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  1. I just...maybe it's because I've never really felt the overwhelming need for a biological child nor, in particular, ever wanted to go through a pregnancy (it's moot now anyway as the biological ship left the harbor when I turned 50!). Maybe I would have felt differently if I'd ever been lucky enough to have any long, lasting relationships and wanted to start a family with a husband/partner. For the last few decades, however, my heart has unwaveringly been pulled by kids who need adopting and/or foster homes. I'm finally feeling like I am mature enough for the first time to be able to help, and
  2. I just found them annoying and wish I never had to see Tayisha's pointy chin and unnaturally blinding white teeth again. Also, Kaitlyn has really messed up her face. I'm sure it also has to do with me missing Chris Harrison, who I've always felt was ubiquitous to the franchise. It shouldn't need two hosts to replace him. It was ridiculous to have both of them take turns reciting the brief spiels at the rose ceremony! I think one person can easily handle the, "Katie. Gentlemen. This is the final rose tonight. When you're ready" and "If you did not receive a rose this evening, take a moment and
  3. Luckily for our viewing pleasure, yes there are. Praise be to the reality TV gods!
  4. I'm watching Season 1 mainly to see how Jamie and Doug started because I was aware that she was really upset and not attracted to him at all at first. What I didn't realize was how fast she fell for him. It sounds terrible but it would probably have taken me a lot longer--if at all. The only Jamie I've known up until now is the really annoying fame-seeker but I really like this earlier, sweeter side of her.
  5. I had a layover at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris in January of last year, which had a Hermès store. I figured I could find something really tiny that I could afford, like under $50, maybe a key fob. NOPE. The least expensive thing I saw was a small coin purse--for $250. While I couldn't care less about fashion or shoes (all mine are black, except for a few brown, because they go with everything!), I have a big thing for satchel-style handbags and own several. They're all pretty much similar to a Birkin with the hanging locks and keys. However, aside from the two $100 Italian leather purse
  6. Yet they must have hired someone to take care of her while they were off on the boat trip. Someone who was able to pass his babysitter interrogations interviews!
  7. I don't think it had even reached the halfway point in the season before all of the people I liked or could stand had been evicted. It seems like they all went in a row and I don't recall anyone I fervently wished would go home ever did during that time. Janelle was the last straw for me! For several seasons, I've no longer watched all three episodes each week or fast forward through things I already know from the live feeds, but I never missed the evictions on Thursday nights. But last year, after Janey went home, I couldn't even stomach doing that because I'd just be hate-watching everyone!
  8. One word as she describes all the procedures: OW!!
  9. She must have a bidet!
  10. Big Brother, Bachelor in Paradise, Love After Lockup, Married At First Sight, Real Housewives...so many dealers supplying my summer crack fix! Thank you reality TV gods for thy bounty!
  11. After Janelle was evicted I stopped watching the broadcasts and just read the live feeds thread.
  12. I was thinking, perhaps you never would have felt the need to fuck up your face. I actually gasped when I first saw her, when she was sitting on the couch for charades. She must have recently had the work done at the time and it hadn't "settled" yet.
  13. Strongly considering getting Discovery+ because I'm under the misguided impression that I need to see more of these idiots who I've already pretty much hate-watched for the entirety of their airtime. Can someone come and knock me upside the head? Please?
  14. "Hi, Williams. Yolanda asked me to ask you WTF happened??"
  15. Hey, I like Arby's. Don't be putting that thought in my head!
  16. "FALL IN YOUR PEE!!" I remembered this a couple of days ago. I think there were, what, at least three pages of us begging Jackson (Watermelonhead) to do this? And he did! Good times.
  17. Two thoughts on this episode: I think Kim's sex tape would be a perfect KUWK memento for the time capsule because, really, isn't that what started everything? And I'm wondering how the hell Khloe managed to get gloves--fingerless or not--on over her ridiculous talons. Which, every time I see I think, there's no way she's changing True's diapers or picking her up because of the high stabbing risks. I'd know I'd end up injuring myself at least a couple of times a day just by doing things like absently-mindedly going to rub my eyes or while changing positions in my sleep.
  18. From the Goli Gummies commercial... Office workers: Jim, want some cake? Jim, in smug sing-song voice (followed by lame dance moves): No, thank you!! Me: LIAR!!
  19. Justin said in that circle Josh had an elevated status, like he was the chosen one, and summed it up as basically Josh being considered "God's Employee of the Month." When someone in the comments said that T-shirts with that slogan really need to be made, Justin replied that it wouldn't be him as he did not want to monetize the podcast. He ended it after five episodes since he felt he had fully discussed his journey. But, yeah, I really want to see that on a T-shirt, too!
  20. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't realize he was "rehabilitated" twice with property upkeep projects. I think the pond project was on the property of another church member who had confessed to sex sins. Justin got so choked up about how after learning that Josh had molested his sisters, he saw how nice and supportive they were expected to be and how hard that must have been to act as if nothing horrible had happened to them. What a massive mess indeed.
  21. In the "I Pray You Lay This Journal Down" (the stern warning in his teenage journal to not invade his privacy!) podcast Justin adds a lot of details and context to that punishment. Josh worked alone, for several weeks, digging sludge out of the pond with just a shovel, and was completely shunned during that time. The person whose property it was would basically put a plate of food down for him, not say anything, and walk away. Justin thinks Josh was staying in a shack or a tent. He said Jim Bob and John David went out there a few times but that was the extent. Josh's head was completely shaven
  22. I pass this optometrist's office on the way to my favorite hiking area and have to question their choice of sign font. It's not easily readable, especially when you're driving by on the opposite side of the street going the 25 mph speed limit. I joke to myself that they're giving you an eye exam before you even go inside!
  23. The main reason for he and his wife doing the podcast is working through their experiences growing up in that circle and the damage it did. He said he did contact authorities at the time when he learned of Josh's molestation of his sisters, with what he knew about the Duggars and the context in which things he saw now made sense. He never received any responses. At the end of episode three, he also went on a scathing tirade about TLC's producers at the end of the episode for basically selling their souls for money and how he hoped they enjoyed their nice boats and big houses, etc.
  24. I just finished episode three of the "I Pray You Lay This Journal Down" podcast. For those who don't know about it, Justin is the guy who throughout his teens had been good friends with Josh. He also did the Reddit AMA. Only a portion of episodes are about the Duggars; overall, it's a comprehensive look at what he went through in the fundie world growing up and gives a lot of context. He disclosed the betrayal by Josh that ended their friendship (which was after the marriage to Anna and a few kids later). He had confided in Josh, seeking counsel and feeling lost, about someone who had ab
  25. If I now unfortunately and regrettably know--and can't forget what I read--she fucking well should! Maybe some sort of Clockwork Orange contraption where she can't close her eyes or would that be too brutal?
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