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  1. That guard who dealt with Stephanie leaving her room handled everything wrong. After seeing all the drama that surrounded it, she should've known that this was more than just somebody wanting to room with their 'girlfriend ". To send her back in there, behind a locked door with them and topping it off with jokes and that smartass attitude, was not only unprofessional but neglectful in that she casually sent an inmate into a potentially life threatening situation without even noticing it or considering what she could have done to diffuse it
  2. I think the participant that jeopardizes the program will either be Angele or Matt. Angele might feel guilty and be honest with Gabi about why she's there or Matt might do any number of stupid things, because hes a, you know...complete loon I really apologize for thinking it would be Nate. I don't like him, but he's chill
  3. I wasn't replying to anyone in particular, just in general because I've seen lots of talk about the cell phones. I don't know to say though. I've been out of school for 2 years and it just was not a problem. I've never seen it the way it is on the show. i can clearly see some of the teachers here are exhasted and don't want to fight with the kids.
  4. So...the bisexual guy who lives alone is inviting the gay guy to his apartment, and no one thinks anything is up? What's up with this Kourtnei chick? She straight up walked right out of class and even started packing up her stuff without saying anything to production. They had to ask what she was doing. She really is a big child. The whole point of this was to see what kids are going through and what she was experiencing (feeling left out/no friends/no one to talk to) is life for the new kids in school in every day and age.
  5. Wow, Kourtnei has it rough. First she had to give up her iPhone for an Android, and now she's got to ride the bus to school
  6. Don't look so much into the cell phone thing. No harm intended, but it's clearly the culture of the school and the students in it. This it's clearly a rough school in a rough neighbourhood. You clearly saw them talking about how shootings are a normal occurrence. Using your phone in class isb the equivalent of talking during class.it's a disrespectful act. Notice how it wasn't an issue in say, Erin's AP Lit class. It's not something the more serious students would do. Don't make it a thing about "today's kids" or anything.
  7. The Jorge/D'Andre thing has me weirded out because there's definitely some attraction there. I mean, it's not illegal because D'Andre IS 18, but it's HIGHLY inappropriate. Somebody had to consider this when they thought of this.
  8. Did they really just waste 5 minutes of airtime showing a grown woman whining about having to give up get iPhone for Android. Yeah...she's seems slow and I don't think she'll have any problem fitting in with teenagers. And she even opened up her piece saying that when she was in high school she was more worried about being cool than learning...honey, you haven't changed. Plus, she's 21, she hasn't been out of high school that long anyway
  9. Interesting that I'm not the only one who sees the Shawneice/Jon connection. I'm not saying they'd make a perfect couple or anything, but their personalities in their simplest forms are super conpatiable. They could great friends or at least have tons of fun together. I think Ryan's a David or a Nick. He seems super nice but there's something not so nice lurking underneath. I'm not saying he's a terrible person, just that what's on the outside is SUPER NICE and makes you forget that he either has the same flaws we all do, or secrets he's hiding. His dickish side showed with making fun of
  10. Jepthe: She's a stranger. This is moving too fast.. Me: I wonder what part of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT made him think he'd have lots of time to get to know his partner and that'd it'd be a very slow drawn out process
  11. Matt is a ridiculous human being. I can't believe he was trying to teach that dude a lesson about medical emergencies, he clearly wasn't having it. I was stunned to see him telling that man "brother, I love you...". As soon as you started talking to him, and he said "I'm playing, can't you see I'm playing (dominoes) anybody with 2 functioning brain cells wouldve left that man the fuck alone. Then he's trying to spark up a friendship with Swole talking about "that's my boy" (hard accent on "boy") . Then to top it off his was absolutely convinced that his brief show of his MMA chops scared the s
  12. I like Jepthe, but he's too cold for this type of thing. Granted, Shawneice is being too sensitive about his use of the word "stranger" (she IS a stranger and he DOESN'T know her), the girl is just trying to relax and have fun with the guy and he's so dead to it all. LOL at Ryan and Jacklyn having sex. Didn't see that from either of them. Jon seems like the type who would want to, so does Shawneice. But neither Ryan or Jackie peg me as the types who would even be open to the idea. And i think it's interesting that the couples get to meet each other through the experiment. it's intere
  13. These are drug addicts. they don't care what it is or where it's from. They'll take anything to get some kind of high. Out of someone mouth or worse...whatever it takes. I don't understand why they don't chae the way the distribute medicatiions either. Why can't they do it the way the do in some hospitals and make the inmates prove that the swallowed it. Like open up your mouth and lift your tongue kind of stuff? Stephanie taking whippits "It's like candy to me and I can't stop. It's addictive' Me: ITS DRUGS YOU DUMB BITCH Look at her eyes. she looks out of it in her interv
  14. Angele? HOT? I don't know man, prison is weird. She looks just as messed up and slightly masculine as some of the other inmates. I get pretty girls like Stephanie wouldn't be all the rage in prison, but I don't get what it is about Angele that is so attractive. I was dead when Stephanie was like "I'll throw Jaclin under the bus i a minute---cause i want to win". WIN WHAT STUPID? This isn't a contest. There's on prize at the end of this. And didn't she say she never has female friends? I think i understand why.
  15. started out late, but all caught up now. :) thoughts so far.... Matt and Andrew: Matt looks the part but its laughable how weak and helpless he thinks his son is and that he thinks he's primed to get his ass kicked in there---but encouraged him to go, "to toughen him up". Dude's insane. I was floored when he started talking about him saying hes painfully shy and awkward, etc. I would be so embarrassed if my father was on national TV talking like that. Then in the newest episode, he got all antsy and anxious to talk to Andrew and then went to the door between pods asking for him...no
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