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  1. lilB1rdy

    S06.E08: What Makes You Happy

    Leah said "I just got a divorce, let's not move into anything so fast" as she's already dated another guy, moved in with him, and is no longer with him. I looked up at an invisible camera like I was on The Office when she said that.
  2. lilB1rdy

    S06.E08: What Makes You Happy

    Kail calling Jo's house a fixer upper..bitch fuck you. I was waiting for her to try to lowkey insult him in any way she can. She's so predictable. Jenelle's friend is too pretty to be hanging out with Jenelle
  3. lilB1rdy

    S06.E08: What Makes You Happy

    I swear Cole (and me) cringes every time Chelsea talks in that baby voice. I'm very happy for her though. Leah nodding off while talking to her brother was so scary to watch. I have a handicapped aunt who's addicted to pills and she acts the exact same way Leah was. Nodding off, eyes rolling in the back of her head, mumbling and slurring. If Leah doesn't have a drug problem then Jenelle is a good mother. I liked the scene between Jo and Javi when Javi helped him move in. When Kail isn't around everybody is so much happier. She was so mad when Javi told her everything went well and it wasn't awkward. The faces she was making and her tone. The look on Jenelle's face when her lawyer said she might have to choose between Jace and Nathan said it all.
  4. lilB1rdy

    S06.E04: Not Good Enough

    As someone with depression all my life, I have sympathy for leah. And i'm sure corey does too. But I have more sympathy for those little girls who are constantly tardy for school and therapy, who are riding in a car jam packed full of stuff that can kill them at any time and who are getting themselves ready and making food for themselves because mommy is too depressed and tired to get out of bed. Corey feels bad for Leah but right now, his daughters' safety and well being > Leah's feelings
  5. lilB1rdy

    S06.E04: Not Good Enough

    No, I meant what I said. While Chelsea yells at Aubree but makes sure the problem gets solved pretty quickly, Leah just spanks Gracie and sends her off to her room while Gracie continues to scream and try to hit people. Nothing gets solved there.
  6. lilB1rdy

    S06.E04: Not Good Enough

    My thoughts throughout the episode: Notice how Barb has a normal phone conversation with other people but with Jenelle, they're talking over each other and screaming? I'm glad she didn't even bother to respond to Jenelle's text as Jenelle never responds to her unless she needs something or to yell at her. How did Kail get such cute kids? People say Chelsea's segments are boring but I appreciate getting a break from the absolute fuckery of the other girls so watching her and Aubree (and Randylicious) spending time together and being normal makes me happy. I gasped when Evil Twin slammed the door in Ali's face and knocked her down. Jesus. Let Ali live with Corey and ET can stay with Leah STFU Jenelle, trying to guilt trip Jace. I love that Jace didn't seem to care that Jenelle said she was lonely and instead brought Barb up and that SHE'S lonely. I'd rather watch Jo and Vee instead of Kail and Javi. GO AWF COREY. Love that he brought up that the girlses know how to make themselves breakfast because their mom is so incompetent. Why do these people always have to go out to eat in order to discuss their problems? "She doesn't know I'm taking her to court and I'm not gonna tell her" Childish. Kaiser had Nathan's huge, square head. Jace seems so excited to talk to Barb. Jenelle, if Jace doesn't live with you, goes months without seeing you, and comes 2nd choice to Nathan, you are NOT his mom.
  7. lilB1rdy

    S06.E04: Not Good Enough

    Chelsea needs to show Leah how to discipline her kids. She tells Aubree what she's doing wrong but still lets her know she loves her at the end. Evil Twin and Adderall have the same glazed over, bug eyes like Leah.
  8. lilB1rdy

    S06.E03: No Apologies

    Just now watching this episode and I can't at Leah's ugly face yawning every 5 seconds the next morning after ravioli night. Someone get a screenshot of that. Poor baby had to wake up at 7! STFU Adam, stop drilling Aubree with so many questions! That's probably the most he's ever talked to her though. Jenelle was almost to the lawyer's office and drove all the way back to see Nathan as soon as she heard his voicemail and his half assed apology. She can't be without him for an hour. Reminds me of how I was with my ex boyfriend except the difference is I was in high school and didn't have a kid I had no custody over. And then Nathan tells her he would've knocked her out if she wasn't a female to which Jenelle didn't even react. I'm sure he's said/did even worse things. I saw someone here misspell Kail as Karl and I couldn't stop laughing. Karl took 10 minutes to find one thing she likes about Javi and when she finally said it, was so insincere about it. Javi should've been the one to say that HER compliment was bullshit.
  9. lilB1rdy

    S06.E04: Not Good Enough

    omg hahahaha
  10. I am fully aware of this. What I was saying was that it was a big characteristic of Stiles and then never mentioned again. Thank you for the snark though, love it
  11. I stopped watching after Allison died but I turned on the latest episode Monday night and was really irritated by all the new characters we have. There's like 3 blonde white dudes who all look the same. I have no idea what their names were, I think ones a cop and of course has to be Lydia's newest love interest. It feels like an entirely new show and that's not just because I skipped a season. I probably won't watch it again but I might if they stop bringing in so many new characters, especially if they all look the same. they bring in so many new people and then can't figure out a storyline for all of them, and then just randomly drop them. focus on Scott, Lydia, Stiles...the people who are supposed to be the main characters. show more scenes with them actually doing high school kid things. bring back Danny and Isaac. stop starting storylines or relationships and then forgetting about them. Stiles was in love with Lydia and they became close friends, they had a lot of chemistry, the writers teased about making it happen with Lydia kissing him and then they just decided to add in Malia and random blonde haired white boy and now they've forgotten about each other. Stiles being a virgin was also a big characteristic for him but then Malia came and it was never mentioned again. I guess I just wish the show would go back to what it was before they added in so many other characters, supernatural powers, and storylines.
  12. lilB1rdy

    Spoilers and Speculations

    So apparently there's an episode description up for episode 10 that says something along the lines of a tragic event happens that affects the Adams Fosters and Connor. Also, there were photos of Hayden (Jude) and Gavin's (Connor) body doubles for that episode.
  13. lilB1rdy

    S03.E05: Going South

    Jude/Connor really are my main reason for watching this show so it's hard to be interested when BOTH aren't in it. I understand Connor not being in every episode but how are you gonna show everyone who lives in the Adams-Fosters house except Jude and no explanation for where he is...like...you wouldn't have Callie randomly missing from an episode and no explanation, but ok Anyway... I don't care for Brandon or Callie so I just thought that whole storyline was lame. I thought she was using parasailing as an excuse and that there was a bigger reason to go to Mexico. Callie's never happy so I thought she was on drugs or something when they first got to the beach, I think that would've made more sense. I like Stef and Lena but I guess I just didn't get the sudden tension between them when they were good and happy last episode. Didn't care for Mariana's pregnancy test story but I'm happy that she's not pregnant. I did love her "they forced me to tell!" from upstairs when Callie and Brandon got home. I really like where they're going with Mike and AJ. The fact that we got that white police officer accusing AJ of being an accomplice was really powerful to watch especially since all of the police brutality that's been going on. Such a real, current problem. AJ is also really good looking, he can get it anyday, any time. I just don't like that they're already trying to pair him off with Callie, just to add more drama to Brallie. And they are fooling themselves if they're gonna have Brandon's scrawny ass win against AJ in that fight next week.
  14. lilB1rdy

    S03.E04: More Than Words

    I loved every Jude and Connor scene. It's so interesting to me because you'd assume Connor would be the one to not want to call himself gay. Jude always having conflict and not wanting to label himself (and deliberately hurting Connor in the process) was kind of annoying though so I'm happy he finally labelled himself. And the "I'm super gay for you" line was so cute. I love looking at AJ and I like a Callie/AJ friendship but I don't like how Cole was pretty much just used this episode to further along a romance between Callie and AJ. Especially right after Callie told Cole she doesn't want a boyfriend right now, we suddenly have AJ flirting with her and then next episode looks like more flirting. Makes it look like Callie just told Cole she's not looking for a boyfriend to spare his feelings. Mariana annoyed me this episode. Making Mat feel terrible about himself and breaking up with him just because she's mad at herself or whatever. I don't care for this whole plot. I agree that the Lena/step brother drama was kind of random, unless maybe she's mentioned him before. I completely understand Lena's anger and I think she handled it the right way. And I loved how supportive Stef was. I felt a little bad for her brother just because you can tell he was feeling abandoned by his father again but then you remember what he said to his step mother and then I don't feel so bad for him. I did feel bad for his girlfriend though. I know his father apologized to her before kicking them out but including her in that "you need to leave this house" felt kind of harsh. I really don't care about Brandon so all I know is he plagiarized Bach or something.
  15. lilB1rdy

    The Fosters in the Media

    I know that Roseanne recast the daughter, which was weird because the original came back and then left again but they always kinda joked about it. That 70's Show recast Eric's sister, and The Fresh Prince recast the mom. I understand recasting a main character because in the fresh prince's case, the mom was an important character that you can't just get rid of completely. Getting rid of the mom would change the show's dynamic. But Jesus doesn't bring anything to the show. I don't care for him or his girlfriend drama. Even if they get an emmy award winning actor to play him, his storylines still suck.