to be passed between them; has absolutely no agency of her own. I have something to tell you two assholes...you're NOT that special. She'd do well to dump the both of you. But then, the 3 of you wouldn't have a storyline, now would you? Carry on.
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