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  1. Me too. At least I think so from the little info we've been given about them.
  2. My biggest peeve is that the chefs chosen by Ramsey to be on the show are so skeevy that I never want to eat in a Ramsey restaurant. I can't really afford it much anyway, but last year for my birthday, I had to turn down an invitation to go to one of Las Vegas because I was afraid of who would be in the kitchen. I know in my head that they can't all be dirty, incompetent fools, but my stomach just doesn't believe my head.
  3. I now do remember Caleb, but totally forgot that. And now that you've reminded me, I think the other was Hayden of the Four Horsemen or whatever. I think he was allied with an Enzo, Lane and someone else. It was Brittany's first year. So now I have to cover my face in shame, except that TAR has really gotten the worse of it. They had Brenchel twice, Allison and her boyfriend, and Jeff and Jordan. Plus Survivor sent them Rob & Amber twice, and finally decided to give Rob his million on their show so CBS could finally be rid of him.
  4. I'm still going to watch it. Didn't let Brenchel scare me off and I won't let Jody/Jessico ruin my favorite show. I just wish CBS would treat Phil Keoghan with as much respect as they do Jeff Probst and stop forcing their garbage cast onto his show.
  5. Apolo Anton Ohno was a speed skater, not a skier. His father, who both named him and raised him, was an American citizen who was born in Japan. I think his mother was perhaps of European descent, but she wasn't really involved in his upbringing.
  6. This is a beautifully compact area. We rented a cottage on an apricot farm near St. Remy, and were able to visit Les Baux, Arles, Avignon, and the area where lavender is grown all on day trips. Just loved it.
  7. Stars are definitely loaned just about every item that appears on their bodies when they walk any red carpet, not just Oscars. I know the donors of gowns and jewelry have their people on-site, ready to take it all back. Although they are given shoes as well, I'm not as sure if they are taken back. Heck, many of them don't even pay for their own make-up or hair-dos.
  8. They were in the Czech Republic in, I believe, S15. I will always remember Franz Kafka.
  9. You should enjoy this site then. Right now the Jody fans are kind of swamping the board so there are a lot of extra posts you don't usually encounter, but I'm sure the regulars will come through. Be sure to check the Time Line thread. DISCLAIMER: Not criticizing the Jody folks; just stating the facts, ma'am. Not rooting for Jody, but I always want the best racers to win. If they're the best, good for them. If not, c'est la vie.
  10. Agree with both of you. And I also liked the scenes where we see "Paige" exhibit her fear (and jealousy) about Ralph growing up. Only thing I'm already tired of is Paige warning Walter that she will no longer be his "girlfriend" if he doesn't do what she wants. I know they're only one-liners, but it still annoys me.
  11. Yep, Reality Fan Forum. They do great detective work.
  12. It appears that Leg 3 in Tangiers may have been an NEL, thus 9 teams are still in during Leg 4 in St. Tropez. Also looks like Shawn & Cedric, NBA, were last in, and so will have to do a Speed Bump in St. Tropez.
  13. I'm a bit surprised that Cody is still asking for such a discount. I absolutely think active or recently discharged military should receive a discount when available, but don't feel it should be a life-long advantage. If I'm correct, Cody told someone (his 2nd time back in the house) that he went into the service right after high school and served a total of 4 years. That means Cody is out of the service 10 years, and should have gotten himself settled enough not to be quibbling about a 5 or 10% price break. IMOO, of course. Just for the record, I have never been in the militar
  14. Because they will still have the Hex to use, and the next HoH won't be able to get them out either. This way they will have to burn the Hex to stay in the game, and will be eligible for nomination in the weeks to come.
  15. But Paul has told Kevin on at least one occasion to cast that hinkey vote.
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