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    College Football

    Apparently he’s not willing to make the sacrifice since he is now suing them over it.
  2. I loved Trudy commandeering the bar and planning to find that party bus. Nice crossover there. I’m glad they didn’t kill off Casey. Not surprised it was pretty low key, and it totally fits his character to move across country to help out a friend’s kids. I think unfortunately we will now have Brett’s drama of a potential relationship with her chief. They were pushing it pretty hard last week. I wouldn’t mind a Carol/Doug/ER -esque reunion whenever she decides to leave the show.
  3. I am almost to the point of shipping Gabby and Nick; he has really become a favorite. I loved how quickly he got to Gabby when he realized the teacher was the father, and his dumping the coffee with the delayed and unrepentant “oops” was lovely.
  4. That attitude comes up (to a much lesser extent, but still comes up) in The Philadelphia Story. Tracey is bitchy to her dad because he is a serial cheater, but somehow he tells her with a straight face that his infidelity is all her fault for not being a loving enough daughter. And she believed it. 🤦‍♀️
  5. I’m starting Anderson Cooper’s book on his family. Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty is very interesting, and I am only 30 pages in.
  6. Friends made sense with Chandler and Monica wanting to raise their children in the suburbs. You knew everyone would still see each other and remain friends, but they were moving on organically.
  7. Finally read The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth. Quick, enjoyable read, but I thought Rose was too much a derivative of [the name of the character will spoil the plot so be warned!] Fern’s perspective was well done, though. I also finally read Lucy Foley’s The Guest List. Another entertaining, quick read that is a decent comparison to Agatha Christie.
  8. Crs97

    Major Crimes

    I never watched either this series or The Closer when they were originally on. I’ve since watched The Closer in its entirety and found Major Crimes in the middle. I have finally seen the pilot. Wow, is Amy Sykes an annoying suck up in the beginning, and I hated how they were throwing Brenda under the bus. I didn’t like Sharon in The Closer, and I am pretty sure I would have given up this show if I had watched them in order.
  9. Oh well. There are worse characters he could have chosen. “Everybody in the world needs to see it. It was unbelievable. The little things – the weightless – but to see the blue color (of the sky) whip by you and now you're staring into blackness. … And then it's gone. It was so moving. This experience did something unbelievable…. "What you have given me is the most profound experience I can imagine. I hope I never recover from this." William Shatner
  10. I am hoping that by the final episode Rebecca reacts to Rupert’s taunts like Sam reacted to the billionaire’s tantrum: with perplexed amusement.
  11. You forgot her “Woe is me! I have to sit on too many charitable boards and my husband is too beloved by the royal family.”
  12. And yet her response to her son’s question about being afraid of a 9 year old made me laugh out loud and seemed like the realest thing she said all episode.
  13. I haven’t watched any other NCIS, but am enjoying this one. I didn’t like the trope of the woman desperately throwing herself at Ernie while he barely tolerates her. I want to see her again, but not like that. Were we supposed to remember the server at the dad’s diner? I wanted her to shut up.
  14. I like how this show zigs when you think it will zag, and it is making me become invested in characters I didn’t care about at all in the pilot. I think the only one-note character left is Britney, and now I find myself wanting her backstory, too. Though I still love her “I was bullied by my whole dance class as a group. I mean after I bullied each of them individually, who knew they would join together?”
  15. One of the things I love about the flashback Thanksgiving is how quickly Ross responds when Chandler calls Monica fat. That is totally a sibling thing, and I appreciate Ross for it. I hate Amy, but love Chandler’s reaction when he learns that he doesn’t get to keep the baby if something happened to Monica. I always assumed Monica bought a 19 pound turkey to call Joey’s bluff.
  16. Crs97

    NFL Thread

    I was thinking the same thing! Way to look entitled, dude. Baker Mayfield, on the other hand, rocks his Progressive at home commercials! His newest Halloween one is adorable.
  17. One of the things I love about Tony Stark and Pepper Potts’ relationship is that it never dominated the entire movie, but was just a nice side note to interesting characters (that had crazy chemistry).
  18. They are setting Casey up to be a great battalion chief; he practically had to order Severide to care about Cruz. I had assumed Griffen was a young adult, which is why he tries to help with Ben but it isn’t going well. If he is underage, how did he travel on his own and why is Casey so nonchalant about putting him in an Uber at night?
  19. Very much an “Empire Strikes Back” ending; it was the first movie I ever remember seeing that wasn’t meant to stand alone and clearly indicated “to be continued . . .” So many things to love: Jamie giving the penalty kick to Danny. Even with the puppies, I had forgotten that Danny started the season with the kick of death. RIP, Earl indeed. Roy’s one feeling being hurt. I thought when we jumped past six weeks we would see them again, but son says he never went on the vacation since he left the tickets on her desk. I love how much they love each other. I don’t want them to break
  20. I remember watching Jane and Bryant on Today and thinking Katie and Matt were very pale imitations. Katie always gave me a bad feeling, and I remember being horribly disappointed that she would get to call herself the first female solo evening anchor. Which author was it that she asked him how it felt to get his first book published when it was his sixth or eighth? She was a disaster. I wasn’t as quick to hate Matt, but he rubbed me the wrong way in so many of his interviews that I finally gave up Today and then morning shows altogether.
  21. So many times I think the actor has really won the Oscar for his previous role or nomination, like the members saw Joaquin’s name and thought he was a great Johnny Cash and maybe should have won for that so they gave it to him for Joker instead.
  22. I am hoping Roy’s reaction to Keeley’s revelation about Jamie is a realization that he hasn’t told her he loves her yet. I trust the show to keep them together. Do not let Sharon leave.
  23. Ten years ago she was just graduating college. I assumed she has been recently taking night classes, either online or at a different school (I don’t know if the different school would fly IRL, but the firm’s grant covers the cost so I assume enough firm bigwigs have connections with the school’s bigwigs to fanwave the Issue). I have a cousin who got his law degree that way - worked while taking night classes and then quit his job for his third year.
  24. Ellen quite often confuses me. She says that Denzel didn’t know anything about directing for television, but then talks about what an amazing experience it was to be directed by him. And she’s telling all this to Patrick Dempsey. Isn’t he the same guy she blamed for not helping her with salary negotiations and for making the set toxic? Now they seem to be best friends and she wanted to leave because he was gone? I’m confused. The story she is so proud of? It’s obvious from his comment that Denzel thought Ellen was ordering the actor to look her in the eye. Her response should have bee
  25. I’ve always said that I am not afraid of the big decisions for my kids, the ones that are huge but you have time to research and weigh outcomes before choosing. It’s the million little decisions that can weigh on me, the ones that are split second but can have lasting ramifications. I liked the flashback and adding that layer to the show.
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