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  1. 2 hours ago, sainte-chapelle said:

    Shekeb allows his mother to treat Emily like trash then calls her emotional when she cries after being bullied. He is gaslighting trash and his mother has zero integrity and is such a bitch. They deserve each other. 

    You only get to play that "holding on to the past" card when you've HONESTLY apologized and are trying to do better and the other person keeps dredging it up. It doesn't work for "I can do whatever I want and if you don't like it, we'll blame you for wanting me held accountable".

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  2. 7 hours ago, LittleIggy said:

    I know the expired insulin thing was to get Dr. Reynolds to be sympathetic with the surgeon who left his son in the car, but it seems so out of character for him. And why is his mother now so incompetent that she she doesn’t understand the importance of controlling her diet? Apparently she eats whatever her new boyfriend gives her. It too is out of character for the character as we first saw her.

    They've been infantilizing her since Reynolds was forced to ride herd on her after her diagnosis, but this time they set her up to be a parallel to an actual fucking helpless child

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  3. 3 hours ago, MaryHedwig said:

    If Casey does leave, it would not surprised me if  Boden stepped down and took over his job. Boden sure had fun holding that hose again.

    Boden old-manning his way through that made me wonder if someone's going to have a heart attack and free up the upper management at 51. We've been grumbling about 'too many lieutenants' for a while - they need to put Captain Casey in charge of the house to make room for Lt. Stella?

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  4. On 1/6/2021 at 5:39 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

    He didn't die suddenly and he wasn't in a coma (While You Were Sleeping). He was sick for a long time but they found a way for him to communicate. Someone in that family should have thought to ask for his password while he was still alive!

    Forget that, everything should have been resolved way before he lost his voice. Why wasn't everything already in Maggie's name? She should have had power of attorney for anything that was post-mortem or have had those documents already both digital and originals in a safe. They have a son that's a lawyer - this should all have been done way in advance (maybe not by David, but he'd know the right people). Nothing should be tucked away in private accounts that would require his personal password.

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  5. 2 hours ago, abracadabra said:

    What was up with Lawrence's mom saying the girl was a little "Prince" then getting mad that she was corrected? 

    She was trying to pretend she cared about his "stepdaughter". She couldn't even get through a sentence without messing up the little girl's deets.


    "Aliyah, Mom."

    And then there's Tyra declaring that she'll force her child to do whatever she wants. Jesus fuck, you'll be a winner of a mom there, college girl. "I don't care if you're unhappy and crying, you'll dance to make me happy, child!"

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  6. Oh, look, Owen doesn't listen any better than his mom does!

    God, these people are all horrible.

    Ethan is so whipped by this new doctor. Even more than he is by April. (That's her real objection - only she gets to keep Ethan's balls in a jar. There are two, but she won't share.) Bets that a cursory background check on Dean would have shown he Doesn't Play Well With Others? (Looks like next week he starts the shit-stirring.)

    I love Dr. Charles, except for everything having to do with his kid. Then he's just another MedAsshole. He really is kind of a manupulative bitch with his ex. 

    Run, Crocket, run!

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  7. s4e4 - Paradise. HITG William Mapother and his wife get trapped in their cabin by Psycho Wil Wheaton.

    I have to give real props to the husband here. They sit down to room service breakfast, realize neither of them actually ordered the banana pancakes, which were the exact thing she was saying she wanted and he immediately said "Pack your shit, we're leaving" and followed through on it. 

    A+ "I'm not an idiot; I've watches horror movies" skills

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  8. 10 hours ago, iMonrey said:

    As a child of an abusive alcoholic I find it hard to muster a lot of sympathy for Buck or Maddie. Their parents weren't perfect, they may have been emotionally distant but they were hardly neglectful or abusive. Hell the dad took Buck out for ice cream after he fell off Daniel's bike. People who are so horrified by these two mild mannered suburbanites must have had way better parents than I did.

    And here you see where some types of abuse are dismissed because someone has it "not as bad". At least decent humans will allow you to be affected and scarred by your abuse, but you aren't willing to offer the same courtesy to other abuse victims? Is it that important to win the Abuse Olympics?

    Emotional abuse and neglect are equally horrible and more likely to make the victims feel like there's something wrong with them, not a failing of their abusers. Buck spent his entire life wondering what it was about him that, no matter what, his parents ignored him, didn't love him, and treated him like a fuckup for existing - which to them, he did fuck up with his very existence. They uprooted Maddie in the midst of her grieving for her brother, moved her away from everything familiar to her and ERASED that brother's existence from their lives.

    The kids learned that any attention was preferable to no attention at all, leading to Maddie suffering in a physically and emotionally abuse marriage for years for the scraps of "love" she'd get and Buck self-harming through risky behavior his entire life to get his parents to interact with him. 

    Mom needed therapy YEARS ago. She's still just hysterical in her grief and neither parent understands what they've been doing to their children or really feels the slightest honest remorse. Dad should have made her get help after Daniel's death instead of enabling her at the kids' expense.

    One child dies and they THREW AWAY the other two, wallowing in grief. They didn't deserve any of their three kids.

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  9. 1 hour ago, BooksRule said:

    That liver transplant sure happened fast.  We never even saw the donor (someone from upstairs in another department?).

    I was confused because people with amyloidosis GET liver transplants; they don't generally GIVE them. Having someone with amyloidosis give up a chunk of an organ is potentially cutting years off their life - they generally have a life expectancy of 10 years on the far side once diagnosed and one of those years should be spent trying to regrow their liver to full size? In someone with a disease that attacks the organs? Nice how they only gave a shit about whether it might not be an optimal organ for Augie.

    ETA The fact that we can detect pregnancy that early is probably causing a lot more grief over "miscarriages" that would normally not even be noticed. SO MANY fertilizations don't make it out of the gate and get flushed. It's totally normal.

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  10. Well, if it were Burgess, she would have flat-out told the father who the suspect was, so... one point to Jay?

    Is everything with Voight these days going to be a philosophical / ethical debate? I mean, I get that they softened him up after Al's death in this post-BLM cop accountability era, but damn, dude. Is he managing by the Socratic Method now?

    Nice compromise for Jay. I would have been disappointed if he'd let the father go altogether. 

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  11. So... Kelly's just a fucking idiot, isnt't he? And the fact that Casey didn't tell him so when Kelly shared his idiocy makes him one too.

    Casey looks hot with his hair all ruffled.

    They are dragging this Cruz-Mackey super-secret BS out waaaaay too long. It can NOT be interesting enough to be worth all this kerfuffle.

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  12. 15 hours ago, gonzosgirrl said:

    Last night the awful mom referred to her as 'over 35', which says to me she's between 35 and 40, or she would have said 'over 40'.

    For pregnant women, "over 35" is the magic number for being automatically considered high risk, regardless of your test results. I would literally stamp 'normal' lab results with (essentially) "Normal values, but OLD, so we can't promise anything". So the fact that Mom used that phrase was expected regardless of Maddie's actual age.

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  13. 45 minutes ago, jabRI said:

    Sorry, I don't see how Mae saved 1000 lives.  The guy called and gave his name and address.  Was the 'saving' from not hanging up on him when he sounded overly friendly?

    She's the one who social-media-stalked him (against protocol) and found out his origin story. They were still trying to track down his most recent jobs.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Bulldog said:

    I can only speak from my own perspective, but where I live the publicly owned hospital is by far the worst.  Give me a private facility any day of the week.  I suppose if the only alternative is closing, its better than nothing.  But I didn't understand why everyone was treating the news as if it was all rainbows and unicorns. 

    Because the Chastainites are all pure of heart and noble warriors for the little guy. Of course they support becoming a public hospital.

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  15. On 1/22/2021 at 8:15 PM, WendyCR72 said:

    Noah finds himself in a situation not even April can fix.

    What?!? Something the Blessed April can't fix? 

    I hate all these people. Just... everyone at this point. I think I hate NewGabby even more than OldGabby now.

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  16. 49 minutes ago, Lady Calypso said:

    I assumed the secret was more that Buck was adopted, not that Maddie is Buck's real mother.

    With the notion that their parents never really wanted to have kids, I can't imagine them choosing to adopt. 

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  17. When the Red Team were talking, I seriously wondered if Jordan was wearing an invisibility cloak or something because she was fucking TERRIBLE. And her name never even came up? I could see them opting to give Fabi a pass because she was "sick", but Jordan? If they had walked in with Lauren and Jordan, I think he would have at least accepted it, especially if someone pointed out that LAuren spent the whole time asking what to do next.

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  18. 1 hour ago, 40Love said:

    Bella is bossy. But D'von was irritatingly passive aggressive. Instead of strongly, confidently and maturely discussing his ideas, he hid his design,  hemmed, hawed, grinned with double talk.

     So irritating! Even if he went his own way just say so. Just tell her! Ugh 

    Yeah, he'd tell he one thing and then do something else. He'd agree with her and then do whatever he wanted, laughing at her. I wouldn't care if he'd said "Nope, I'm doing my own thing." "Nope, I tried the caramel twice; your turn." Instead, he agreed when she tried to pass it back to him, so she thought it was being taken care of and didn't have the chance to drop something else to fix it herself.

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  19. I find it's still an abomination. It would have been better if they never referenced Pratchett, because it feels like the storytelling is relying too much on us knowing the world and the characters, while at the same time throwing out or completely reversing everything we know about the characters. So... the stories feel disjointed to me and I have no idea who these people are other than... emo Mad Max? dystopia lite schlubs? British scifi characters? I'm not really getting itno it on its own merits and I sure as hell can't enjoy it as Discworld, so...meh.

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  20. 16 hours ago, Trini said:

    I know it's more "fun" for TV writers to have the police consultant be somewhat "crazy", but I would like to see Malcolm in therapy for his many, many issues occasionally. Plus, someone is prescribing him those pills, right?

    We saw him in session with his therapist a couple of times over the season.

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