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  1. Yes, Michael, it's the kids who always want to sleep with you .... it's their idea, sure... This is what Michael Jackson sounds like to me: 23: 22"(...) He was in bloom (...) that I as a human being bathing him in a certain kind of celestial warm (...) 25:23 (...) So, in the course of our friendship we went on a camping trip...uhh... arranged by him (...) I was immediatly reminded of this other video. So, watching both videos I can say I am soo creeped out
  2. The 2005 trial? Let me watch the whole thing...
  3. I actually had noticed that detail before MJ biographer pointed out. I noticed right away watching the the doc and I still believe James was sexually abused by Michael Jackson. So he got a date or place wrong, victims often do. MJ was abusing these kids sexually, emotionally and mentally so I expect their memories not to be perfect about their experiences since it happened decades ago. I think MJ probably abused him when he was older there and he is probably ashamed or in denial because probably thinks that at his mid teens he should be able to see it was abuse not realizing that since he was groommed since such an early age, even at his mid and late teens (or an adult up until recently) he was still under MJ's control. I totally understand he would be ashamed to say if he had sex with MJ later especially if it was at an age people think teens are able to consent, like 16 or 17. MJ probably abused him when they got closer again during Jordan's trial since MJ wanted to make sure he felt special and loved and that all the sex that happened before was not wrong. But of course MJ cultists will explore this, even though it's completly understandable their traumatized minds would remember some things wrong. Sometimes rape victims have sex with their rapists later, especially if it's someone they look up to, or someone they trusted, someone they had an emotional connection to before the rape or if they are held captive or groomed and develop Stockholm Syndrome. Does anyone thinks Michael was probably desperate when James refused to testify at 2005? Like he said to James he was his first sexual experience, I think Michael spent years working on his grooming techniques. Didn't he groomed James for a year befor touching him? The girl guy story says a lot about how MJ pu feelers out there to see what boys responded to the grooming, so it may have began with gropingand innapropriate touching, than bathing with the first boys, taking naking pictures, than trying oral sex with James and so on. I do believe James was a big deal for him because he went as far as having a mock wedding. Wade happened after James and he didn't do that. I wonder if rejection from James made him realize that what he did was wrong and that realization, along with raising his children, was part of what contributed to such a trouble mind he needed anesthesia to sleep. Michael was a bad person and a manipulator, yes, but he was not the type of sadistic pedophile I believe, he probably was the type that call themselves "boy lovers": "Another aspect people don’t seem to understand is that Michael Jackson may have not even believed that his actions are indeed harmful to his young friends. Many pedophiles convince themselves that they are not harming children, if the sex is consensual (what doesn’t exist, because children do not even understand sex or why people have sex). So, the point of him caring a lot about children doesn’t lead to the conclusion that he wasn’t a pedophile for me personally. " The page includes a quote from a pedophile talking about being still in his viticms hearts: https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/2018/09/02/why-michael-jacksons-victims-may-stay-silent/
  4. PREACH. I hope even more come forward. Maybe they are still processing like it took James a long time to go public after Wade did. But I' sure history will remember Michael Jackson as a dangerous pedophile.
  5. https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/2019/01/27/another-boy-accuses-michael-jackson-of-molestation-2019-michael-jacobshagen/ Another molestation accusation, from a german boy... I don't know if people know about this accusation. He met the King of Pop in Paris in 1995 and was invited on his European tour three years later where he infamously spent three weeks with the singer in a hotel suite. He was eleven years old when he met Jackson. “Suddenly I was being picked up and taken to another hotel. When I went into his suite and Michael Jackson was there waiting for me, I just thought ‘Wow’. I was a huge fan.” “He gave me a hug and said in German ‘I love you’. We spent the day playing games like hide and seek and on his PlayStation. “After that he kept phoning every day asking ‘Do you want to come again?’ and we spent the whole holiday together.” He was invited by Michael to join him during concerts of his History tour. He dressed up as a mini MJ, which was typical for MJ’s young friends. “Michael invited us to other concerts, including the HIStory Tour, when I was 14. I travelled with him to other countries.” Michael Jacobshagen recalls that Jackson loved to play hide and seek and avoided to watch the news. According to him, Jackson collected Disney movies and watched them with his young friend. Jackson also signed many photos/books for Jacobshagen during that time: He remembers that Jackson felt a lot of pressure during the tour and had sleeping problems. The 14-year-old witnessed Michael Jackson taking medicines. He also says that Michael Jackson simply turned away from people who once hurted him. Jackson’s best friends were kids, as Jacobshagen says, Jackson rarely trusted adults. In 1997, Jackson invited him to London and Poland. The two of them also had sleepovers together. Jacobshagen says that they were sexually motivated. “When I slept in his bed, we wore just boxer shorts and he would put his arm around me and push his body to my body, like you would with a girlfriend,” Jacobshagen told the Sunday Mirror. Jackson had a PlayStation in his hotel room that they played with in the evenings. Jacobshagen says that he was bullied by his classmates and other kids, because they assumed that there was something sexual going on between Jackson and him. “He would put our bodies on each other and kiss me on the head and cheek. I woke many times and his hands were on me… one hand on the top of my legs and one hand around me.” “He’d pull me closer and be grabbing me more and kissing me more on the head and on the cheek, He would also stroke my hair,” he claimed. Jacobshagen confessed that he found it very difficult to say “no” to Michael Jackson, which is understandable. Jackson once gave Jacobshagen a copy of “The boy: a photographic essay”, a book which was made by convicted pedophiles, which depicts young boys between the ages of nine and thirteen, fully nude or half nude. In a personal note within the book, Jackson refers to Jacobshagen as “my Rubba Rubba” which he believes to be a reference to what they did in bed together. He also claimed that Michael stripped naked in front of him in a hotel hot tub in 1998. That also happend when Jacobshagen was fourteen years old. He said: “We were in the Jacuzzi inside Michael’s bathroom. He took his swim shorts off and said ‘If you want, you can take yours off as well’. “I told him ‘No, I don’t do that. I don’t feel comfortable being naked. I was 14, but I always looked younger.” During the weeks he spent on tour with the star, Jacobshagen would be lavished with expensive presents. ““He overstepped the mark with me and with other children.” Furthermore, Jacobshagen often wanted to sleep alone, but Michael wouldn’t let him. “I’m almost the same age now Michael was when he met me. “If I was to share a bed with a child, this would not be right. It is not normal and it’s not right. “He was always asking me to sleep in his bed. I would say, ‘No Michael, I can sleep in my own suite’, but he was saying ‘Please, please… for Michael Jackson’. “It affected me psychologically, but I never told Michael. It made me feel shame. Teachers warned my mother about allegations about Michael, but she said it was my decision if I wanted to keep seeing him.” Moreover, Jacobshagen stated the following: “He never carried out an explicit sexual act on me, but there were sexual intentions. “He must have been getting something out of it sexually. I feel now like he was testing me, seeing how far he could go.” https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/2019/01/27/another-boy-accuses-michael-jackson-of-molestation-2019-michael-jacobshagen/ Striping naked in front of a child or taking his own shorts off in the jacuzzi with the child and encouraging the boy to do the same is a crime, no? This guy is not sueing for money, so, I want to see what the fans will say. He wants the fame of being a potential victim to MJ? Who wants to be known for that? I am happy he spoke out and I hope the story gets attention. When I saw that book "the boy's allies" on Sean Lennon's video I was instantly reminded of "The Betrayal of Youth" which is a book with PIE (Pedophile information exchange) and NAMBLA ideology. Now is this one of the book Michael had and the people who made it are convicted pedophiles? How much did Michael research NAMBLA and other groups that fight for the extinction of ages of consent?
  6. Yes, Oprah said she has being said for years, masturbating a little boy may make him feel good at the time, their mind is too immature to consent, and later they have troubles, later it haunts them when they realize it, they have conflicted feelings: shame, guilt, affection for the abuser.... and sometimes they lie to themselves forever and refuse to accept it as abuse. I hope other victims come foward now but with the attacks on Wade and James might scare them. I so wish more victims would support them. "Wade Robson has the potential to put egg on their faces so rather than listen to his full story, they prefer to support a dead multimillion dollar pop star instead of a living possible abuse victim. " THIS SO MUCH. "What has society come to when we turn away people that are hurt in favor of a man who shared his bed with young boys? Hopefully they will come to their senses and stop making excuses for a fatally flawed man." https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/2018/09/02/why-michael-jacksons-victims-may-stay-silent/ This is what bothers me the most: WHY do fans choose to defend a DEAD POP STAR than LIVING PROBABLE VICTIMS? Do they have to actack and threaten them? They act as if not in a million years it could be possible they are MJ'S victims and attack them, threathen them, do they have no compassion? How I wish some irrefutable evidence would come out. Would these people feel guilty at all? From the video: How did everyone didn't notice this behaviour was creepy? "Jackson was in a jewlrely store with a 12-year-old friend on Monday pricing rings (...)" "Now how did Jackson react when he detained by the security guards? (...) "Do you think he was nervous? (...) " Store employee: He was very nervous, even in the store, that's what tipped off my manager to... something was wrong, because he acted very very nervous." "Was he jumpy, what was it like?" " I... he just reacted very nervously, he never said anything to me (...) he.. ugh... was with a small boy and he would tell the small boy exactly what he wanted to see." "Oh, I see, when he was when you were showing him jewelry he wouldn't talk to you, the small boy was the interpreter." " Right because I would have probably recognized his voice (..)" Oh bless her naive heart, like he couldn't afford people to bring rings to his house for him to look at, or an adult interpretor.
  7. Am I the only one wondering how will they do that? Stupid... "You see it's totally normal to sleep with little boys and than lose interest when they grow up". MJ was not a pedo at all. It makes me think of this video on youtube sarcastically called: '89 Michael Shopping for Ring at Zales for BROOKE SHIELDS AND OTHER WOMEN! The guy who uploaded the video is totally being sarcastic and he even liked a comment that said: "MICHAEL .J.JACKSON WAS NOT A PAEDOPHILE ! He was just someone who liked hanging around with 12 years olds,sleeping with them,take nudey pictures of them while paedo-ing on their unfortunate assess because he didn't have a childhood or something. BUT HE DEFINITELY WAS NOT A PAEDOPHILE." Anyway there are a lot of comments of people who believe the guy is a fan defending MJ like them and it' hilarious. Then again there's this girl on youtube saying the books with pictures of nude boys was art and that there's a copy of the book in the White House Library. Being this truth or not, the book together with everything else paints a very bad picture.
  8. What was the pictures of animal torture supposed to be for? They said they believe it was used to groom boys and I don't understand. Look how evil the world is and such? It's you and me against the world. Or did Michael himself like seeing these pictures, I wonder?
  9. I found a transcript of the prosecution wanting to use them as evidence, and also about the picture of the Spence kid naked at 7.... I'll look for it in my browser history.
  10. In 1983 In a Texas facility He was just a few months old when they Told him he was sold They flew the primate pet Upon a private jet And off to Neverland where he Met the impish man Feasting on candy And dressed like a dandy Bubbles was treated Like no other chimpanzee Transported to a planet made of toys, bananas, and games Childhoods end And Bubbles burst We met in the arcade Playing video games We both could not believe it was Like living in a dream We didn't understand Dancing with Peter Pan What would…be the result when we Turned into young adults Feasting on candy And dressed like a dandy Bubbles was treated Like no other chimpanzee Transported to a planet made of toys, bananas, and games Childhoods end And Bubbles burst
  11. Don't forget the bottle of mild and MJ spilling milk on him own mouth. The Boy's allies book sounds like "The Betrayal of Youth" a book with PIE (Pedophile Information Exchange) and NAMBLA ideology, basically. The police found photos of naked underage boys but that's not considered pornography because they were not engaged in sexual activity.
  12. Can you tell me about what was missinformation? Was it something I said in my yearlier post? I have been reading because it disturbed me so if you can clarify that I would be so thankfull =). I really want to know what it's missinformation about what I read and have been told by the docuseries.
  13. Fans in Brazil, mostly, are defending him, the girl got personal on me saying I must not be a person who likes to read and saying she is sad I'm a lawyer because I said I wouldn't be reading her desperate long texts in defense of him. There's this website refuting the fans lies with facts: https://mjnotinnocent.blogspot.com/2019/03/facts-dont-lie-mjinnocent.com-people-do.html
  14. Wow! All cut from the same abusive cloth! Just noticed that at Michael's angels painting there's a fallen angel (or a naked little boy) at Michael feet!!!!!! He seems to be touching his face, is he crying or hiding his face from THE SUN (MJ)? You know like it's too incrible to look at him directly. Michael is almost naked, how can people see this and not KNOW?
  15. I know, the girl looks like she could be a daughter or sister, the boy is looking at him with way too much adoration... Edit to add: I wonder what the artist was thinking and how he described just how he wanted it. Because you can't convince me the boy looking at him like that was the artist's idea and not Michael's. What did the artist think? Also the paint with the naked BOY ANGELS... Maybe they should look at this artist... I can only imagine: Michael: "That's good, but make the boy look at me like I'm his God". Artist: Okay...
  16. Ok. This was absolutely horrifying. But the part that shocked me the most is the conclusions I came about the sex tape and peeing incident and the girl’s family. The girl, Sparkle’s mentioned, was her niece. But she told her oldest brother because she couldn’t tell her sister, I believe the sister’s was the girl’s mother… And I am sure a guy commented about the pee tape and that he heard the victim was the daughter of “his bass player or something”. Sparkle in episode 4: “I really don’t know if my family was paid off. I know the family was still hanging out with him. My brother in law was still playing guitar on a lot of his songs. “ I actually found a video on youtube that identifies the girl and she doesn’t have the same last name as Sparkle. She is a daughter of a sister… It shows pictures of the girl that the doc showed with her face blurred and then the same pictures clearly showing the girl’s face. They also said her name. I am so terribly sorry for that girl. Even more so if she still is with R. Kelly. WAS THIS THE FATHER OF THE GIRL THAT STILL PLAYED WITH R. KELLY? Did the girl’s father continue to play in R.Kelly’s band AFTER R. KELLY RAPED HIS DAUGHTER AND PEED IN HER MOUTH? Even if it’s another brother in law and Sparkle has another sister still. The wife/aunt of the girl would be fine with this? This was like up to five years after the trial started. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. And the girl still hanging around him after the tape scandal is so twisted and disturbing. Edited to add: Her father STILL played base guitar for R. Kelly untill at least 2018. I have no words. Are they in denial about the possibility of it being her and just refused to view the tape? Do they blame her or pimped her out? The family blames the girl for what happened or just sold her out I think. Like people think 14 year olds just are mature enough because they hit puberty, like I’ve heard arguments that teenagers have sex with each other so why is it wrong for adults and teens to have sex. You know that bullshit pedophile arguments. And I think it had something to do with the assumption that black girls develop sexually early. Many woman said R. Kelly introduced them to the girl on the sex tape. I wonder if the girl was abused by her father/her mother/both her parents before she met R. Kelly. They sure seem to be able to sell her and not just take money and go away to try to heal her, like sometimes happens (the parents think "It already happened, I cannot undo it. The money can help us rebuild our lives and try to heal our child and send them to therapy, so I’ll take it. At least my child will never have financial problems". In these cases they go away from the press and they probably think the press is making it worse for the child, BUT they take the child away from the abuser.) BUT HERE they continued to hang around R. Kelly. This means they either didn’t care much or are in deep denial and don’t believe he did this to her. They need to go to jail. Did the father or uncle sold her or something? I can’t begin to imagine how messed up that girl is. I wonder who the trainer is. The guy on last episode said it was the girl who was with him the longest and the only one he truly trusted. It could be a girl we don’t know about, but a dark though came to my head that it could be the sex tape girl. The girl who had sex with her twice and identified her at the trial said when they first did the threesome the girl knew exactly what to do and she was the one being instructed… It’s just so many girls mentioned her and didn’t mention a girl who he trusted and trained them. I think R. Kelly was always involved with minors but when did he actually started the cult? That guy who forged the documents for Aaliyah to marry him said the studio was full of rooms and girls waiting quiet in different rooms… He has been abusing teenage girls for 25 years, but when did he start collecting women? I do know a few R. Kelly songs, but the only one I knew was him was “Trapped in the Closet”. I had no idea “I believe I can Fly” was his. I never bought anything of his. Someone made me a mix playlist once and it had “Trapped in a Closet” in it. I remember them playing on the radio some songs I know now were his… So I always knew R. Kelly for “Trapped in a closet” and peeing on some teenager in a sex tape, I thought it was gross and disturbing and never looked up any more of his music. Edited to add: Yeah, I found old comments on various boards and on youtube videos about Sparkle's, they are saying that she is still with Robert Kelly and that she is the trainer... Edit to add: according to buzzfeed the trainer is a girl who was best friends with the sex tape girl in high school and is the same age as Sparkle's niece, but not her. Sparkle's niece is not living with R. Kelly but apparently still sees him every now and then. Her own brother took pictures with R. Kelly after the trial. I guess this is the true story otherwise Sparkle would have mentioned it "my niece is still in the cult" or something. Apparently the trainer is reffered to in the house as Den Mother now. Apparently she is allowed to see her family sometimes, she sometimes goes to concerts and she is on a strict diet since she was 12 because Kelly likes his women thin and petite. She also does not have a high school diploma and is not allowed to have friends, she can only talk to the other girls when R. Kelly wants her to train them. I feel sick.
  17. I had never actually had a response (on youtube) like that before. I don't like commenting on Youtube. Maybe I did get nasty response before but I ignored them, but I just cared about James and Wade story so much I had just watched the doc so I was annoyed. But even so I only corrected the girl wrong about something James said and then didn't read the long texts and just wrote: "I won't be reading all these texts, if you need him to be innocent that much you can believe whatever you want." But really this is child abuse in its worst and it makes me furious people attack James and Wade. About facebook I know it's a trap, I didn't even try to dicuss anything of actual importance, like, that would be crazy (I've given up on discussing Game of Thrones and the ASOIAF books there already). Now I only talk on facebook about fiction and banalities. But thank you for caring. ❤️ I was thinking of Jimmy but wrote Wade, I corrected it. His story about the mock wedding actually effed me up, About Michael giving people money and buying them things, I agree 100%, he was making them dependant on him and trying to buy the kids and their families. I also would never let anyone but my family support me. I always insisted in splitting the check, since I started dating, because I always said the only man that can ever pay for things for me is my father... Not that I ever needed people to support me since I was an adult...not saying anything about people who need other help to survive, I am privileged, but Jimmy and Wade's family weren't starving, in fact Wade had a pool and a nice middle class country life, Jimmy's family wasn't really poor either....but MJ bought them a four bedroom house with a pool and supposedly gave gim dad as much as two million dollars, if he is the garbage man LaToya was talking about, UGH, I think he had to know. Which makes me furious.
  18. I thik the generous part was him just buying people stuff and giving them money, they also talked about him going into a toy stores and others stores with the kids/kids and families and just saying take everything you want, or just giving them a credit card to go shopping. Buying them jewelry and so (the video found of him and Jimmy in a jewelry store in Jimmy's town really disturbed me.) I was watching "Surviving R. Kelly" and God, I'm on episode 3, but I think I will stop for today...God. I should really watch some fiction on Netflix. R. Kelly needs to go to jail, I don't think I will sleep tonight. I didn't when I watched the Madeleine Mccann documentary or when I watched Leaving Neverland... I think it's important to watch to recognise the abuse patterns and support the victims.... but to be honest since I was young I liked Agatha Christie books and so, so true crime always get my attention, but then it haunts me.
  19. Exactly, Ruby24. I know. He build a persona to gaslight everyone. He "groomed an entire generation" or I believe more than one generation, as my sister is another die hard fan I won't even discuss this with her because we have a shaky relationship. As for his cult of fans, I regretted even commenting on the video, whatever you do don't comment on youtube about this, make a video refuting all the fans excuses and shut down the comments, if you like, I wish someone would. I was tempted to destroy their case when they were responding to me yesterday but I was so tired having not slept the night before and trying to stay awake by distracting myself on facebook so I would sleep at night, and they just kept replying and replying and saying I was reading tabloids( and I actually am a lawyer, not practicing, but I am one) but I had zero patience to reply to everything in a foreign language so I just gave up because nothing I was going to say would convince them, they don't want to believe. Also the reviewer who made the video obviously thought Michael was guilty too, he just didn't want to say it because it would make him lose subscribers, so he said "maybe... I can't know for sure, though these facts are really suspicious." That was enough for the fans to praise him so desperate they are for someone not condemning M.J right away. Literally there were so thankful, it's unbelievable they care more about a dead person accused of abuse than living people who say they were abused, like James and Wade. On Oprah's interview, Wade seemed to be dealing with this better, but then I noticed the sweat spots on his armpits, poor Wade. I wish I could someway tell both of them I believe them as well, Shakma. I was a fan of Michael's music but after I found out about these allegations at my early teens I stopped listening to him. I was born in 1987 and my mom had been a fan so I listened to his songs and loved the Thriller video... I didn't found out about Jordy Chandler until I was old enough to undersand it I don't remember when... my parents never bought more cds but we listened to those we had already. I was, I admit, always fascinated with him, like watching a train wreck... And I was always worried about his own children too, because the man was not sane, remember him almost dropping Blanket?
  20. Oh my God, I live in Brazil now and fans in Brazil are not taking this well... One woman wrote long texts on youtube explaining how she studied the case for years and repeating all you know fans are repeating everywhere. It seems because a small part of the population speaks English and those who do are super into American Music they will not hear of it. The only reviewer on youtube that seems to get positive responses are from a reviewer that says that while it seems probable MJ abused those kids no one can no for sure. I made a comment the fans just left me huge texts picking everything apart trying to find proof James and Wade were lying. The funny part is I just skimmed through a response to me and found something wrong just randomly. The girl said James claims he didn't tell his mom until 2013 and later contradicted himself. I was quick to say "no, he refused to testify in 2005 and told his mom Michael was a bad man. But he didn't give any details, Later his mom said that when he died, in 2009, she danced and was happy. She understood what her son meant and didn't push him for details because he was not ready". She was so mad and emotional and so pathetic. I had to tell her I was not going to keep reading her responses because I actually had a life and that if she wanted so bad MJ to be innocent, she was free to believe what she wanted. All I did I start the conversation replying to her comment in which she talked about Wade dating Jackson's niece, that there were no alarms leading to his bedroom, that Chandler had gone back and said his father made him lie about MJ, that Gavin did the same, that he was found not guilty.... I know I watched this later than everyone and I am still feeling raw but I fucking hate these cultist M.J fans, I feel like people are the worst. And finally I wanna find James, give him a hug, say I believe him and protect him from all the hate. All the videos on youtube bashing on Wade, James and the doc, people are gross. And may M.J burn in hell. I thought I would come out of this feeling sorry for him as well as he was clearly mentally ill but no, I hate him so much.
  21. Didn't read the thread yet, I'll just say this and later read it, so I'm sorry if someone said this before. I assume we will see even more rape and torture now. They have to make Euron even worse than Ramsey and Ellaria and her daughter will go through hell. Of course Cercei will torture Ellaria's daughter to death in front of her. I am kind of tired of rape and horrendous torture. I know they killed Tristan, Mycella and Doran but they should have just killed Ellaria and the girl, Oberyn has four more young daughters to continue the line of sucession. I mean Vikings doesn't have this much rape and the real vikings were famous for that. Was that Yara hanging from the ship? Was she captured? Are we going to see her being raped and tortured too? And why don't warrior Dornish women carry poison to kill themselves if they are about to be captured? Oberyn knew a lot about poison, didn't he? Capture means rape, torture and being kept as hostage so the Dornish Nobles obey.
  22. Well said. Same here. I will never enter a Catholic Church again. Thousands of kids were abused by priests they knew had abused before. I hold the whole institution responsible for it. You know damn well Cardinal Law was protected by Pope John Paul because he knew about people higher up being involved in or even ordering the cover-up.
  23. Excellent idea. More people need to know this happened. I'll do that. I just want to add to the list of scandals and documentaries film noire mentioned the famous "Deliver us from Evil". One of the girls abused had parents that were so close to the priest accused, they paied for his laywers until their daughter told them he had raped her since she was five years old. The abuse stopped when she was around 10. And he had abused a girl from the same age before and she an her parents had come to the Church and they promised them he would never be left around kids again. The pain of those victims and their family left me sobbing. They went to the Vatican to talk to Pope Benedict and he refused to received them, let alone listen to them.
  24. I confess I haven't been able to watch another episodes. Jean's story was on my mind for days. One one word keeps coming back to me: unforgivable. That the church would cover for these sick people, that they would promise the families the priests would never work with children again just to transfer them to another place where they would just abuse other kids In one of the articles user film noire linked to: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126192996 And if you google the nams in this article, you find more awful information: https://rapevictimsofthecatholicchurch.wordpress.com/category/father-jules-convert/ http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/the-silence/timeline/ And there are more and more stories. And then what I've discovered over time is that it's far from a pattern. It's a practice. And after you worked in four or five places, you've heard enough priest confessions and you've seen enough news reports, this is just the way it's done, by geographically moving the guys around. When I goggled a priest linked in the article I found this: https://rapevictimsofthecatholicchurch.wordpress.com/category/father-jules-convert/ And this: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/the-silence/timeline/ I Google some names in the article and I cannot find it again but one bishop actually appointed a pedophile priest he knew had abused kids before to lead boycotts. Honestly, I don't know if I can keep watching this...wich my OCD and tendency to depression. I am glad I watched it so far because my family has been trying to woo me back to the Church this new Pope is very charismatic and all. But no Way, I mean two close friends of Pope John Paul were discovered to be molesters and dealt with by Pope Benectic, father Marcial Maciel and a Polish priest or Cardinal, can't remember his name, I think. My parents have a big picture of Pope John Paul II hanging on their wall. The point is that thousands of kids were abused by priests the Church knew had abused before and I hold the whole institution responsible for it. And the word that comes to my mind is unforgivable.
  25. I never stepped in a Catholic Church again after the abuses and the cover-up by the Church came to light when I was a teenager. I am the oldest grandchild of a large Catholic family and all I could think was "it could have been my sister, it could have been one of my cousins". The fact that the Church kept transferring the priests and they continued to abuse kids wherever they went, and lying to the victims - that was disgusting. I actually tried to make my family stop giving money to the Church as well as refusing to go. I just can't. Until they start handing pedophiles to the police - actually it's too late. I am an apostate. I disagree with them on everything anyway, abortion, homosexuality, the role of women, divorce, euthanasia. I guess I was a Catholic just because I was born in a Catholic family and it was a cultural thing more than anything, I'm not even sure I believe there's a God, sometimes I think of all the suffering in the world and I lean to atheism, but when I feel lost and depressed about the evils of the world or some personal problem like the health conditions of some family members I find comfort in praying, I don't pray Holy Marys and other Catholic prayers though, it is just like a conversation. Sometimes I think of life ending after death I feel comforted too. I mean if it is how it was before I existed I'm fine, I won't know anyway, seems like true peace. ATA: One thing I am sure is that I will not bring children into this world. Oh yes, he knows and it is eating him up inside. I was thinking, that guy needs to be on suicide watch. Sometimes it looked liked he was about to cry. I figure he had to keep his mouth shut out of fear or because of some code of loyalty to his colleagues but feels guilty and ashamed. And now people are digging up the case and the community and his family may find out. And I am sorry that priest did that to you. The only time I was alone with a priest was when I was thirteen and had to confess to receive my First Communion. I never confessed again, the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals were out and soon after that I stopped going to church. I only did the first communion thing to please my parents and grandparents. I went to Catholic School but was never a strong believer and used to get my teachers mad with my liberal opinions, I asked a lot of questions too. I remember one of my teachers saying the Virgin Mary was just a bit older than us (I was 10) when God made her pregnant with Jesus and that totally creeped me out. And the teacher asked if we would be as brave and faithful and accept the will of God like her and I remember feeling very guilty. I just thought, couldn't he have chosen an older woman? Was it so important that she be a virgin that he had to go for a child because people married young back then?
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