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  1. MM is gonna show her ass whenever her last day is. I'm not joking, she's gonna literally pull her pants down and tell all of us to kiss it.
  2. That part actually pissed me off and made me not sad to see this show go. It was just so ridiculous.
  3. Joy: I've been here for 25 years MM: And I've been here for 4! Joy: And you should respect that MM: ::Rolls her eyes:: MM is a disrespectful you-know-what.
  4. What did Joy say? I turned the channel when MM went into her usual 'whatabout-isms.'
  5. I only tuned in today because I just knew MM was gonna be mad about something in response to not having to wear masks (something she's been advocating for, BTW) she did not disappoint.
  6. MM - "I don't like to judge people's marriages and bedrooms" ::Planned Parenthood just entered the chat::
  7. MM makes me long for the days of Jediblahblah and her shit eating grin.
  8. I'm about tired of Cindy McCain on this show. Ditto her daughter.
  9. I hate agreeing with her as well. Although, I did laugh when she said "NO, I wasn't texting with Don Lemon last night, EVIDENTLY I don't have that type of relationship with him" - speaking about Sunny's texting with him last night. MM really hates being left out doesn't she? Yes, but the 911 call was released and whomever called said that "people over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us, trying to put hands on our grandma."
  10. I agree with Whoopi - I don't care if they get vaccinated either, just stay the hell away from me and mine. ETA - Joy said exactly what I was thinking (RE Roe v Wade) MM says she hates ANYTHING dealing with big government, but would love nothing more than the government telling women what to do with their bodies.
  11. Why in the hell did I turn the channel to this....Is this the MM show or what?
  12. She said out of her own mouth that she'll take the vaccine if it means she can get drunk at Caesars Palace. I'm watching like "wow, that's your priority?" SMH.
  13. Sherri will be there Monday. I thought Meghan got her banned?
  14. The media needs to stop giving Greene what she wants - attention. This is the SAME way Trump was elected President!
  15. So MM doesn't like to be painted with a broad brush but just like Whoopi said MM did EXACTLY the same thing with AOC and dems. If the shoe fits, wear it girl.
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