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  1. Same here. I was disappointed that they retconned Bernadette by having her act squeamish about it. This is the gal who has a delightfully dark and jaded view of infectious diseases. She'd probably agree.
  2. I don't think Stuart and Debbie are a couple - I think he's supposed to be stepping into the pseudo-incestuous son role that was Howard's. The humor is in Howard being disturbed by it but not realizing it was ten times creepier when he and his mom were doing it.
  3. Ugh, I'm starting to get tired of them using IQ like it's a seriously quantifiable thing and that all people with a certain IQ are exceptional at the same things. "Borderline" genius at 150? No, that's 10 points over the definition of genius, IIRC. And coining the phrase "enabled" (as the opposite of "mentally disabled". I suppose)? Pretentious enough? It's not a goddamn club that we all secretly join. My IQ does not make me a math or programming savant. It does not mean I am automatically a good or moral person that cherishes the Brotherhood of Really Smart Emotionally-Crippled People. I
  4. CoyoteBlue

    Iris West

    Dear Iris, we know that it's just a prop, but for god sake's you did everything but hold that tray and remaining coffee upside down. C'mon.
  5. Nice ink, Agent Gallo! Walter is oddly the most messed up of them; he's just got tighter control so he fakes functional better. I'm enjoying this as long as I remember it's a cheeseathon and let the rest roll off.
  6. I feel so sorry for the girl that's supposed to be that douchebag's "perfect match".
  7. Yeah, I thought that, too, but the replay showed Romeo head-butting him from Adam's left, but across into his right eye. I was glad to see Romeo gone and due to his own issues, not something he could blame on someone else. His witch bs, trying to be all mystical and evil, was tiresome. You don't have to mess with people because you're a witch, Romeo, you do it because you're a dick.
  8. OH MY GOD, Sandhya,quit whining about how Poor You gets so horribly picked on! If you have immunity in a team challenge, you suck it the hell up and focus on contributing to the team's vision. Honestly, this is the season of the Emotionally Delicate Special Snowflakes - between her victim complex and Mousy Asian's cowering and weeping, I am so over them both.
  9. Sorry, as nice as Sandhya is, that dress looked like Grandma's old couch that her cats have been peeing on and clawing at for years. If that's what passes for a winning design, then really, just roll a die for a winner, Heidi, and don't try to bullshit a rationale for the choice.
  10. "Are you a woman with chronic feminine discomfort...down there?" Seriously, there's a subtle pause between 'discomfort' and 'down there' each time this is used. It's hard to tell exactly what they meant by "feminine discomfort", but in the end I'm left assuming it's post-menopausal dry vag cream.
  11. I think there was a similar case with cell phones where the seller was baiting and switching and the buyer was also refusing to return the goods because they thought the seller would just turn around and defraud someone else. Ethically a good idea, but the merchandise still belongs to the seller if they want their money back. You have to leave the comeuppance to karma - karma and the complaint dept of Amazon.
  12. I resent her implication that everyone with a mental illness would somehow be unreliable witnesses or act out in irrational manners. My depression and ADHD does not mean my testimony would be less valid than someone else's. And taking the medication means you're actually treating it, so there's even less reason to blame actions on mental illness.
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