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  1. I can appreciate those images while I wait for 2018. ? Actually I am not looking forward to the long wait for season three. I finally found a new sci-fi fix with expanse.
  2. Throughout this episode I kept wondering one thing. Would the creature show any sort of emotion or attempt to communicate. In the end all it live for is to feed. I really need to read the books! best characters this episode go to Amos, Bobby and the electrician who let Bobby go. Lol. I've finally started to like the body guard who got shot. He's loyal.
  3. Not very thrilled with the Holden storyline right now. It is definitely way to Ahab for me. I believe the writers went overboard with his ambition, and it just came across silly. I also missed the alien stowaway.
  4. I can't figure one thing out, did Amos get that procedure done to his frontal lobe? I didn't read the book. And they sort of cut that story out a bit?
  5. Awesome that it gets another season. It's the only sci-fi series of interest to me
  6. Amos is still the best part of the show, aside from the awesome writing this season. Bravo to Syfy for getting it right.
  7. The past two episodes have been the best. This feels like a deep story driven si-if show without reaching into the lame jar. It is something a thinking person can enjoy! i want to watch it again for one funny comment Amos made again. Love the writing, amazing show. I will have a rough time finding something interesting to watch when this season ends. Damn good show. Love the direction and deflections.
  8. This was one of the best episodes yet. Intriguing, suspenseful and interesting. Still think Amos is my favorite character. Also, not much belter crap. If this follows the book. Does Amos transform much from his current character?
  9. Nukester

    S02.E08: Pyre

    Yeah, maybe not. I love sci-if and the show was showing some really cool things in the story. The belter thing is so cliche it just feels out of place. There is enough story in the mars/earth/alien category to make it interesting. Maybe it's the accent, the tattoos or the haircuts, but it just distracts from the show.
  10. Nukester

    S02.E08: Pyre

    I'm also tired of the whole "Belter" bullshit. Boring, annoying and the show could be fantastic without that whole annoying ass group.
  11. Nukester

    S02.E08: Pyre

    just put Drummer and Amos together, solve two problem personalities. I wish they would leave Amos alone, he's the only person in the whole show that makes sense.
  12. I personally enjoyed the pace of this episode. Had a more real feel to it. A few things. Was it me or did Amos have too much makeup on. He looked funny.. Eyes? Love the character. Only one I really like. Life to him is light and dark, it's one way or the other. Holden isn't very intelligent, nor does he have any balls. The hairstyles from the 80's still crack me up. It was obvious to me that the marines were shooting things and backing up. It should have been very obvious to the martians. The new aliens, just plain creepy.
  13. Nukester

    S02.E05: Home

    Eh. That whole love scene was overplayed and the orchestration not very good. Regardless, the production is top notch! Love this show.
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