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  1. Those giant-ass 80's prom dress sleeves look good on absolutely no one. It's like they said "She's kinda pear-shaped, let's puff up her top half to match!" She looks like she's swimming in her clothes. For a minute, I was horrified thinking they would all hear Athena get raped over the radio before anyone could get there.
  2. Malcolm is afraid he can kill and has spent his life ruthlessly making sure he doesn't, to the point where it paralyzes his ability to defend himself and/or his family. Ainsley found out she can and will kill to protect herself and her family and now has to figure out what to do with that knowledge - was it just normal self-defense, or the beginning of something darker and deeper?
  3. CoyoteBlue

    SEAL Team

    I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL STOP WATCHING THE MINUTE CERBERUS IS OUT. No Cerberus or Brock? Pfft, that's all I'm watching for anymore. You want to use him as a ham-handed segue into Jason being too old and PTSDy for this? Fine. Better not follow-up on it, though.
  4. If the gun is untraceable, they can make a case for Endicott threatening Malcolm and Ainsley attacking him out of fear for their lives.
  5. "my business trades in the science of the human body. That's helped me realize that there's one form of leverage that trumps all the others. So I use it." Wouldn't be surprised if Nicholas managed to get DNA samples from the whole family and synthesize it in his labs. I think the missed opportunity was after Martin was arrested and while Gil was helping mentor Malcolm as a kid. She didn't feel worthy because of the whole 'dating a serial killer / not trusting love' thing. I assume the latter because that was his serial killer moniker before they knew who he actually was.
  6. Actually Bald Guy decided he "ain't goin' back!", grabbed a gun and ran right towards a SWAT guy. Didn't make it - I remember them zipping up his body bag.
  7. Oh thank christ I'm not the only one wondering when I missed them ruling that out. I'm neither a medical professional or a mother and I know about using cervical cerclage to keep the baby in and was wondering why they were all sitting around. Maybe she was in danger of abrupting, so they didn't want to seal her up yet? I wish they would have explained the delay.
  8. Jason Beghe gives a PSA for All In Illinois. I did not know that's how his last name is pronounced.
  9. Well, that'd put a wrinkle in his relationship with Eve.
  10. I thought she was alive in the box and then once Malcolm saw her, Martin took both of them "camping" to get rid of her and see if he could get Malcolm to kill her / kill Malcolm if he couldn't get him to keep quiet.
  11. But not for those big-ass puffy 80's sleeves on everything this episode. Isn't there supposed to be some kid-in-a-well thing happening? We've been seeing teasers for it for weeks.
  12. Alessa, you BEAT that man's head in! Go, girl! You get 'em down, you make them STAY down. Eff some 'one smack and then turn your back on the guy while you check on Bright' BS some other minor female character might have tried. You know the score.
  13. Bellamy Young just looks good then because she and Michael Sheen are 50 and 51 respectively. Tom Payne is 37 and Halston 26. Technically, the parent characters should probably be older than the actors are, given that Martin would have been such a famous surgeon and Jessica had a ten-year-old child twenty(?) years ago when Martin was caught. They would have had to start their family while Martin was still in med school probably?
  14. I was surprised it took the whole episode to figure out that a GoFundMe managed as a charity fund for the hospital could work. I guess the Max Magic was making it less about the personal need ("victims") and more about the result (survivors).
  15. I could appreciate how Buddy went with "iconic NYC", and the Statue of Liberty was pretty good, but I also kinda agree with Duff that the real New York is probably not shown by having a tourist trinket shop throw up on a cake. They were just missing a "I heart NY" t-shirt in there. Duff really could have used that landscaping though, to really make it polished. The fact that it's such a monochromatic exterior didn't help.
  16. Yeah, is there any option for Bradford to keep doing what he does as a Sergeant? Be in charge of the boot program. something? He really doesn't seem like an administrative or desk jockey kind of guy, He seems like someone who needs to be on the streets and is good at it. And he's not a bad trainer.
  17. Well, at least it's been her thing since day one; it's not like she just pulled it out of nowhere.
  18. Well, yes, but usually your boss tells you you're being let go and then you have the HR meeting. No one just has an HR person appear with a pink slip. Conrad (Chief Resident) actaully wouldn;t have been the person to do it, even in RedRockWorld - Kim pointed out that the actual OB/GYN dept bosses were out of town on a conference or something and therefore it was getting dumped on Conrad to inform the residents. (Okay, I don't know what all the "ranks" are in a hospital, but are they not also letting go of full-fledged "doctors"? Like, I get that the residents are doubly boned because the
  19. Once they had him in a gym, a recumbent cycle would have been best. Exercise the heart rate without him hurting himself if he passed out and a much more stable location to do heart procedures from. Although I swear there's a way to artificially make your heart race that they use for stress tests where the person can't physically exercise to that level. Maybe try that, guys.
  20. It would help if they didn't have so damn many relatives needin' the rule-breaking and revenge-killing. We're dragging back actors from four years ago now because we're running out of relatives of the current cast. If they bring back Mouse to fridge him for Halstead's turn, I will go ham.
  21. Watching the end again where Martin takes control of his nightmare, I love how he has Malcolm gazing up adoringly at him as Malcolm recites "No, you're not [ordinary]. You're a preditory psychopath." That's all Martin ever wanted, I think, for his boy to admire him as he is. Or even for what he is.
  22. Eh, I wasn't nearly as wigged out about the half-sibling thing. It became taboo for two big reasons: in-breeding (but we know how to avoid that) and the need to create connections and alliances outside your birth group. They weren't raised as siblings, they aren't part of the same family and they don't need to have children together (although, honestly, with some real genetic workups, I'm sure they can be given a risk value for breeding, As long as their genes are healthy and they aren't carriers for dangerous recessives...). Just because some of their DNA is in the same formation doesn't mean
  23. I wish a fraction of that got to his character then.
  24. I think because he was reporting on what he learned from Psycho Redhead?
  25. While I agree one wouldn't have expected someone to have a cell phone, he was actually TALKING ON ONE to within earshot of her. 🤣
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