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  1. Ysabet

    S03.E16: It's Not Easy Being Green

    Worsel, I was also sure Rumpel was going to tell Zelena that she loved herself. To me, it really fits better with her sudden onset of hatred for Regina (and her father, maybe?). If it's all about her, it seems easier to believe that anything can "earn" her ire. Regina did it merely by existing. BTW, that scene with Zelena and her father ... did that seem off to anyone else? I caught that too! Plus there was the exchange about not wanting a present and getting it anyway. Nice callback. Oops. Forgot to address this. I'm pretty sure it's Rumpel. She has twice mentioned his brain and Rumpel and Scarecrow have straw in common.
  2. Ysabet

    S03.E14: The Tower

    Blue Girl, that's it! Thank you for figuring that out. If only they had gone matte green, it would have worked, I think. We as an audience have been willing to use our imaginations to compensate for things like less-than-state-of-the-art green screen shots. But I just can't with the sparkly green. OTOH, Rumpelstiltskin's glittery gold skin wasn't a problem for me. OT Other OH, I'm quite willing to believe that it's more to Robert Carlyle's credit than the makeup department's. Or maybe I just have a green problem.