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  1. bclines67

    Season One Talk: Wolves and Cougars and Bears, Oh My!

    well, they couldn't do the show with 10 peeps so all that BS was just thinning the herd, please survival experts afraid of black bears, please but, now with 5 peeps, they can spend 10 minutes per show with them, which is enough so, i'm still watching let's see where this goes, i'm expecting somebody to last at least 3 months
  2. bclines67

    Season One Talk: Wolves and Cougars and Bears, Oh My!

    ok, first i'm gonna keep watching the show 2nd, i know how these "reality" shows work, if they had 10 guys week after week, then we'd only get to spend 4 minutes an episode with each contestant and would never get to know them but really?!?!?!? these outdoor peeps are that afraid of Black Bears?? ... i see one once a week by my house ... yes, they are big, but they don't seem that interested in humans and Wolves or Woofs (don't understand why they are called that many places :) ) ... i can't remember the last time a Wolf attack was reported now i did see another show where a cougar jumped on the back of a bike rider but, these guys tapping out after 1, 2, 3, 4 days b/c they are scared of Black Bear and Wolves ... not realistic ... they just need to thin the numbers, so we can get to know the contestants ... i mean they last 21 days on Naked and Afraid, of course, that show is unwatchable, b/c i don't need to see an hour of ugly butt cracks ok, just had to vent, i feel better now :)