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  1. Same. I thought she had a crown of autumn leaves on her head!
  2. My unpopular opinion: I loved the series finale. I actually got teary eyed at the end. Then again, it aired the week my grandmother died, so the thought of everyone meeting again in heaven was poignant to me.
  3. Fellow former Harrisburg resident here. The Civil War Museum line took me out of the episode. That being said, I was amused by the Amish buggy during their stop in Lancaster. It brought back memories of working in that area and being late for work because I got stuck behind a buggy,lol. On Joel: I hated him in Season One. I wanted him to be miserable for what he did to Midge. Yet I’m really enjoying the character this season. I like his growth, and that he seems to be truly supportive of Midge’s career. I usually hate it when shows try to rehabilitate trifling men. It’s
  4. The man survived a pretty horrific plane crash years ago that killed 2 people and left him with severe burns on 65% of his body. That’s pretty punk rock in my book.
  5. As a hater I refuse to acknowledge the existence of season 4. However, I love fashion and I have to admit that Janina slayed this look: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/janina-gavankar-im-emotionally-hungover-after-attending-royal-wedding/
  6. So, I’m a directing student. One of the biggest thing we are taught is safety. The director sets the tone. They’re are responsible for the safety of their cast and crew. It’s my understanding that this injury happened while Clayne was directing. I don’t know how the accident occured, but any type of injury on set should be treated seriously. If he caused the accident because of miscommunication, or lack of regard for the safety of others then he absolutely deserves to be called out. And if it was truly an accident then obviously Wayans feels like Clayne did not handle the situatio
  7. I’m shocked at the amount of people calling out Wayans on Twitter. Apparently he shouldn’t be upset that he got injured because of his co-workers recklessness. Or mad that his co-worker made their work place a living hell. He’s the problem, not the jackass who got fired for being a jackass.
  8. I agree. I have no problem dropping a show if I no longer enjoy watching it or if it feels like a chore to finish it. I almost dropped Scandal for the exact reason. There are 3 episodes from this past season that I stopped watching mid episode. I literally found out how they ended via recaps. I came back because I heard the HTGAWM crossover over was pretty good. Which brings me to a few Scandal unpopular opinions: 1. I really enjoyed the Scandal finale and got choked up at the end. 2. I didn’t mind black hat Olivia and hated that Fitz and crew shunned her. Like, everyone in
  9. This made my night. I wonder if this was scripted moment or improvised?
  10. I thought it was relatable, oddly enough. I’ve also tweaked my back doing yoga and it’s super embarrassing to admit. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this episode. I hate Liv and Fitz as a couple, but enjoy them as colleagues and friends. I wasn’t a fan of their conversation about whether he was “inappropriate”. This is a man who had no qualms showing up at her house at all hours with secret service when she asked him not to. He moved her into the White House without consulting her. Fitz has issues with the word “no”. I wish they hadn’t included that scene, or at least
  11. This is a show where not one but two republican presidents care about things like free college, Black Lives Matter, healthcare for all, and gay rights. Its also a show where President Obama was never elected, yet the Tea Party exists for some reason. Definitely in a parell universe!
  12. I agree. I’ve dealt with severe depression and anxiety my whole life. Rebecca lines about being too tired and wanting to sleep forever hit me so hard. I’ve been there. It was too real.
  13. https://vipfanauctions.com/sleepy-hollow-series-auction/ On one hand I’m still pretty angry about how everything went down with this show. On the other, I really want Abbie’s copy of Grace Dixon’s diary. And all of Abbie’s coats, even though Nicole Beharie is tiny and I am not.
  14. Hucks line about the cell phone made me cackle. The episode was a bit slow, but I enjoyed it. I really like Quinn, Charlie, and Huck as slightly off kilter fixers over cray cray killers. Olivia's new man snack is nice to look at. At least he's got that going for him. Mellies scene about wanting to get laid went on for too long, though I did get a chuckle over the vibrator bit. Olivia, help your girl out! If you can turn FDR's pool into a B16 evil labarotry you can at least get a Babeland representative in the White House to hook Mellie up.
  15. I really loved Mama Popes speech, but initially thought it was weirdly placed in the episode. I understood it better at the end of the episode. Maya knew Liv was sitting outside of the jail cell. She touched on all of the things black women do for the world and the little credit they get. She was basically encouraging (or manipulating) Liv to stop playing nice for people who don't appreciate her, and get hers.
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