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  1. I ♥️ Mario Cantone. Boo to S.E. Cupp cohosting next week.
  2. Sunny has her fangs out.
  3. "Circle of Life" makes me cry every time I hear it.
  4. Did they even want Drew there? They over talked him almost the entire time.
  5. I know my local ABC affiliate in Atlanta reported the story at least 3 times this past weekend and NEVER said they were false positives. It kinda pissed me off.
  6. Oh I'm not watching that miserable bitch. See y'all Wednesday!
  7. With Whoopi, Sunny, AND Anna out - calling former co-hosts....I would LOVE Star, Meredith, and Lisa for a while.
  8. This show and namely Adam's antics have been grating on my nerves, but I never give up on a one time favorite show so I watch it in the background. That changed when Beverly started singing. I totally lost it when she launched into "Papa Was A Rolling Stone". Hilarious!
  9. Exactly. Black people are seen as adults as soon as they hit puberty in the eyes of the media. Yet, I remember during "Lochte-gate" the media kept referring to this 30+ year old man as some dumb kid that made a mistake. The double standards are glaring.
  10. Ugh Sara shut up! Monica is JUST as culpable as Bill. She was in between his legs while his wife (that she knew he had) was down the hall. She loves to play the victim but she hasn't shut up about it since it happened. Enough already!
  11. They need to let Lisa talk!
  12. I was thinking Rosie and my reasoning was they want it to be a surprise because they don't want egg on their faces if she pulls out at the last minute.
  13. Star is the reason I started watching. Her cracking Barbara's face live on air is still in my top 10 of daytime TV moments.
  14. They are on fire and ALIVE without "she who shall not be named" there to steamroll them with her 'alternative facts'.
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