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  1. Ruby25

    The Flash in the Media

    The only thing I kinda liked about that interview is the fact that it sounds like he's being a little defensive and trying to justify why they didn't go back to Barry and Iris until now, which means the interviewer was probably asking why that was the case this season. As she should, because it was really stupid to drop what they had focused on for the entire first season like a hot potato, leaving most viewers confused why it seemed like no one on the show even remembered what happened last year. I won't forgive them for that. He can try to rationalize it all he wants, but that was HORRIBLE writing and a severe mistake. It was just wrong. I even saw some Collider article mentioning recently how most shows would not have gone this long without even hinting at their main ship the way The Flash did this season. All it would have taken was some longing looks, some underlying tension, some wistful glances between the two of them, even while the time filling Patty was in the mix (who by the way, turned out to be a complete and utter waste of time- she may as well have never even been on the show, considering the less than zero impact she made. I mean seriously, she could have at least been used to help Iris realize her feelings! WTF was she on for? To get Barry laid and that's it, apparently). Shows. Do. Not. Drop. Their. Main. Couple. Period. Not if you want people to remember it and keep rooting for and wanting it to happen. That was severe amateur hour in the writers room.
  2. Ruby25

    The Flash in the Media

    Why the fuck does he and the show KEEP saying she would have had a life with Eddie, if not for the finale?? Are they trying to make people think Barry's her second choice? I don't understand these people, I really don't. As far as a "disservice" to Eddie...dude, NO ONE cared about Eddie! He was a non-character, a roadblock that existed only to stand in the way of Barry and Iris the entire first season. Even the most naive viewer could see that. Jesus, even Iris seemed to like him more after he was dead than when he was alive! He was retconned into being this great love, her true love, even. That's total bullshit. If you want people to root for and invest in your main couple, you have to keep the heat boiling and constantly developing the relationship, you can't just leave it on ice and then bring it back in out of nowhere. And you also have to show that they're the one's who are supposed to be together, not just that they're coming together only because her true love is dead. WTH kind of writing is that? God, these people are amateurs when it comes to this stuff. This is "will they/won't they" 101, I could do it in my sleep, that's how many shows I've watched in my life. Sometimes it feels like these guys haven't seen any!
  3. I have to admit, I was curious as to whether they'd take any cues from the show and make Iris a WOC for the film as well. Looks like they won't though. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. She's normally a redhead, right? So they're probably just going to go with that for the first film version of The Flash.
  4. Ruby25

    S02.E18: Versus Zoom

    I sometimes wonder if these Berlanti shows are so indebted to the Buffy formula of having a new Big Bad from the start of every season, that they commit to one without thinking it through all the way and then just have to half-ass it when it comes time to start tying things together. Maybe they should go back a step and just do more of a 90's style villain of the week type of show, but keep focusing instead on the character relationships, and then bring in the villain with his fully formed plan halfway through the season instead. Before that you could maybe build him up with occasional, little scenes that show him doing or planning something that we don't get to see yet, but that the group doesn't know about at all. Honestly, that was kind of the way Reverse Flash worked last season, since Wells was fully part of the team as far as they knew, until about halfway in. And I think that worked better because it allowed the show and Barry specifically, to have that light, fun, happy go lucky kind of feeling instead of keeping him in the dumps this entire year. The lightness was the charm of the show that people praised, and his adorable puppy dog attitude that's been missing this whole season. And Buffy didn't always have the Scooby gang know about the Big Bad from the beginning either- for example, Angel didn't emerge as Season 2's villain until the second half, and while the Mayor was established in Season 3, they didn't become aware of his evilness until later on. I just think setting up Zoom as the villain they're all aware of from the very beginning has really made it seem like a drag on this season when he kept showing up and then disappearing, but they had to keep talking about him anyway. I know the 23 episode season is a struggle, but I think structuring your villain story to maybe not ramp up until the second half, and then just devoting the rest to great individual episodes (while keeping the focus on continuity by developing the characters you have, like for example Caitlin and Cisco, or even having different characters interact with each other and not just Barry) will help sustain the show overall. I also think they just really need to bring Happy Barry back somehow for the next season, because that really was one of the most appealing, key parts of the show (the contrast between "sunny" Central City and Arrow) and they've kind of let that go this year, which I think was a big mistake.
  5. This whole thing is tied to the old, homophobic idea that gay men are somehow connected to child molesters, only now they're applying it to transgender women. Notice they don't even seem concerned about transgender men attacking little boys, it's always about little girls in danger from grown men using the wrong bathroom. I can't believe this is an issue either, and what's weird is that it seems to have sprung out of nowhere all of a sudden.
  6. I'm not sure it's entirely that. I think they'd have an easier time writing for her if she had a different profession. I mean, didn't the E2 episodes kind of show us that? I think if she were a cop, they would likely integrate her into the action a lot more. I honestly think they're hindered by her occupation, and since that's canon they don't think they can change it. But to be honest, this is one canon change that I would support, if it means more for her to do overall. I still think they should consider it.
  7. Ruby25

    S02.E18: Versus Zoom

    I thought Iris did still live at home too.
  8. Ruby25

    S02.E18: Dead Beat / S02.E19: Salivation Army

    Yes!!! Anything that can get Enrico Colantoni back every week if possible.
  9. Ruby25

    S02.E18: Versus Zoom

    The Iris and destiny thing- the least the show should have done was to drop hints every once in while from the beginning of the season that Iris was still into Barry. If they had just done that, then it'd be easier to buy the idea of destiny making her brave enough to start to pursue it now, instead of feeling a little bit out of nowhere. Seriously, how hard would it have been to just make sure we see that she still had underlying feelings for him, or was a tiny bit sad about Patty, or something. It seemed like she has nothing but platonic feelings towards him this entire season without the slightest hint that there might be anything else. She was totally indifferent to him dating Patty. So now, this just kinda seems like she's giving into destiny, because she thinks it's "supposed" to happen. That's some really bad writing, and it would have been SO EASY to just make sure the seeds were still there all along. C'mon, people. That's just basic writing.
  10. Yeah, that was weird. Iris very clearly lived in the house with them before this episode (she was saving Barry's dinner plate in the fridge just last week!), and suddenly in this one it seems like it's just Joe and Barry? But then later on, the three of them come home at night together. It can't even stay consistent from scene to scene.
  11. Ruby25

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    So, Greg Berlanti tweeted today that they would never make Jay Garrick evil, that they love him and there is no reinvention, and for people to keep watching. I'd say that all but confirms real Jay Garrick is the man in the mask. The question is who plays him. Not Teddy, I'm guessing. Or is it? Why would he look exactly like Hunter Zolomon? But if real Jay Garrick is the original Flash, then how would Hunter be able to take over the identity of a public figure unless he looks like him? I guess it has to be Teddy, and there's some explanation for him having a twin.
  12. This is totally because of all the random breaks the show's been taking lately. They need to schedule it better next season. People forget when it's on.
  13. Ruby25

    S02.E18: Versus Zoom

    I'm not sure that Jay is made up. I feel like the show wouldn't screw with canon to the point of making the beloved Jay Garrick a non-existent person. I think he's the guy in the mask somehow.
  14. I bet real Jay Garrick is the guy in the mask though. I'd be really surprised if they go with Jay Garrick never having been a real person, just because he's an iconic character. They're really going to say original Flash doesn't even exist?
  15. Ruby25

    S02.E18: Versus Zoom

    Well, Teddy Sears still claims that when they first approached him about the role, they told him he was going to be Zoom, so I guess they did plan that. But they clearly didn't bother to work out the details until later. The biggest explanation I need is how Wells didn't know he was Hunter Zolomon, since in this episode he clearly knows who Zolomon is and all about his history and everything. Why on earth did he think he was Jay this whole time? Including on his own earth? He knew what he looked like!