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  1. “I’m using jewel tones, but they’re functioning as a neutral,” she recently told Kansas City Spaces of her design plan for the brownstone. “Navy, greens, a little bit of leopard — but it feels classic.” Since when did Navy, Green, and leopard become jewel tones?! Sapphire, Emerald yes, but far be it from me to contradict the flipping expert.
  2. Juneau Gal

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    She flipped her switch on LVP immediately after the first dinner LVP had with Tom and her. You could see it in her face, the shut down, when Tom was obviously and enthusiastically charmed by LVP. LVP was on Erica’s hit list from then on.
  3. I remember an old Phil Donahue show, remember him? He had on a family who was mad at the matriarch for re-marrying 6 months after the death of her husband. She stated when questioned about her speed in moving on, and I now use this quote a lot, “Well, he wasn’t gonna get any deader. No use waiting around.”
  4. Thank you for this. Truly.
  5. I agree that you can't make someone be who they are not. However, Lu has been shown to go out of her way to mock and thumb her nose at B. Remember the snit she threw at Greystone Manor because a room was being reserved for B. The mocking display of "Bethenny, Bethenny, Bethenny" at the blow out salon and Lu literally giving the hand into elbow crevice salute (whatever that gesture is called) fuck you. There have been others, but I can't recall.
  6. I am in no way, shape, or form a Bethenny apologist, but that last scene seemed very, very real to me. Seeing Lu’s dismissive face when the discussion started and some of the quips she threw out, absolutely enraged me and I’m not personally involved in any of this ish! If I had been at that table I do not think I could have restrained myself from slapping the smug right off her face. The other women were in tears watching that interaction. There were deep, long restrained feelings coming out and I don’t feel any of it was a play for the cameras. It was disturbing and put the real in reality.
  7. Truly. He was giving away album covers. WTF? Even if he had designed the original art for the album covers, he was giving away album covers that he signed. And wanted the girls to believe they were worth thousands of dollars. Yeah right.
  8. Juneau Gal

    S11.E14: Grand Finale

    I wish you good health. I too thought it funny, loved the “In Mammorium”.
  9. Juneau Gal

    S11.E14: Grand Finale

    While it made no logical sense for Silky to pick Brooklyn, I also can’t imagine Silky being able to be producer manipulated like that. Plus the whole wheel spin adds a bit of uncertainty; Silky may not have had the opportunity to pick. I think we may have seen pure hubris on Silky’s part; other much, much better queens had been sashayed away all season while her amateur ass was repeatedly saved. I think she thought Ru would choose her and she would have her dreamed for Silky vs. Yvie showdown. I firmly believe if Silky had picked A’keria and won, Ru would have called it a tie between the Yvie/Brooklyn semifinal and we would have had a three way final lip sync. All pure speculation of course. The only thing I know for sure is that Silky looked scared to the point of zoned out after the wheel landed on her photo. It was a both kinda awesome and sad at the same time. Jinx Blakeston, we must have been typing at the same time. You know what they say about great minds!
  10. Juneau Gal

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    I am going to do something I never, ever thought I would do: defend Kyle. I gave up this show about two weeks into puppygate, but watched this episode after reading the comments here. As a person who lives with panic disorder I was interested to see Kyle’s reaction at the mammogram facility. Given her family history and her self-stated problems with anxiety, I feel she handled herself well. Some hand-ringing and a few tears, but not the wild screaming through the clinic ala Shirley Maclaine in Terms of Endearment that I had expected to see from the comments. Kyle lives an enviable life; I wish she would stop chasing personal fame and trying to make family the next “It Family” and just enjoy what she has.
  11. Juneau Gal

    S11.E14: Grand Finale

    The costume was wrong, wrong, wrong, a bad choice for a lip sync. It didn’t allow for her movements/dance to fully seen and made no sense.
  12. Juneau Gal

    S11.E14: Grand Finale

    I agree. In my time zone they showed the episode where Vanje was eliminated before they showed the finale. I literally yelled at my TV during the LSFYL, “Get off you damn toes Brooklyn and do something else!” So tiresome. And so limiting for her. In the very last lip sync in the finale, her weaknesses showed though. Too much throwing herself with splits, etc. while Yvie actually interpreted the song and saved the tricks for the end.
  13. Juneau Gal

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    Yep, 20 plus years of getter mammos in various places all over this country thanks to frequent moves and I have never gotten immediate results. Always the wait for a week plus to receive the all clear letter in the mail. The one time I had to go back in because something suspicious was seen, I had to wait weeks to get the recheck. Kyle and the rest of you ladies who have the immediate results, I envy you!
  14. Juneau Gal

    S14.E01: Auditions 1

    Here we go with the overblown tongue baths of the judges towards moderately talented people. Its tiresome and boring. And worst of all, I find it somewhat demeaning, for both the act and the audience. I guess maybe I am just tired of this whole format. Tired of comedians no funnier than the average person at a party. Tired of huge dance groups throwing the smallest members all around the stage. Tired of singing children. Tired of tragic or difficult backstories that are suppose to awe and inspire. Tired of one trick ponies like the Human Fuse, who flat out told the judges that's all he could do, there was nothing else. Tired of whatever Gingzilla's act is; and I love a good drag queen/king. Tired of the conceit that we are seeing an audition day or weekend when the judges have different hair and clothing after each commercial. Tired of whatever the hell it is Simon is doing to his face via Botox and fillers. And especially tired of the complete certainty that when we get to the final 12, over half of them will be singers, most of whom will have been on other TV competitions but still persist in acting like they have never sung in front of an audition before. Clearly this show has made me a bit pissy. It used to be my fun summer viewing, but now it is so fake and over-manipulated.
  15. Juneau Gal

    S11.E13: Reunited

    Really?! That’s weird. As quiet as Silky was, that gives me great hope that she failed spectacularly. Speaking of weird: Towel with bubbles and duckies on her head and a green facial mask, Ivey never looked prettier!