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  1. I feel bad, because I was rooting for Eboni, but I agree with everyone that she is completely exhausting and brings down the mood. For me, it's kind of like when you have that one relative who turns every get-together into a church sermon. Barbeque, baby shower, whatever, they're going to start quoting scripture and asking you about the state of your soul.
  2. I couldn't get behind the Gizelle dating Jamal for a storyline thing because it didn't make sense. It didn't make her look good, and made her look worse for taking back such a cheater. Monique's text actually made me more sure than ever. Those texts sounded like something a guy would say to his side girlfriend to keep her on the hook. Or maybe Gizelle is the side girlfriend. All I know is, she and likely numerous other women have been played once again by Jamal.
  3. The whole time Michael met with his sister, I was waiting for her to throw in a line about "Yeah, dealing with the funeral planning is stressful, etc.", and it never came. Did she mention the death before and I just missed it? If not, I believe Unc is either sitting at home laughing at his dumb nephew, actually died 10 years ago, or doesn't exist.
  4. Chinless baby seal! And pictures, too! 😅😅 I was trying so hard not to be mean, but, damn. Zach is going overboard in his attempts to not lead Mindy on, or whatever he's doing. Still, Mindy should cut her losses now. He ain't it.
  5. LOL, I think everyone knew the White Tiger was Gronk before Jamie Foxx said anything. The robot genuinely shocked me.
  6. I was actually a little worried about a second season. These kind of shows tend to go off the rails during that period, but I have been happily surprised through episode 8. It is more controlled chaos. I like how they deepened the relationship between Cora Lee/Bob B. and Bob A/Patty's mom. Many showrunners forget that characters need to be likeable to accept the crazy.
  7. Jared is the new Walker, Texas Ranger. https://deadline.com/2019/09/walker-texas-ranger-reboot-jared-padalecki-in-the-works-chuck-norris-1202741160/
  8. Pour one out for the classic VH1 trashy reality shows... I gave myself a headache from rolling my eyes so hard at the lie detector thing. Really?
  9. I'm fairly indifferent to Teddi, but I do agree 100% with her blog this week. I don't care at all about the whole Kyle/Lisa blowup. If Lisa wants to stay mad, let her. I still enjoyed the show this week.
  10. That's what came to mind when Camille made that confession that it was Lisa who prodded her to talk about Taylor's abuse issues on camera. Yes, Camille is the one who ultimately decided to do that, as all the other women did who make similar claims about Lisa V. But it was yet another big honking red flag about Lisa's different personas on and off camera. What is curious about this week is that so many seem aghast that anyone could think Lisa would do this, when the defenses after the Camille reveal was essentially "So what? The others should have been smarter like Lisa." Which, true, but I do
  11. I don't know if Lisa V. tipped off the tabloids. However, I completely understand why Kyle doesn't believe her. There have been too many shady incidents from Lisa V. to not think her capable of it. That's pretty much where I am.
  12. I wonder how long he's going to be able to keep paying what are likely substantial legal fees for this mess.
  13. They let the two guys go without charges, and Jussie has apparently hired the guy who represented Michael Cohen. The CPD is also investigating new evidence uncovered during their interrogation.
  14. My take on the Kyle/ Lisa argument was that it was a continuation of one they'd previously had, based on Kyle's reference to previous texts. Therefore, Kyle is referencing things discussed before, while camera-ready Lisa knew just how to respond. I actually thought Lusa handled the Dorit thing ok up until she inferred-but didn't say outright, oh no-that Teddi would likely be spreading gossip about her. 90% of what Dorit says is bullshit, but for once I think she picked up exactly what Lisa wanted her to.
  15. That makes sense with the Petey Pablo playing in the opening party scene. I was pretty sick of Karen by the end of the second season, but this season has done a lot of good things with her character.
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