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  1. I think what Rylie said was "do they give you rashes as well?", which made me laugh.
  2. I thought that, too, before the big reveal. Both that it was so big it didn't feel that claustrophobic and amazing that the guards didn't see the hole. However, neither the hole she was picking away or the huge hole covered by the plywood was actually there. When she comes to her senses after beating the guard she looks both ways and there aren't any holes. So there you go. Even less happened in the episode than you thought.
  3. No, it wasn't our Briana that said that. There was another girl named Briana at the party that was identified as Paige's friend who said that. Engineer Briana was in the conversation, but didn't say it. Anyway, this is the first year I didn't have hope for any of the matches. I like some people individually, but not as couples. I watch to see two people who are really ready to be married try to work out their differences and don't watch to see train wrecks. Can't stand Clara's personality and her steamrolling the conversation with the other women. Take a breath, girl.
  4. That's so disgusting of the show to bring on Demi's girlfriend. A new low. Edited to add that the disgusting part is what the show will do for ratings, not the ladies themselves.
  5. As far as the final prize, I'm sure the same situation would've occurred if Zac had gotten the money, but I would've loved to see how each final couple would act when money or love is on the line. Since they actually ranked the couples at the end I sort of hoped that 2nd place would get to split, maybe, $25,000, then 20 and 15 for the others. It depends on the dynamics of the individual couples, but would even lesser amounts offered make people more or less cutthroat to take it all? I don't know, it's fun to think about. I didn't chime in during the season, but enjoyed reading all your co
  6. Just watched the latest episode. Why in the world don't they wait to air these episodes until the participants have had all their surgeries and recovered? For instance, Emilly and Jose: she hadn't had her thigh lift yet and he was clearly in the early stages of recovery from his surgery. If the show doesn't wait until there's a good result, what's the point? They hardly show the recovery process. It's just so much talking at the camera and pulling at their skin. Between this show and My 600 lb Life people sound so dull and boring. I watch these on demand so I don't know - is this the seas
  7. Meraji

    S16: Talk

    Just finished watching this season for the second time and my husband for the first. I actually really enjoyed this season but so disappointed that the cowboys didn't win. They were by far the most enjoyable team to make it far in the race. Very calm the whole time and a positive attitude. Loved Jet keeping his hat on for bungee jumping! Although the cowboys could also be frustrating in the mistakes they made. Just assuming, instead of asking, that they needed to go to Champagne, France, for instance! Dan and Jordan were ok as the winners, but were a little whiny and kinda were stressful
  8. Meraji

    S13: Talk

    My husband and I are watching/re-watching the Amazing Race in order from season 1. We just watched 13x2 and we're both stumped about the roadblock. Can anyone explain the "correct solution" for the wall challenge? Was the only way to figure it out to write down all the locations and read them one by one? If so, I find that quite unsatisfying!
  9. I was actually disappointed that Jorge wasn't Manny's father! Really laughed at all those scenes with Jay's little comments and reactions. Cringed through Mitch and Cam's storyline, but finally a Lily sighting. She might not be the best actress or they don't know what to do with her, but I find it ridiculous that she's been missing in so many episodes, often without a mention. Also thought that their would be a novelty keychain in that box of Phil's!
  10. I sort of did! And because of the big Italy trip reveal thought it could be something big in the driveway as the brother opened the door to go out. My husband and I both wondered where Kevin got the money for the honeymoon trip. Yeah, a box of donuts - not really the same as Vanessa doing donuts in the parking lot the night they met. But that was apparently what Kevin was supposed to remember from being handed the box! That was a stretch. I don't think it would have to be any one specific instance - just repeated exposure to Kevin would be enough to irritate the heck out of som
  11. I would think that 2x08 would be the last, since it doesn't look like NBC starts doing TNF until November 9.
  12. I just rewatched that part and Jared says he talked to Brian Fung, but only says one of them got a patent, not specifically Brian. And Richard asks something like "why didn't this guy act on it?" but doesn't use a name, either.
  13. I agree switching roles half way through should've been the way to go. I assume there are events like this in real life and I'd hope they'd be more fair, unless there are different costs to play the different roles. Or even the company pays the guests to play the downstairs roles, in which case they might as well get actors to play those positions. For that matter, a proportion of all the roles should be actors to keep the authenticity.
  14. I feel like all the American reality shows (I've watched anyway) are hyper concerned with not showing or hearing from the crew. I don't know why it would be so bad to hear questions from a producer or cameraman and hear them answered back by the contestants. In this American version and other shows it's like some big secret they're there. Rather deceptive. So, yeah, the UK version sounds much better.
  15. Yep, I thought so too. There was just a look from him when sister #2 sat down that I thought, "he knows", but then they continued on their date like nothing. So my theory is that he figured it out and simply played his part. Maybe even had fun with it by going for a kiss and seeing what she'd do? Not really sure how it would've played out if he had said something right away? I assume this date (with whoever first asked a twin) was the reason for keeping both of them.
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