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  1. SO so sweet movie. I loved it. It felt human, and I missed these kind of movies, I'm sucker for rom com especially with music component. It isn't that dominant here, but it is main story. It has heart, comedy, nice pacing and Ethan Hawke is really good looking for "grandpa". I am giving it 10/10. Would watch again.
  2. I really chose wrong episode to come back, did I? Well, considering this is like second episode I watched in long pause of this show - yeah, better to stay awhile a longer. Way too much characters I really don't like nor I am interested to see. I know when I am not welcomed to the show anymore, and that's when I am not fed well. This show stop feeding me with OTA long time ago. Question: Did the one point of episode was how people can change or can not change? I didn't sleep at all this night so maybe I get things wrong...
  3. What?! Is Felicity actually dead DEAD? ? Like, REALLY DEAD?! Or Arrowverse kinda of "dead"? I LOVE FELICITY ?? I wanted to wait few episodes to catch up on Arrow after bailing in season 5, but this is kinda sad if true.
  4. Well, that was disappointing finale. Little slow and predictable. Diana is way to passive as character. I am usually all for romance in my shows, but this one just isn't working for me. I want Diana away from Mathew, so she can have some character growth, not connected to him. I need more information about season 2 for me to continue watching.
  5. Love the show! I watched last season in two days. Very addictive and compelling characters. I miss Defamation as big Scandal fan hehe. This season show's parody didn't have same appeal, probably bc I don't watch reality show. Nevertheless, great season, in continuation of excellent season 1.
  6. Maybe they want attention? I never ever heard or even imagine there is something called The Satanic Temple, and in last hour I spent google searching them out of curiosity and they are... somewhat interesting.
  7. OMG, that was freaky FUNNY! :D I love this original cast. They have good vibe.
  8. I don't know where to put this, because it's mostly general statement - but I LOVE Mrs. Wardwell as almost main villainess. Michelle Gomez is awesome in this role. She is like some combination of Cruella de Vil and Yzma. Sometimes scary and at the same time comedic. One of my fave character for sure.
  9. It was long time ago, when I watched ABC version, but one thing I know I loved was their version of Salem the cat, he had some good snarky talk.
  10. I like idea of Nick being Dark Lord himself. He is way to "perfect" for Sabrina, has same interest like her, researching her father's life, and encourage her 'ship with mortal Harvey. He is so full of ...hm,"understanding". He is hiding something for sure. But he did say Dark Lord is jealous one and that's way he is envious of mortal's life - they can chose love. Witches/warlocks must show adoration only to Dark Lord (and have orgies haha). This will come later at one point. Harvey as character has potential if they go back to his family roots and make him witch hunter, but I doubt that will happen. Maybe? I don't read comics, so I am clueless. I like that he is cartoonist and paints some weird stuff. Also, I agree this show is like "feminist declaration" but only in words right now, its mostly about man and to serve man, and to be by man. But I sense there will be some resist and challenge on "man's world" in season 2 or later. This show could last for awhile. I wouldn't mind. It's rich world.
  11. I found myself liking The dark Sabrina. The moment when she torched those 13 Witches, you could see how she felt dark power (and got new hair in the process) and three sec later she looked like she felt remorse burning the witches. She changed. I liked that scene. Aunt Hilda is the beeeeest! I was happy she kissed that man, and then few sec later, his eyes, whaaa.... in short, can't wait for season 2! So much potential good storylines for all characters.
  12. @Catfi9ht, thanks for recommendation. I didn't know Wentworth Miller is also writer. I will check this title, I love Nicole Kidman. Onto the episode 6 - fast episode. I hated to see Diana in torture scenes. I kinda want for Diana to show off her powers like NOW, I am curious what are her possibilities in witchcraft. I can't believe there is only two episode till the end of season - I feel like I they didn't even to start to unravel anything, and contrary, they just build new mysteries. Satu is starting to look like multidimensional character and not anymore as puppet of Knox. I think Diana will be Dark One in that old Witch prophecy. Ugh, I hate Gerbert. That is sign of good villain! Sidenote: I love Alex Kingston. Last time I saw her was in Arrow where she was so underused. And I barely recognize Louise Brealey (Gillian), I LOVED her in Sherlock. AH, Molly.
  13. Ophanim

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I read the book long time ago. Don't remember a details anymore, but this pilot got a atmosphere and actors a pretty right. I am onto next episodes!
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