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  1. Why would the French kid be dead? I would think resetting means his life just rewinds to before he saw Loki in the church. Killing him off would be another variant to the sacred timeline, wouldn’t it?
  2. I had assumed at first that the man who took the money was an undercover cop, but laughed harder that he was just a random guy. I like shapeshifter ’s plot!
  3. I wish they had honored Meghan’s mom in the names.
  4. My kids have friends who have recently announced they relate to different pronouns. When I messed up (luckily not to them), my kids said, “Mom, you just say sorry and move on. The worst thing you can do is make a big deal about it with your apology.” So Tess’s reaction rang false to me.
  5. I had not expected to be so invested in the success of a fake movie, but was so happy to see him win the Emmy. I don’t remember when this happened (we binge-watched) so am putting it here - when the doctor spoke to Sandy with such disdain about how he could screw up being married to Roz, I wish he had had the presence of mind to say that if they had remained married she might not have joined Doctors Without Borders. I also don’t know why Mindy was so bothered by his saying Roz and he were buddies. Perfectly good description of their relationship. I felt for Mindy; she ended up stuck wi
  6. Not a name I would choose, but maybe Lily as a nickname? Congratulations to the family!
  7. Okay, that is very different from an agent-arranged marriage claim. Jennifer said he had a sensitivity chip missing.
  8. Crs97


    By that logic, I am one of the best gymnasts in the world as long as I don’t have to perform physically any of the moves I dream up in my head. Cool.
  9. Yes I do remember his dating Juliette. I don’t know how it relates to my post, but yes I remember.
  10. I have to chuckle at this because a few weeks ago husband and I argued with raised voices (well, mine was raised) and our two adult (with special needs) kids raced into the room to see if we were okay; we realized they had not heard us argue before because we usually do so pretty calmly and privately. They didn’t make us renew our vows, though.
  11. Remember when Halle Berry lost her court case to move her daughter to France and then her ex-boyfriend ended up in the hospital beaten up while Halle and her new boyfriend claimed he started the fight and the security cameras that would have recorded the fight in the driveway were inexplicably moved that day? I’m just saying Brad should consider bringing security with him to the pick up/drop offs.
  12. Crs97

    Tennis Thread

    I agree, merylinkid, and should have been more specific; Naomi’s statement actually referenced the 2018 US Open as the start of her depression: “The truth is I have suffered long bouts of depression since the US Open in 2018 and I have had a really hard time coping with that.” That cartoon is so hard to see. Infuriating.
  13. Crs97

    Tennis Thread

    I yelled at the television when Mary read Naomi’s statement, which ended with the revelation that she has suffered long bouts of depression since 2018, and her first comment afterwards was “Wimbledon is only four weeks away. What is she going to do?” How you can read her statement and have your first response be her tennis schedule is beyond me. Mary did the impossible and made me like John McEnroe because when she asked for his response, he gave a thoughtful comment on mental health and the tennis community.
  14. He had also just gotten home from a food run. Could have asked them because he went straight into see Rebecca.
  15. I thought Norman was having trouble watching his daughter be so nice with the girlfriend when she was so awful to her mom. Since Madelyn won’t talk about her past, I assume she has some drug issue in her past. We just discovered this show and are loving it!!
  16. That’s why I wonder if she has been strategically delaying matters. I think they have only recently become old enough to testify under the Code she cites. Maddox has already aged out of the discussion. Reportedly she has already been warned about alienation. Seems like a dangerous plan if I am right.
  17. I’m also confused by the comment that she doesn’t feel the courts have done enough to make sure their children are cared for and protected. Wasn’t he investigated by two groups? Cleared by both of them. Went to rehab and counseling. Kids went to counseling. I thought there was group counseling as well. He started with monitored visitation that slowly evolved into joint custody based on the experts’ testimony. What else is the court supposed to do? Or does his crisis management team deserve a raise for making me believe that narrative?
  18. I sometimes think she is delaying the custody resolution in hopes that most of her children will be adults by the time it’s over. She changes lawyers and tries to replace the judge at the last minute; makes me go hmm, but maybe it’s just that Brad has the better PR team leaking info. Feel sorry for the kids.
  19. Court hearing her complaint said he properly disclosed the working relationship earlier. I guess she should have complained then.
  20. I remember reading that there wasn’t any back stage drama with Reese Witherspoon; she didn’t come back because she was uncomfortable acting in front of the live studio audience. I loved the reunion! Yes, we could have skipped the fashion show and Lady Gaga. I just wanted to hear them reminisce, and they gave me some new stories. The BTS clips were also terrific. I am always surprised when TPTB say they hadn’t planned to put Chandler and Monica together long term. I think they had the best slow burn of friends to spouses. I also will go to my grave thinking they should have ended wit
  21. I once read an article about Seinfeld in its heyday. Jason Alexander tried stand up and bombed. Jerry’s quote was along the lines of “As an actor I just have to get from a to b and no one really cares how badly I do so. Stand up, on the other hand, is jumping out of a plane with an iffy parachute.”
  22. It's now been reported that Matthew slurs because he had just had some dental surgery. Whatever it is, I hope he is well. He was always my favorite. https://www.nydailynews.com/snyde/ny-friends-matthew-perry-slurred-speech-emergency-dental-work-not-relapse-20210526-ncj5e5gomjgf7emk3dxo3yfptu-story.html
  23. Maybe I am missing something, but the one trailer that had Matthew slurring didn't alarm me. They were talking about getting emotional, and I thought he was playing it for laughs a little. I didn't see it as his trying and failing to say something. They had those kinds of moments on Friends a lot where someone was so upset that they no longer made sense. Does he sound perfect in the cameo video above? No, but nothing that alarms me. Are there other clips out there that raised alarms, or are people deciding he has relapsed based on that one moment and his usual disheveled appearance?
  24. I once heard a reporter who was writing a book on his attempt to parent solo while his wife took a few weeks away to finish her book. He said he started the process thinking how hard could this be? and ended it asking himself when I love these children so much and would die for them, why is my happiest moment seeing their backs as they walk away from me into school each morning?. Still makes me chuckle.
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