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  1. LeisureTime

    S10.E04: Torn Between Two Lovers

    My only clear memory of Dylan from the earlier seasons involves his band playing music late at night in the Dunphy lawn and keeping Phil and Claire awake, so I don't remember just when nursing school became a dream of his. I do question it a little bit, and wonder how many of Dylan's choices are made because they're what he wants to do versus thinking it's what he needs to do "to deserve" Haley. This whole dynamic where one person doesn't feel like they're worthy of another as themselves just never sits well with me, in any medium or fandom. And sure, I know this is TV land, where Dylan and Haley are almost certain to live happily ever after, I just can't stop thinking about real-world resentment and whatnot,
  2. LeisureTime

    S10.E02: Kiss and Tell

    I liked this episode but for me the biggest laugh of it came from Gloria's "But you said at the bar her name was Olive Cocktail Napkin!" I'm not Gloria's biggest fan, but that was hilarious. Everything else was fine. I'll be a little disappointed if Dylan/Haley is endgame though. Like others have said, they were great as a high school romance, but I just like Haley so much better with Andy and Arvin. Because Andy makes their relationship seem really similar to Phil/Claire and there's something about that that's kind of cute. And Arvin is a classic case of opposites attract. You know, I love that they're the pairing you'd think WOULDN'T work, because they exist on opposite poles, but at the end of the day each one pulls the other closer to the middle, and it just works. But it's probably not to be. I feel like we're either going full-on Dylan/Haley, all the way to the end, or Andy will swoop back in and sweep her off her feet. I just hope there's no wedding interruptus in that case. Things I think I'd like to see before it's all said and done though: A Dunphy grandchild and Luke getting something real to do.
  3. LeisureTime

    S10.E01: I Love a Parade

    I don't know. To me it looks like her mouth said "nothing there!" but her face said "oh, no, I do I feel things." I really liked Arvin, though, so I hope this doesn't spell the end of them.
  4. LeisureTime

    S05.E14: The Devil Complex

    So, I was not the biggest fan of the Framework, mostly because none of it was real, and one of my fears in that season was that we were going to get a whole lot of "BUT I was a monster!! I AM A MONSTER!!!!!" from Fitz. And I just couldn't buy that, because Fitz and Framework Fitz were different people born from different life experiences. But I like this a little bit more. I think because it is focusing less on what Fitz did in there and more on the potential he has to be that ruthless. And that it's also being played as sort of a mental break I think really helps. Also? I flat-out loved the way Iain De Caesteker reverted back to those season two hand motions and whatnot. And I still didn't catch onto Fight Club Fitz until Daisy was on the table and asked who he was talking to, so kudos to the show.
  5. LeisureTime

    S05.E12: The Real Deal

    Do we have any indication that Deke ever knew them though? All he said was that his mom used to have a similar ring that he thought belonged to his grandma (which doesn't even necessarily mean his mom is their daughter, but if she is, wasn't it implied that she died when Deke was young?)
  6. LeisureTime

    S04.E13: A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness

    God, I will be glad when Sofia's gone. I just don't like her, and I think it's largely because I don't buy Crystal Reed in that role. Also? I miss pre-faceoff Jerome. He was so much fun! His crazy was joyous, and now it's just sinister, and that's not fun! I feel like Cameron Monahan has gone from creating his own unique Joker to ripping off Heath Ledger's Joker. Loved Bruce's dream, though. I actually want to go back and watch those parts again just to take it all in. And Jim is always at his best when he's with Bruce, Selina, Lucius or Alfred, so there was a lot of good there, too. Ivy's growing on me (and that pun wasn't intended, but now that I see it, HA). I was annoyed at first, because I liked Sprout Ivy, whose actress really sold the connection to Seed Ivy without always seeming like a literal kid in a woman's body. But since they're going for the obvious seed-sprout-bloom progression, she makes a little more sense. And I don't even think the actress is all that bad, I just wish she were a little better.
  7. LeisureTime

    S01.E06: Heartbreaker

    I actually like Buck/Abby. I'm 100 percent here for Bobby/Abby. I'm not at all excited for the love triangle jealousy nonsense that is most definitely coming.
  8. LeisureTime

    S02.E15: The Car

    You can't skip school without skipping classes. I mean, I agree that it probably wasn't a regular thing for her and she could make up the lessons that she missed so it's not going to destroy her education or be the first stop on a path to delinquency but this idea that she wasn't really missing anything baffles me. But yeah, I don't disagree with what Jack did. In a way it was its own lesson on following passions (one that Kate ultimately failed but maybe she's getting a do-over now). I just wish it also coyld hav been a teachable moment about being open and honest rather than sneaking around.
  9. LeisureTime

    S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    Yes. This is precisely what I meant.
  10. LeisureTime

    S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    Was I the only one who heard a code called over the speaker at the hospital? It wasn't overwhelming, just barely there in the background as Rebecca was on the phone. I really liked this episode. I loved Jack's hero moments with the kids, I love that his actual death wasn't this big grandiose moment. I loved Kevin's talk at the tree and his crack about it maybe not being the right one. I love Toby and Randall and his family. And I really wonder if grownup Tess is related to kid Tess. I just wish there could have been a touch more comfort between Rebecca and Miguel before she tells the kids. Like maybe a hug and they almost break together before she pulls herself back and makes her "be strong" speech. I'm also looking forward to more Deja.
  11. LeisureTime

    S08.E19: Frank's Wedding

    Aw. I actually really liked all the stuff with the wedding. It didn't bother me that none of the Pritchett's were there. Jay seems like the sort to not say no to bachelor party but to finagle his way out of actually going to the wedding. And Frank isn't really any relation to Manny or Gloria. *Could* that have been mentioned in the episode as part of the "Jay says no to things" plot? Yeah, but I feel like that angle was already being hit pretty hard and didn't need another thing added to it. It was sweet as is. And I didn't hate the Cam-Mitch-Pam story, though there were definitely parts of it I liked much less than the others.
  12. LeisureTime

    S08.E07: New School, Old Scars

    I know I'm weeks behind, but honestly. There's something really rich about Niki being all "That's not New School!!!" at Tito and then playing the "Oh, I'm still learning; I don't really know what New School is..." I mean, I'm not sad to see Tito go, but it would have served her right to get the axe here. Also, I cannot stand Kelly's hair in the lightest, but I really like her attitude.
  13. LeisureTime

    S07.E22: Double-Click

    I'll say this for the episode: At least Phil is consistent with his views on his kids' sex lives. He's mortified by all of it, boy or girl. Also, I liked the heart of the Mitchell/Cam story, even if it was surrounded by some stupid stuff. There's no redeeming the Pritchett Closet plot, though.
  14. LeisureTime

    S05.E20: Apotheosis

    To be fair, Jackson got some Hale memories from Derek, didn't he? Maybe it's that only alphas can steal memories. Still, we shouldn't have to handwave the show's basic mythology. There were definitely too many story lines going on this season. I think they could have excised Kira's almost entirely and rather than having her angst about the fox that wants to take over and kill everybody, she just goes off to learn about her power, because that seems like a prudent thing to do. You know, have her take some interest in her own situation. And that would have freed up more time to expand either on the Malia/Desert Wolf plot or the Dread Doctors, for whom I pretty much spent the whole season going "But WHY? Why do they want to bring back La Bete?!" And what was the deal about the power-stealing claws would kill Theo, but for some reason Malia could use them? This season was so disjointed that I can't remember if there was an actual reason for that or if I'm just supposed to assume it was all just posturing by Deucalion. And how convenient for the Argents to go from "Hmm, I wonder where the spear is..." to "Haha! Must be in this cane I just pulled out of my ass!" I"m just really mad about how much time this season wasted on unnecessary nonsense.
  15. LeisureTime

    S01.E02: The Kill Floor

    I suspect we'll see how that all turned out in the end.