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  1. I’ve gotten to the point that I like Toby, a lot more than I like Kate. Husband’s job took him away for weeks at a time when we had two under 1, both with special needs. Then we moved cross country where we knew no one. You deal with it. I’m also calling Kate out for getting mad at “I love my children, but.” Every parent has felt that. He tells you working is necessary for his emotional and mental health, and it makes you mad. Nice. Also calling BS that they are getting by on her part time teacher’s aide salary. Must be the most expensive music school in the world, which frankly makes
  2. So have we made sure that everyone has made a groveling apology to Randall before the show ends? I’d hate to realize someone missed out by this time next year.
  3. If this show ends its final season with Kevin and Sophie together, the primal scream you all will hear will come from me.
  4. UO: Hallelujah is way overplayed as montage music. Actually, it’s way over played period. Too bad because I loved it once upon a time and now want to roll my eyes whenever I hear the opening bars.
  5. It’s been reported that they still make around $20 million a year from Friends, and they all have remained busy. I agree with Ohiopirate; I also think several have kids who have started to watch it, and the thought of getting the gang back together to hang out was too good to pass up. Getting paid to do so was just icing on the cake.
  6. Impressive win for Phil today!
  7. My UO is that I won’t watch Lucy Liu because I think she is a terrible actress who must have incriminating photos in a safe somewhere.
  8. I just finished The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa for book club. If anyone wants to tell me what the hell just happened, I would be most appreciative.
  9. My favorite Lestrade was the BBC version. Greg was a delight, not the buffoon he is sometimes shown to be.
  10. I have two on the spectrum. I was with one of them at library circle time when another mom thought we would become friends if she commented on my child and recommend McCarthy’s book. I told her thanks, but I liked my medical advice to come from people who studied medicine rather than became famous for nude photos in a magazine. We did not become friends. Shocking, I know. Ugh, I forgot Oprah gave her such a platform, but I guess it fit with her new-agey direction and Jenny was probably happy to slobber all over her.
  11. This may be an UO because I used to love her, but now I find I tend to roll my eyes when she speaks - Oprah has overstayed her welcome. She is not a great interviewer; she keeps interrupting her guests so that she can remind them, and her audience, she is so much more evolved than the rest of us. Read how she explains the question she regrets asking Sally Fields (spoiler alert-it was her producers’ fault and she wasn’t enlightened enough to buck them). https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/tv/oprah-winfrey-talks-interview-question-sally-field-burt-reynolds/%3Famp%3Dtrue
  12. I’m tired of Kevin being the flighty one who can’t commit. I also hate the “first love is your only love and true soulmate” trope played out in every bad Hallmark movie. I want Kevin to think about it and have his cold feet, but realize love isn’t all thunderclaps and romance, but sometimes sneaks up on you as the culmination of a hundred small gestures and choices. Whoever suggested he talk with Rebecca - brilliant idea!!!
  13. Was Roper really supposed to be a closeted gay man? If so, I was today's age when I found that out.
  14. I hate this trend because I always end up wondering if they either (1) want me to decide it’s no big deal that villain did villainous things because villain was once a victim, too (which no) or (2) convince me there is no truth, just alternate facts (which I blame for the state of the world we live in right now).
  15. I thought Knocked Up had a lot of ad libbing and rewrites. I never saw it, but I thought the script was more of an opening idea that changed throughout the filming and editing process. I could be wrong.
  16. I was around 11 or 12 when I saw “Same Time Next Year” on cable, and I told everyone my favorite joke about Alan Alda telling the girl their luck was so bad that when they got together for the first time the radio was playing, “If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake.” I did not understand why all the adults gasped or why my mother kept assuring them I didn’t fully understand the joke. I somehow had not realized until years later that they were having an adulterous relationship, he was talking about their first time having sex, and the song title was much more descriptive t
  17. Matt tells a story about being young and smarting off to a huge guy while playing tackle football one afternoon. The guy was pissed, took him down, and could have done some damage except younger, smaller Ben Affleck flew across the field and threw himself on top of the big guy. Matt said Ben will be a friend for life. Seeing him tell that story, I believe him.
  18. I totally can see Kevin go the writing/directing route; for me the funny part will be if Nicky’s Bonanza line is life-changing.
  19. There is a beautiful, heart-breaking video of a prima ballerina with dementia. She sits in her wheelchair with no expression, but when they played “Swan Lake” she starts doing all the arm motions. It is absolutely gorgeous. I really hope Kevin goes through his discernment process only to realize he loves Madison. It would be hilarious if Kevin ends up saving his career by writing his own western like Nicky wants.
  20. This exactly. I know it sounds like I actively search for stuff about her to dislike, but for awhile she was everywhere and I couldn’t escape her. I used to get People magazine, and she always seemed to be interviewed or quoted. I remember reading a Reader’s Digest article about her (yes, I am old) in which she talked about the Selena criticism that she couldn’t speak Spanish and mentioned that she quickly married and her husband only spoke Spanish and the marriage should quell the comments. That made me stop and go hmm. Then she had a magazine article in which she dissed other actres
  21. Yes, wasn’t her excuse that she wasn’t paying enough attention to know her underlings were treating people badly and creating a toxic environment against her wishes? So it seems like she really wasn’t up to the most basic challenge.
  22. I’ve always felt a “user” vibe from JLo. Lainey’s gossip only reinforces that. Every time you think you have heard the last of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, something else pops up: https://insidethemagic.net/2021/05/amber-heard-lapd-probe-perjury-rwb1/
  23. I’m hoping Nathan can now let go of the guilt and the sense of duty related to Elizabeth and lighten up. I like the actor well enough; next season they should give him something more fun.
  24. I am still annoyed that the explanation TPTB gave for the ending was Tony finally was selfless while Steve was finally selfish. I guess hand carrying a nuclear weapon to outer space doesn’t count as selfless. Tough crowd.
  25. One of my favorite Lana Turner stories was that she was asked about being nicknamed “Sweater Girl” and she supposedly said something along the lines of “I wasn’t wearing a bra, and when you’re young they bounce.” I didn’t get the feeling she took herself too seriously, though she certainly acquitted herself fairly well in her acting career. Judy was terrific in Judgment. Then again, she was terrific in most of the stuff she did.
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