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    Big Little Book Talk

    I don't believe we know for sure but based on the fact that she said "we fucking see!" in response to Perry saying the kids hadn't seen what he did to Celeste, I assumed a parent.
  2. ZootSuitWyatt

    S06.E09: The Golden Child

    This seems like the right audience to point out that the Liz line is "what do you sit and look at?"
  3. ZootSuitWyatt

    Figure Skating

    As a person who works at MSU...horrifying but not surprising.
  4. ZootSuitWyatt

    College Basketball

    That's been a secondary nickname of theirs for a long time.
  5. ZootSuitWyatt

    Surviving R. Kelly

    yes: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/r-kellys-streaming-numbers-rise-following-surviving-r-kelly-premiere-news.68541.html
  6. ZootSuitWyatt

    The Annual Golden Globes Topic

    I don't think it came out in time, did it?
  7. THIS: "Then she must bump into some guy she knew in high school. He knew her when was still young and carefree, before she’d had any meaningful life experiences and before her brain was even really finished developing. He knows the real her."
  8. I think it's Jessica Lowndes's lips for me. The last thing I remember her from is Greek (10+ years ago) and they seem very different.
  9. ZootSuitWyatt


    Clearly making terrible interim leadership decisions post-Nassar is contagious.
  10. ZootSuitWyatt

    S04.E02: Kimmy Has a Weekend!

    It's in the season 5 episode Double-Edged Sword, when the plane to Nag's Head never takes off.
  11. ZootSuitWyatt

    S05.E21: White Whale

    The wine with the foot on it is still a step up in fanciness from "this is legally called wine drink."
  12. ZootSuitWyatt

    College Basketball

    I was dreading sports media going on about how basketball wins were Healing Our Troubled Community if MSU went far in the tournament, so I'm kind of glad they lost.
  13. ZootSuitWyatt

    Figure Skating

    ShibSibs should do it.
  14. ZootSuitWyatt

    Figure Skating

    I think bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists immediately after with something where there's a gold medal game/race and a bronze medal game/race (like hockey), because the bronze medalists won their final game and the silver medalists just loss. Definitely true with Canada vs. Finland last night.
  15. ZootSuitWyatt

    Big Mouth

    Apparently it's Nick Kroll, but I kept hearing Will Arnett.
  16. ZootSuitWyatt


    I haven't researched the laws or anything, but faculty and graduate student TAs at MSU have been told within the last year that we are mandatory reporters.
  17. ZootSuitWyatt

    S04.E12: The Rats

    I did appreciate this as a Good Place fan though.
  18. ZootSuitWyatt

    No Sleep Tonight, Then: Horror Movies

    Yeah, I was scared enough at the thought of being trapped in an unknown cave system even without the monsters.
  19. ZootSuitWyatt

    The Harry Potter Movies

    it's Beauxbatons in the books (both schools are co-ed), which is probably why scarynikki12 said that.
  20. ZootSuitWyatt

    S05.E06: The Venue

    Peanutbutter is one word.
  21. ZootSuitWyatt

    The Annual Primetime Emmys Topic

    Character Actress Margo Martindale has been a good minor character on BoJack Horseman, although she didn't appear in the most recent season.
  22. ZootSuitWyatt

    S05.E04: Too Fast, Too Furious

    There are definitely plenty of people in roller derby who couldn't skate at all before starting and hadn't done a sport previously, but it's definitely a steep learning curve (just learning how to skate and also learning how to play derby). I thought it was great at the beginning that Mariana struggled to stay upright and wasn't immediately the best skater, because that's very realistic -- I definitely spent way more time than that on the floor at my first fresh meat practice. I am a little worried that she's going to all of a sudden be a great skater and player. I think it would be a much better storyline for Mariana to (realistically) struggle a lot with learning the skills and how to play but put in the work to improve even though she's not immediately great at it, because when it does start to click after all your hard work it feels amazing. It just seems like, from a storytelling perspective, she gets good quickly and becomes a jammer she's not actually going to learn anything about teamwork and how to not be good at something. They also kind of made it sound like there's only one jammer per team in a game, but most teams have a rotation of three to four. You do have to be strong and fast with good footwork, so most newbies are not going to be very successful right away.
  23. ZootSuitWyatt

    S05.E04: Too Fast, Too Furious

    If part of the point of this plotline is for Mariana to learn how to be a team player, she should focus on being a blocker (but it's fiction so she'll probably suddenly become an amazing jammer).
  24. The woman was Kulap Vilaysack (also does comedy and podcast stuff, Scott Aukerman's wife). According to Kulap's instagram the other guy is Eugene Cordero.