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  1. I never expected a shoutout to Frasier from a vampire so when Nandor muttered "Good Night Seattle, and good mental health" I completely lost it. I LOVE THIS SHOW !!!! Now all that I need is a Nadja Doll for my joy to be complete. And another episode with Mark Hamill.
  2. Linky: https://fashionista.com/2021/10/coach-destroying-unsold-products-viral-tiktok
  3. I see that Coach responded to the comments with " "We have now ceased destroying in-store returns of damaged, defective, worn and otherwise unsalable goods and are dedicated to maximizing such products reuse in our Coach (Re)Loved and other circularity programs. The damaged product that was being destroyed in stores represents less than 1% of global sales." As a Coach shopper for almost 30 years I've seen some items in stores that were obvious returns and probably SHOULD have been destroyed. Some damaged items are just too badly messed up to be repaired, or it's just not cost-effec
  4. Coach has almost as many Factory Outlet Stores as they do full-price stores, and they don't seem to mind sending unsold merchandise to their own outlets as well as to off-price retailers like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Marshall's. and others. In fact I think their overall profits from the Factory Stores are higher than from the full-price locations. I've never heard any reports of Coach burning old merchandise. It's possible that they may destroy merchandise that's too badly damaged to sell, although they're much more likely to sell it "As Is" to resellers who buy it by the pallet-load just
  5. While it's always a pleasure to watch commercials featuring Italian food, the new Olive Garden commercial adds to the fun by using some of Jon Batiste's song "I Need You". https://www.ispot.tv/ad/qYcu/olive-garden-tv-i-need-you-you-and-you-song-by-jon-batiste The full video is fun too, and worth a watch.
  6. Chicago-area MM fans - WTTW Channel 11, Chicago's main PBS channel, will be airing a Season 17 marathon of MM this coming Sunday August starting at 11AM and running until 6PM. Season 18 will begin airing weekly on the following Friday. From their email: "...Beginning at 11:00 am on Sunday August 15 on WTTW, you can binge the entire season 17 of Midsomer Murders. The following Friday, August 20 at 8:00 pm on WTTW, season 18 premieres and continues airing Friday evenings. " Enjoy!
  7. There should be some way to select "All Of The Above" for the “Shawn’s Very, Very, Bad Hair Day” category. She doesn't discriminate - EVERY day is a Bad Hair Day. How do we decide ???
  8. OMG, I'd be afraid to sit on those chairs! That 225-pound capacity shown on the website sounds more than a little optimistic.
  9. You're a wicked woman, you know. There isn't enough brain bleach on this PLANET to wash that picture out of my mind. And that pattern placement...
  10. Guess I don't have the last CRT TV in existence after all. The off-white-everything doesn't appeal to me either, but I like a house that looks lived in, and this one definitely does. Thanks for keeping it real, Mr Pesci.
  11. A bit late in Replying, but ... Considering the hatchet job that PJ did on poor Faramir, maybe it's a Good Thing that he left Glorfy out of the films completely. NEVER diss a Lord of Gondolin (Salgant excepted). And will someone PLEASE explain the difference to Stephen between the pronunciation of "Gollum" (soft "o" like "on") and a "Golem" (long "o" like Goat) which Wikipedia describes as "In Jewish folklore, a golem (/ˈɡoʊləm/ GOH-ləm; Hebrew: גולם‎) is an animated anthropomorphic being that is created entirely from inanimate matter". The films' adherence to Tolkien's vision
  12. CNN showed a stunning commercial earlier this evening for Omega Co-Axial watch movements that just blew me away. Turns out the ad was first released in 2013 but I don't remember seeing it before. This is definitely one of those "turn UP the volume" ads. Not only does it have great visuals, but the music is gorgeous. It's listed as "Smiling" by Harry Gregson-Williams from a 2004 Denzel Washington action film "Man On Fire" but it doesn't sound like any action film score I've ever heard. It reminded me very much of the "Shire" themes from Howard Shore's Lord Of The Rings score. T
  13. First snow of the season in the Chicago area! But it's melting as soon as it hits the ground. Guess I can put the sandals away for a few months.
  14. Especially that hair! Are all the salons in PA completely shut down? She can't bribe a stylist to come to her house, lop 3 or 4 inches off and give it a good conditioning? We had 6 months here in IL when salons were closed and mine didn't look anything like that before they finally reopened, and our cuts are pretty similar. It looks like a Phyllis Diller wig. https://www.thedailybeast.com/phyllis-dillers-wackiest-dos On second thought, Phyllis looks better.
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