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  1. Juneau Gal

    S11.E07: From Farm to Runway

    Me too. I have yet to see her do anything that justifies her high regard for herself.
  2. With each passing year, Sonja becomes increasingly aware of what she lost when Old Man Morgan divorced her. No more connection to an old, monied family (other than her daughter), no more cache, no more respect, no yachting with whoever the 2019 version of John John and Madonna are. Instead of rallying and moving on, she seems to be more entrenched in the past. A past that is never ever going to be duplicated. Her appearance and behavior in this show guarantees that. Doing it all under the guise of for her daughter's legacy is duplicitous; her daughter IS a born Morgan. It's sad because Sonja could make a fine future for herself if she would just look in that direction and not behind her all the damn time.
  3. Juneau Gal

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    I have accidentally scratched myself in my sleep and left a bigger scratch then those “bites” on PK’s face. PK and Dorit are more full of shit than the Christmas goose.
  4. Juneau Gal

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    I believe, on many, many different levels, the powers that be at Bravo and in charge of this particular show have really misread their audience and missed the mark big time. Yes, we want the occasional silly spat amongst friends or frenemies, to make us assume these people are real and to make us feel a bit superior because we would never act that way. But this is beyond all that. I watch these shows as escapism; to get away from the needless, endless cruelty and non-stop, unbelievable lying happening in the world. I want mini-ponies, puppies, everything wrapped in pink, swans, glorious houses, and fabulous trips. If I want to watch people acting irrationally and/or despicably, I can turn on the news or read a paper.
  5. Juneau Gal

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    I really disagree with this thinking, that if you are innocent of an offense you would remain unruffled and calm when confronted. LVP has been mocked, harangued, disrespected, and called a liar for weeks over an event, puppy dumping, that she did not initiate. Anything beyond that is irrelevant; who said what to whom, etc. The puppy dumper is the villain in this story and the idiots are circling the wagons around her like she’s a martyred saint. LVP is justifiably mad, fed up, and over this bullshit. I would have burned the fecking house down (figuratively) by now if I were in her place.
  6. Juneau Gal

    S11.E05: Monster Ball

    Could someone please, PLEASE give Vanjie voice lessons? That constant loud barking with no modulation is getting to be like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  7. I was really confused about the whole Dorinda apartment business. I thought she bought a new place to move into to start afresh and was thinking about renting out her old place for income. Then when Barbara came over, I assumed it was to the new place, she was talking about not wanting to do things because it was a rental. Is she living in a rental herself, did not buy the apartment? Confused!
  8. Juneau Gal

    S11.E04: Trump: The Rusical

    I simply cannot find any humor in anything Trump related. I watch this show for a respite from him; this Rusical was not welcome.
  9. Juneau Gal

    S11.E04: Trump: The Rusical

    Silky winning was bs. Silky claiming to have a graduate degree appears also to be bs considering the level of literacy she displayed at the TelePrompTer. I’m not a fan and will be happy when she is eliminated.......but I fear she will be allowed to stay until the bitter end.
  10. Juneau Gal

    S09.E06: Fifty Shades Of Shade

    These are all grown adult women with their own personal agency. To claim to be manipulated by another is ridiculous. Dorit broke a contract by giving a dog away. All the rest, who told what to whom is irrelevant. Dorit did a $5000 wrong and potentially the dog could have lost its life. Dorit is a horrible person, not a victim. These women are too stupid to even to exist if they can’t see that and follow the actual thread of the incident. They have used this incident to pile on LVP for perceived past wrongs, at the worst possible time, and aligning with the worst possible person, Dorit. They have picked the wrong incident to try to blow LVP up on and look spectacularly cunty (TM Erika Jayne) doing it.
  11. Juneau Gal

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    I like Vanjie, don’t get me wrong, her exit last season will forever make me giggle. But, she is very one note, the loud harsh voice with utterly no variation is wearing thin, and I get the impression because she was brought back she is thinking she is special, so much so that she is interjecting herself into things when she would best stay quiet. You can often hear her barking out bon mots as events are happening. I hope she starts to moderate herself a bit or she risks wearing out her welcome.
  12. Juneau Gal

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    There is much truth to what you write, but I still feel that many of the bigger girls stay on much longer than they would if they were smaller girls; their level of performance just doesn't come up to the level of the girls that are sent home before them. Of course, I may be reacting incorrectly due to my utter distaste for Eureka, whom I loathed, and may now be projecting that onto other larger queens. I fully admit this flaw in my character!
  13. Juneau Gal

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    Truth! That was beyond. I am not body shaming at all, but I feel the judges do not judge the very large queens as critically as they do the less ample Queens. We often see larger contestants wear some kind of plain schmata and get tongue baths. It’s as though they are going out of their way to show they are 100% inclusive and NOT body shaming. It was very interesting to see some of the contestants ding Silky on using her size as an excuse and showed footage of her dissing skinny queens. I don’t know where I am going with all this other than.....Silky is much too extra and it is already tiresome.
  14. Juneau Gal

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    The sketch was a spoof on Jordan Peele’s movie Get Out, for which he won a screenwriting Oscar in 2018.
  15. Juneau Gal

    S09.E04: Bahama Drama

    This kind of behavior that is playing out on this show is maddening to me to the point of making me anxious. I hate it; it's not normal adult behavior. All it would take to end it NOW and let us get back to house, swan, and vacation porn is for someone, anyone to stand up and say: Lisa, you are pissed as hell at Dorit for what she did with the puppy. Admit it. Admit also that you never liked Dorit. No one will blame you for either of these admissions. Dorit, what you did with the puppy was WRONG. Admit it. No ifs, ands, or buts. You were wrong. Lisa Rinna, this is not a freaking soap opera and you are not acting out your greatest role yet. Be a decent human. Admit your complicity in all of this. Erika, you set women back 100 years with your over-faux-sexualized blow up doll "empowerment". Erika Jayne has yet to net you one red cent and you have bankrupted your husband to fulfill your famewhoredom. You ain't all that, girl. And you give the direct opposite of zero fucks; you care and you care deeply about how you are received. Admit it. Kyle, you live a life most people would envy. A beautiful home, loving husband, well adjusted children. Why can't this be enough for you? You have farmed from you and your sisters' collective experiences to launch one failed TV show after the other, AFTER your sisters have repeatedly asked you not to. Quit with the quivering lip "I love my family, but I have a right to tell my story" bs. We all see that your constant striving to be the star now that you never were as a kid, tops everything else in your life. Admit it. Denise and Camille: You both are doing great so far this season. Keep being the truth tellers. Don't let us down. Teddie, you are either as dumb as a box of rocks or thirsty beyond belief to have a storyline. Which is it? Neither are good looks, Miss Accountability.