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  1. Hyacinth B

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    Just a TCM heads-up- Summer Under The Stars - ERROL FLYNN, all day and all night. Enjoy! (all times are Eastern) https://prod-images.tcm.com/Microsites/SUTS/SUTSschedule_2019.pdf
  2. Like that ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times".
  3. Hyacinth B

    Small Talk: Take A Break From Shop(ping) Talk

    To add a few more- Paid 26 cents (with tax!) for a very generous bag of fried breaded shrimp every Friday for supper Bought a brand-new car for a total price of $3517.00 that came only with an AM radio and one speaker (and don't feel the need to take a picture of myself OR my meals every bleedin' day either!)
  4. Hyacinth B

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    The same here. The only place away from home I even remember when I was that age was the Kiddyland amusement park 2 or 3 towns over. And I sure wouldn't have given a fat rat's patoot about the political history or divisions among those towns. I just wanted to ride the damned ponies! Sheesh, why don't the idiots in the British press pick on legitimate targets like Boris Johnson or the scumbags who manipulated the whole Brexit mess? Leave the kids alone!
  5. Hyacinth B

    Small Talk: Cup O' Joe

    My aged brain cells ain't what they used to be but I remember them being popular in the early 1970s or maybe before, mostly during the hippie period and probably inspired by what usually happened to too-long bell bottoms that were continually allowed to drag on the ground because the wearers couldn't be bothered with taking up the hems. Like a lot of styles it tends to come back every 20 years or so but the reboot that should have happened in the late 1980s or early 1990s probably got buried by the Big Hair look and Wall Street Chic fashions. Sorry if my date guesstimates are a bit off, but Short Term Memory Loss was a common ailment in both of those time periods, if you know what I mean.
  6. Ain't that the truth! And she can't even be bothered to open her eyes. How do I find myself a job like that?
  7. Hyacinth B

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    His "Buy a car, get a check" business model completely changed the retailing methods used by the auto industry. Eventually even the Japanese automakers were forced to start hyping rebates and special rate financing in order to compete with the US Big Three who they'd never really considered as competition until consumer demands for quality changed to consumer demands for rebates and cut-rate APRs. It's a self-inflicted hole that the auto industry will probably be stuck in permanently. And he DID save Chrysler - for a time, anyway. Grazie, Lido.
  8. Because she's selling counterfeits she bought on Canal Street in NYC for 5 times more than she paid for them, and Poshmark doesn't care.
  9. Hyacinth B

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    OMG. A RESTAURANT actually made that? And then had the nerve to serve it to a customer? Or maybe Diva is a "regular" and they know he'll eat anything they put in front of him if there's enough fried calories on the plate.
  10. Hyacinth B


    I used to do the same. And remember when they used to do two 24-hour silver jewelry shows each year? I would take both days off work and stay home to watch.
  11. Hyacinth B

    Perry Mason

    Hey, it's fun watching The Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers and pretending it's Saturday morning in the 50s again! All that's missing is Sky King and Super Circus. And ON Saturdays ... THE MONKEES! ☺️☺️
  12. Hyacinth B

    Perry Mason

    I think FeTV has been available on Comcast in the Chicago area for at least a year, Channel 110. It's a pretty decent Baby Boomer TV channel. https://fetv.tv/shows/
  13. Thanks for the information everyone! At least I have my Galavant dvds. But it's a shame that I'll never have a chance to post the words "Vinnie Jones" and "comic genius" in the same sentence.
  14. Hyacinth B

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I hate that RealReal commercial. You couldn't pay me to wear that crap and there is no way in hell I'm going to pay to look like a pretentious circus clown. If I'm supposed to want to be like these people or hang out with these people then the commercial is an epic failure. Not only are the clothes used in the commercial butt-ugly, but the site has been mentioned quite a few times by posters in a major Purseforum for selling counterfeit luxury brand handbags and accessories. Apparently their "authenticators" aren't nearly as qualified or careful as TRR wants everyone to think they are.
  15. I don't know what happened to the 3 years of posts between 2016 and 2019 (does anyone have the link if they're archived here somewhere?) so I'm just going to throw in a quick mention of 2 favorites that disappeared during that gap, The Muppets and Galavant. The Muppets especially could have kept on going for a long time once viewers learned to accept the more adult storylines. Galavant had pretty much wrapped up most of its stories, and Tim Omundson's illness probably would have created a gap on Galavant that would have been tough to fill, but they were both great shows. Two very bad decisions by the Already Been Canceled Network. (SIGH) I really miss King Richard and Uncle Deadly!