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  1. I had the same question about little Diane, but you can see an older woman in a brown coat rocking a pram behind them when they are saying goodbye.  I assumed that once Rupert got everyone to notice him with the baby, he handed her off to the help.  In fact, the nanny had to get the pram down the steps, and neither Rupert nor Bex looked concerned or offered to help.

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  2. 12 hours ago, Turtle Wexler said:

    The scenes with Rebecca and her mom and Ted and Dr. Sharon were so powerful, but (and I sense I’m the only person who felt this way), I actually didn’t like the way they were cut because I felt they were too tonally different: finding your father having sex with someone other than your mother is not anywhere near the realm of finding your father dead by suicide.

    There was something masterful, yet almost too artistic about it for me.  I thought Jason’s cracked stoicism made Hannah look a little like she was chewing the scenery during Rebeca’s reveal, but both stories were powerful and both delivered them well in character.  We also got the details of Ted’s dad without getting the details, if that makes sense.

    I ship Sassy and Ted so much now.  She is a beacon of joy and fun that he desperately needs.  What I really want is is for him to have a panic attack that she can help him with (not to get rid of Sharon, whom I adore) but just to give Sassy another layer.  We know she is ruthlessly loyal; Ted can use as much of that as he can get, and he doesn’t feel comfortable letting very many in past his facade.


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  3. 7 hours ago, AzraeltheCat said:

    wish I could flash forward and know if he marries Sophie and then maybe I'd save myself the trouble of watching.  I HATE them together.  I did see that the actress's other show is renewed for 2 more seasons so I'm hoping we won't see her again. 😬😆  I really want him to fall for Madison.


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  4. I also noticed that he is successful in each timeline - superstar singer, heroic cop, great nurse.  I wouldn’t have minded if he was struggling with more than his love life.  That is one of the great things in Sliding Doors.

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  5. I just finally watched it.  While it was kinda fun, no one (besides maybe Justin) was a good dancer.  I get that they are supposed to be amateurs, but they weren’t good at all.  I liked that Scott Foley said Gabbie was the star not because she could dance, but because she would get her heart broken.  That lift started decently, but then she was just hanging there.  Why was anyone impressed, much less clapping in awe?  I will try again, but they weren’t good.

  6. I really need more of Jenny’s perspective to understand the double “I was pregnant and didn’t tell you” plotlines.  In one of them he said no to have dinner with his family.  How in the world does that make a woman decide he shouldn’t be part of her decision, especially when she decides to carry the baby to term?  I also really don’t like the idea of his family guilting him into being a police officer if he has been clear that he wants to do something else.  I’m still intrigued enough to watch, though.

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  7. I didn’t realize he was a nurse, but that makes more sense than medical school if she only became a paralegal.  I like the nurse storyline best because it seems highly unlikely to become a triangle.  I thought all the characters were likable; I’m in for now.

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  8. I just realized that when Ross finds out Carol is a lesbian and is leaving him for Susan, he never even considered they were having an affair till after Phoebe specifically asked.  Fast forward to his irrational panic over Rachel and Mark - that divorce really broke him in a lot of ways.  Someone should have suggested therapy.

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  9. 5 hours ago, Tabbygirl521 said:


    12 hours ago, Kiddvideo said:

    The only thing I can figure out is they wanted us to think it was a drug-induced hallucination and Coach putting his feet on the desk at the end (and showing us the sequined pants proving it was real) was supposed to be illuminating. So now we know Coach has the ability to let loose.

    I’m going to file this with that episode of The Golden Girls and forget it exists.


    I think even the pants at the end were part of the hallucination because his legs were visible to all but no one commented. 


    If you watch, Ted does a small, quizzical double take when Beard puts his feet up.  I think they are real.

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  10. I’ve watched the first two.  Wow does Keith seem jealous that Gary Carter is in the HOF and he isn’t.  He’s coming off as quite a petty jerk IMO.  Am I supposed to think Keith had the moral high ground because he didn’t like to take curtain calls after HR’s and Gary did?  Petty jerk.

  11. I’ve watched the first hour of 30 for 30.  Gary Carter was my favorite player on that team, and I hate remembering how much his teammates seem to have disliked him when you know it’s really because he wasn’t scoring drugs with them.

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  12. The Cheers/Night Court exchange remains one of my favorite moments.  IIRC, Sassy said Rebecca got the nickname Stinky because she was rich and new.  I’ve assumed she is quite wealthy.

  13. 1 hour ago, MissLucas said:

    Her therapist would know that she works for AFC Richmond and it would be quite tiresome if Sharon had to use aliases for all her patients. Not something that is usually done anyway.

    I guess I am surprised that she would need a name at all.  “I have a patient who just won’t open up to me.  Uses jokes and obscure references anytime we get close to an emotional moment.”  That seemed to provide the relevant information without outing Ted.

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  14. I loved this episode!  I had hoped Sam and Rebecca would end after the dinner and am sad they are moving forward romantically, but that happens in life, too.  Crazily enough, they do look good together.

    One of my favorite scenes was the teacher’s patient and encouraging look when Roy couldn’t  figure out where Phoebe is hearing all the swearing.  She may be a little smitten, but she was not inappropriate.  I loved that of course they got ice cream, and his speech melted me.

    Nate’s “confessional” was completely self serving, and I immediately thought he is going to use those comments against them in some sort of panicked, public way.  Or he isn’t going to know how “off the record” works in an interview with Ted Crimm of The Independent.  I am painfully waiting for this screw up, knowing it will break my heart because he absolutely cannot come back from that. The writers are amazing, but not miracle workers (though a small part of me hopes the writing room just said, “challenge accepted!”  I still want to like Nate, but certainly don’t now.)

    Sharon and Ted were terrific, though I was surprised at the beginning that Sharon’s therapist knew Ted Lasso by name as Sharon’s patient.  I would have thought confidentiality would extend even into her own therapy sessions.  That bothered me a little.

    Shout out to the ref who puts Nate in the penalty box with a shrug and almost apologetic, “You can’t say that to me.”

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  15. 11 minutes ago, CouchTater said:

    At one point, I saw Sabalenka celebrate/pander to the crowd in the same manner that Leylah has been doing.  Do we think that's on purpose, as a dig?  Or was she also just really excited?

    I also had it on mute, and she seemed very insistent that she should be given the same applause Leylah was getting.  I kept thinking, “Honey, that’s not really how cheering works.”  So it wasn’t just you.

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  16. 41 minutes ago, meowmommy said:
    5 hours ago, cambridgeguy said:

    if we were meant to take those statements seriously then Tom Brady would have ascended to sainthood by now.

    But..but..but...you're saying he hasn't???  Whatever do you mean

    I bet that there are some fans out there who would be willing to testify that they saw him walk on water.  🙄

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  17. I just watched the episode in which Brenda gets Fritz to give her all the information on El Jefe in exchange for the feds getting to man the stakeout, but then let’s him go to the wrong place so that she can arrest the suspect the FBI hopes to flip against the drug cartel.  I know Fritz is problematic, but I hate Brenda in this episode.  Hate her.  He is absolutely right that if the tables were turned she would have kicked him out before the sun set.  I can’t remember if she ever really apologized to him in a later episode because she certainly doesn’t here.  He really should have dumped her.

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