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  1. My opinion, for what it is worth: I am thrilled that they all won Emmy's. Hannah W was well deserved; first season the range of emotions she conveyed just using her face was astounding. Season One was her season to win. Season Two it is Juno Temple's season to win; her storyline and what she has been able to portray has been better season two. Although I love me all things Roy Fucking Kent, I think Brett G. has been much stronger an actor with more range written for Roy season two than season one where Roy was pretty much just one or two notes. Though of the actors from the show nominated
  2. Wow! Wow, what an episode. I laughed, cried, gasped. So many many things to unpack. All the relationships played out very interestingly.
  3. I live with panic disorder. Last season's depiction of a panic attack was the realest I have seen on a TV show. My husband asked, "What's going on with Ted" during that scene, I knew immediately and told him, "That's what it's like." Bravo to the show for that.
  4. Ted is great at motivating people, but is clueless as to how to make someone a better soccer player. The players have been left to translate the “feel good positivity” into teamwork on the field…..and that hasn’t happened. Now that Roy Fucking Kent is back in the job, Ted is, almost, not needed.
  5. Tonight's episode - WOW. A lot to unpack.
  6. I don’t even know what they were thinking running a Christmas episode in August. Fanciful, sappy fantasy plays during the holidays, not so much August 13th. But, maybe that’s just me. I’ve tried to overlook some deficits this season to make myself believe it is just as great as last, but………. One positive, as always, Roy Fucking Kent.
  7. I don't believe Phoebe lives with Roy, he's just a very doting uncle.
  8. Sweet episode this week. Is it just me or has Ted become the least interesting person in the show? I get bored/lose interest when they focus on him. Now understand how his wife tired of him 😂.
  9. Ohhhhh, that’s good. Except I’d reverse who stays and who goes. I’d see Josh leaving with school marm and kid and Melissa staying.
  10. Dominique and Indya were on the $100,000 Pyramid last night. They were both good at guessing the clues, not so great at giving the clues. However, they worked together to help a contestant win $150,000. It was fun to see them in a different venue and how laser focused they were to help the contestants.
  11. Adding to my comment above re:Pray and Blanca: THAT is a story I would have liked to have seen the show explore. How did Pray and Blanca become so close?
  12. I agree with you. I always saw them as the very best of friends with Pray having a bit of a mentoring role due to his being older and in the scene longer than Blanca. If anything I would have called it a very loving brother/sister relationship.
  13. I loved this show. Seasons One and Two, watched repeatedly, helped get me through some dark times during the pandemic. The underlying theme of chosen family made me happy and hopeful. The characters became “friends” to me. I really, really loved this show. I had all the episodes downloaded on my phone and when I needed to destress I watched. This final season was a disservice to all that came before; pure fantasy and farce. The saddest part of the final episode was not Pray’s death, but the ladies’ lunch. The characters made it quite clear they were no longer a family but had each gone thei
  14. Can anyone tell me the name of the actor who played Angel’s father? He looks so familiar and it’s driving me crazy. IMDb was no help.
  15. What helped the first two seasons to be cohesive is that there was an “outsider” who was used as a thread to reflect the way the ballroom scene was seen and the struggles of the people within. First season was Stan and the second was Fredricka. The seasons flowed with episodes building on each other. This season has thrown that all out with these random episodes that have little to no connection with each other. It astonishing to me that the show runners/writers apparently have no idea what made the show beloved by the viewers OR, and this is probably closer to the truth, the show runners/writ
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